An activity in the ship activity, trucks and cargo handling at Alexandria port

Mr. / Reda ELGhandour -  the formal spokesman said that on Wednesday 26-9-2018 the ship “Shelanivator” with 10 thousand tons of sugar comes from France, the ship “valy Disifigily” from Italy with 32 thousand of Gasoline, the ship “Atlantic Miracle” from Ukrain with 10 thousand tons of sunflower oil, the ship “Global Frontier” from Russia with 54 thousand tons of wheat the ship “Yosoor” with 7916 live stocks from Brazil.
He added that the storage of grains is 1,484,000 ton 516 thousand of them is wheat also 10,000 trucks entered & exited, to & from the port, 35 ship moored on the berths , 24 ships at the outer anchor, and 8 ships at the inner anchor.     26-9-2018


The ship and truck movement also cargo handling increased at Alex port:

Mr./ Reda El Ghandour - the formal spokesman of Alex.port declared that the ship "Montors" "Wadi El Arish" "Wadi El Karnak" are discharging 157 thousand ton of wheat from Ukraine ,Russia and Romania.
Also the ship "Lamb" from America with 61 thousand ton of coke, the ship "Agaris" from Romania with 23 thousand ton of coke "Aquaris Leader" "Fedis" "Grand Scandinavia" with 1298 cars different types from Turkey and Singapore.
The storage of wheat at the port is one million and 446.000 ton 592 of them is wheat , there are 10.000 trucks entered and exited the port 28 ships moored , 21 ships waited at the outer anchor , 9 ships at the inner anchored, 15 ships departed the port.    22-9-2018



Failing to smuggle corrupt rotten liver into the country

The General Administration of the Supply and Trade Authority in the Ministry of Interior continued its efforts and campaigns in coordination with its branches in the various security departments to follow up the movement of markets and control the manipulators at the prices of food commodities, where the issues of petroleum materials, cooking gas cylinders, 235 cases of bakeries, flour flour and flour, and 4 cases in the field of illegal delivery of goods
The General Directorate of the port of Alexandria has also foiled the smuggling of tons of meat from the village to the interior of the country, a term of liver, heart, and species that are forbidden to enter the country and have serious harm to the health of citizens for the purpose of smuggling illegally. Following the legalization of the procedures, a customs commission was formed with the participation of the sanitary inspection and quarantine of the inventory included.


Activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the circulation of goods:

Reda El Ghandour – the official spokesman of Alexandria port said that the port is witnessing on Tuesday 28-8-2018 activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the handling of goods.
The two ships “Pacific Nalpent” and “Wadi El Arish” carrying 122.000 tons of wheat imported from Ukraine and Russia, the ship is being unloaded in Algeria from Algeria , carrying 12.000 metric tons of Gas . Two ferries are being unloaded with 1866 different brands coming from Japan and the Red Sea.
Ghandour said that the stock of grain at the port of one million and three hundred and forty five tons of which 541 tons of wheat and saw the movement of trucks entry and exit of 9000 trucks to and from the port as the ship on the sidewalk port 38 vessels and the presence of foreign planner 40 ships and the outside 12 ship.   28-8-2018


Arriving 1943 live stock there is activity in trailers and ships traffic in Alex port:

Mr / Reda El Ghandour- the formal speaker in Alexandria port said that the port has a great activity in trailers and ships traffic today Tuesday 13-8-2018 where the ship (Maryan) has arrived and it had 1943 livestock which came from Uruguay , it is unloading  the ship (Sparoaction) and it had 55000 ton of coke coal which came from USA , the two ships (Adfo) (Wadi El Areesh) and they had 126000 ton of wheat which came from Russia and Romania. It is also unloading the ships (Packin Lady) ( Navigator Gresh) and they had 34000 ton of Gas which came from Singapore and England .
The ship (Visetra) that had 65000 ton of Iron which came from Brazil , the ferry (Norty Leader) and it had 340 cars in different models that came from Singapore. The ship (Dam) which loaded with 64000 ton that came from Greece.
Mr/ Reda El ghandour added that the port has a great improvement in trailers and ships movements where the numbers of ships had reached to 116 ships and there was 34 ship had moored in berths and in the outer anchorage 21 ships and inner 10 ships , 11223 had enter and exit general trailers to and from the port , the storage of grains had reached to a million and three hundred and sixty seven thousand tons and there is 49600 ton from them wheat.  14-8-2018

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