Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port had assured that the storage of the grains in the port stores and silos head reached to 985 ton 301 thousand ton from it is wheat.
And he clarified that the total No. of ships in the port is 134 ship … twelve ships had departed the port and another 13 ships had arrived… and there 47 ships had moored in the berths… the electronic system had registered in the gate of enter & exit 11099 general trailers to and from the port and there are 169trailer of wheat had left the port and they had 570 ton and there are 50 carriage wagon had left the port with 3082 ton of wheat they were going towards the mill in the governorates … and there were 51 river units that loaded with 15000 ton Coke and Soya bean.  El Messa Newspaper   24-1-2018