Arriving 1943 live stock there is activity in trailers and ships traffic in Alex port:

Mr / Reda El Ghandour- the formal speaker in Alexandria port said that the port has a great activity in trailers and ships traffic today Tuesday 13-8-2018 where the ship (Maryan) has arrived and it had 1943 livestock which came from Uruguay , it is unloading  the ship (Sparoaction) and it had 55000 ton of coke coal which came from USA , the two ships (Adfo) (Wadi El Areesh) and they had 126000 ton of wheat which came from Russia and Romania. It is also unloading the ships (Packin Lady) ( Navigator Gresh) and they had 34000 ton of Gas which came from Singapore and England .
The ship (Visetra) that had 65000 ton of Iron which came from Brazil , the ferry (Norty Leader) and it had 340 cars in different models that came from Singapore. The ship (Dam) which loaded with 64000 ton that came from Greece.
Mr/ Reda El ghandour added that the port has a great improvement in trailers and ships movements where the numbers of ships had reached to 116 ships and there was 34 ship had moored in berths and in the outer anchorage 21 ships and inner 10 ships , 11223 had enter and exit general trailers to and from the port , the storage of grains had reached to a million and three hundred and sixty seven thousand tons and there is 49600 ton from them wheat.  14-8-2018