An activity of trucks, cargoes and ships movement in Alexandria port in the same time with sham ElNasim celebrations

Mr./ Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A said that the port has a good activity in work movement today Monday 29 April 2019 where there are in the port 142 ships, 39 ship are mooring in the berth and we are unloading them, 6 ships from them are wheat and they are (Sea Angel – Korina – Ornake – Odiseas – Sea Gorny and Amar Glivada) they came from America, Russia and Ukraine and they had 314000 t wheat, came from Russia and it had 30000 t solar, two ships (may lama) and (harvest moon)that came from France and Ukraine and they had 69000t maize, there are in the outer anchor 27 ship, in the inner anchor zone we are unloading 13 ship and they had coke cargoes, wheat and timber.
Mr. / ElGhandour – added that the port a good activity in River barges, trucks and trains movement, where exit from the port 3 trains and they had 4500t wheat and they were going to the grinds in Kafr ElSheikh and Shobra, another train had loaded with 1300t coke was going to El Teben, pass through from ElHawis Elmaleh 4 river barges that loaded with 4500t silage, it is enter and exit 10237 general trucks to and from the port, the grains storage in the port had reached to 887000 t  from them 487000 t wheat.
Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A had directed the concerned departments to coordinate and cooperate with the concerned departments to facilitate all the procedures and overcome the obstacles to guarantee the movement of the trucks, ships and cargoes to and from the port in a secure shape, and he also congratulated the labors in the port from Christians of the occasion of glory Easter feast.     29-4-2019