Alexandria customs succeeded to control trying to smuggle expiry medicines from Turkey:

Sources: for patients of liver and heart …and (commerce chamber): the chemists wanted these medicines to achieve profits. The responsible of Alexandria customs succeeded to control trying to smuggle medicines and cosmetics in 20 containers which came from Turkey. And some of them are expiry and others are without trade details. And it was written a report yesterday by the managers of customs combating smuggling administration in order to report the prosecution to start inquiry.
A responsible person in the customs said that these medicines which belong to the patients of livers and some diseased of heart and blood, anemia patients and the general weak.
Dr. / Samir Sedek – the chairman of pharmacies group in chamber trade in Alexandria had assured that the imported medicines quantities are expiry and they could distribute in some great pharmacies although they knew that these medicines are danger for the patients but they wanted sell them without manners and he assured that their first and last goal is achieving profits and escape from control.
In the same time Mr. / Reda El Ghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that the port had received the ship (Wadi Lina) and it had 63000 ton of wheat which came from Ukraine yesterday and it is unloading it and it is unloading (Peter S) that loaded with 63000 ton of wheat which came from Russia and the ship (Dak Abd El Razik) and it had 30000 ton of Gasoline which came from Russia. It is unloading the ship (Navegatorika) and it had 44000 ton of Coke which came from Greece. And the ship (ElBaby) and it had 57000 ton of Soya beans that came from Ukraine.   El Watan Newspaper      9-2-2018