Activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the circulation of goods:

Reda El Ghandour – the official spokesman of Alexandria port said that the port is witnessing on Tuesday 28-8-2018 activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the handling of goods.
The two ships “Pacific Nalpent” and “Wadi El Arish” carrying 122.000 tons of wheat imported from Ukraine and Russia, the ship is being unloaded in Algeria from Algeria , carrying 12.000 metric tons of Gas . Two ferries are being unloaded with 1866 different brands coming from Japan and the Red Sea.
Ghandour said that the stock of grain at the port of one million and three hundred and forty five tons of which 541 tons of wheat and saw the movement of trucks entry and exit of 9000 trucks to and from the port as the ship on the sidewalk port 38 vessels and the presence of foreign planner 40 ships and the outside 12 ship.   28-8-2018