Admiral/  Medhat Attia Speech

The chairman of Alexandria port Authority

At the 1St Session of the social meeting that had been held to discuss how to develop the berths 55-62 and to operate the multipurpose terminal at Alex.port

Dearest congress members attendance & Specialized
We welcome you all a the 1 st session of the social meeting that had held by the port to discuss the enviromental & Social meeting to develop berths 55-62 and to operate the multipurpose terminal at Alex. port
The Egyptian group for multipurpose terminals establish multipurpose terminal at berths 55-62 at Alex. port with total area 560.000 m length 2480 m and depth 17 m.
The handling capacity will going to be 15-18 m million ton annually.
The container handling will be 250.000 T.E.U and well as receiving 6 ships at the same time. Project total cost 550 million Dollars.
This project will raise the port classification and will offer a great positive effect on the maritime transport system.
Ladies & Gentelmen
(People) Man couldn't build world (Global) and establish the Societies unless the positive interaction with others .
One of the effective ways to build relations between human is speech with specialized human than other creations.
Speech achieves has many aims as:

1- Spreading peace between human with good society.
2- Building society by communication societies exchange ideas information's to the society and individuals developed.
3-Communication speech is the way to renew the negative and positive sides experience exchanged only by speech.
We offer much appreciation to the minister of transport who asked to held this meeting that's why i asked all attendance to listen and make notes.
Democracy leads to get all options and obey to majority view.
Today we are going to listen the opinion view of  the leaders of the ministry of transport leaders , university staff members , press and media.
We are going to increase the no. of sessions if it was necessary

Finally i'd like to thank  you all.