Open the straits of Alexandria and ElDekheila ports after improving the water and weather:

Mr. / Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port Authority declared the department of movement in the port decided at 8:30 of Today's night Sunday 21 April 2019 to open the strait after improving the water weather forecast and the wind speed, high waves and the vision degree had reached the normal ratios that allow to enter and exit the ships to and from the port in secure, the departments in the port started to receive the mooring ships in the outer anchorage according to the first mooring.
R. Admiral / Medhat Attya – the Chairman of A.P.A. has directed all departments to be aware and follow the terms of safety and health to keep the ships, and souls and possessions, enter and exit the ships, trucks and cargoes to and from the port in secure.    21-4-2019