The process of completion of 95 % of the bridge Dekhila :

Rear Admiral / Medhat Atia – the head of the Alexandria port Authority said that the authority was about to complete 95 % of the El Dekhila bridge at a cost of 500 million in the framework of interest in infrastructure, road and bridge networks for the implementation of multimodal transportation through the transport of goods by rail, river and road transport through roads and bridges , Attia added that we are establishing two links , one of which is the 54th link in the port of Alexandria and the second in Dekhila to link the port of dekhila to the international coastal road at a cost of 500 million pounds and exceeded  the implementation rate of 95 % where the company started implementing the company “Nile General Road construction company”, a holding company for  roads and bridges. In the last stages of the bridge which lies within the customs circle.
He said that this stage includes pouring the highest point in the bridge which exceeds 17 meters high and the last bridge in the port of the Nile, which is one of the largest Egyptian commercial ports with a total area of 2.5 million square meters, which includes 60 % of the area of Alexandria port and contribute a large proportion of the volume of traffic in Alexandria, For the good depths and the number of its platform and its ability to accommodate high – load commercial ships.
Atia explained that this bridge contributes to solving the problem of traffic congestion in the residential area surrounding the port “El Dekhila area in the east and Al Agamy area in  the west” which is a fast traffic link from the international road to the port of Dekhila with a length of 4.5 km and is considered the most urgent projects necessary to resolve the crisis traffic and transport in Alexandria which reached a dangerous stage threatens the efficiency of the transport system and the movement of the port of Dekhila .The project aims to transfer the movement of the port and the industrial area which reaches 2500 trucks a day now.   Al Masry Al youm   28-8-2018