An activity in the ship activity, trucks and cargo handling at Alexandria port

Mr. / REDA ELGHANDOUR the formal spokesman said that on Wednesday 26/9/2018 the ship “Shelanivator” with 10 thousand tons of sugar comes from France, the ship “valy Disifigily” from Italy with 32 thousand of Gasoline, the ship “Atlantic Miracle” from Ukrain with 10 thousand tons of sunflower oil, the ship “Global Frontier” from Russia with 54 thousand tons of wheat the ship “Yosoor” with 7916 live stocks from Brazil.
He added that the storage of grains is 1,484,000 ton 516 thousand of them is wheat also 10,000 trucks entered & exited, to & from the port, 35 ship moored on the berths , 24 ships at the outer anchor, and 8 ships at the inner anchor. 26/9/2018