40 million Turkish Cigarette (Cancered)
General finance police in Alexandria port by rear Admiral / Emad Farouk and by cooperated with customs men enabled to discovered 2 million cigarette packets unknowned the resource and imitated to world models and it may be cancered .
Admiral / Nader Kamal the security manager in the port had received information that there is a company had imported paper (A.M.) in Alexandria.
And the paper cargo came from turkey and this cargo has ban commodities …. After investigation by the general finance men which supervised by Admiral / Darwish Hussin the general manager of criminal research in the port that reached 4 containers for a company and after searching the containers we found 4000 cigarette cartoons that imitated world models and each one contains 50 (packets) and each one contains 10 packets. So they all 2 million packets which equal 40 million cigarettes unknown resource and cancered and it represent danger for public health….. they kept the cargo and the public prosecution started to investigate. 4-9-2018