Alexandria port is participating in exibition and conference (Medcruise) in Lisbon city portugal:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker in A.P.A assured that the port will participate during these days in Meidcruise conference in 2018 whichis held in Libson in portugal,  more than 200 associations and more than 3000 participants from all over the world ,it will show the most modern means and used systems in manufacture the maritime journeys and the best balance for tourists  , it will take 3 days.
Mr./El Ghandour added that the conference will have a light of manufacture tourism journeys especially in the area of Mediterranean sea.
The participation of Alex. port in the conference according to the plan of ministry of transportation and its role to support and activate the tourism. Where Alexandria port will show a program to discuss the main challenges and supposed solutions and the works opportunities that connected with the manufacture the tourism journeys in the mediterranean sea and activate the tourism journeys to the Egyptian generally and Alex.port specially.
From another side Admiral/ Medhat Attia -  the chairman of A.P.A clarified that the exibition medcruise that held in Lisbon is helding the general association of the medcruise organization by attending the members of ports such as Alex.port , Mr./ attia added that this is the second participating of A.P.A and it is very important because this conference is participated by the biggest and specialize companies in manufacture the tourism journeys from all over the world and is a good opportunity to show the maritime tourism factors that exist in A.P.A , it can also held many meetings with the representatives of tourism lines all over the world and consulting with Arabians and Europeans ports which have a great benefit.    26-9-2018