- This week Alexandria port authority had a great activity in the movement of ships, trucks and receiving the strategy goods …. Where it is loading the ships (crystal galaxy) (Jio Net) and (Spayhera) that loaded with 12400 ton of wheat which came from Russia …and the two ships (Abd El Razik) and (Arion) which loaded with 35000 ton of gasoline from Saudi Arabia and Romania …and they are unloading the ferries (Grand Naroly) and it had 600 private car which came from Spain. And the ship (Eradens Leader) which came from Japan and it had 400 cars …and it is unloading the ship (Kazdanga) which is loaded with 30000 ton of Solar that came from Russia...and the ship (Pearl Bay) which is loaded with 7000 ton gas from Russia …and it is arrived a livestock cargo on the ship (Pritke) and it had 1418 livestock from Ukraine.  El Mesa NewsPaper     27-12-2017


- The formal speaker of Alex. Port Authority Mr. / Reda Elghandour had assured that the grain stocked in stores and the silos of the port had reached to one million two hundred and fifty nine tons. 130000 tons from it wheat. And the total number of the ships is 150 and 15 ships had departed. and 13 ships had arrived and 49 ships moored at berths and the Electronic system had registered in the exit and enter gates 11000 general trailers to and from the port and exit 24 river units that loaded with 7228 tons of Soya beans during the last 24 hours and it is registered also exit 160 wheat trailers that loaded with 4800 ton.    El Messa Newspaper   6-12-2017


- This week Alex. port a great activity in ship movement. trucks and receiving strategic commodities where the ship "Inter Link" from Ukaine with 4 thousand ton of wheat, the ship "Gluvich Kogo" with 237 private cars. the ferry "Speac" with 600 cars comes from Greece, the ship "mitora" from turkey with 33 thousand ton Gazoline and the ship "Kastilo Falvird" from Brazil with 163 thousand ton of iron oxide. Elmesaa news paper  8-11-2017



- Mr./ Reda El ghandour- the formal speaker of Alex- Port declared that the storage of grains is one million and 27 ton , 298 thousand ton of them is wheat.    El Messa newspaper 8-11-2017 


- Alexandria port Authority had a great activity this week in the ships traffic, trailers and receiving the strategy goods … where it is unloading the ship (Stoni Teshen) from Russia and it had 55000 tons of wheat. and the ship (High Shing) loaded with 36000 tons of wheat from Russia . and the ship (Shell AntoFetor) loaded with 20000 tons of sugar from Belgium. and unloading the ship (Red Orshed) loaded with 50000 tons of maize from Ukraine and the ship (Asfalt Star) loaded with 20000 tons of asphalt from Greece. And unloading the Ferry (Morning Lina) loaded with 577 private cars from Spain and ferry (Hog Zeman) loaded with 719 private cars from Spain. And the ferry (Feds) loaded with 238 private cars from Greece. And the ferry (Melton Okenes) loaded with 700 private cars from Greece. And the ship (Grand Bretegna) from Cyprus. Alex port unloading the ship (Hesteria Koral) loaded with 30000 tons of Gazoline from Bulgaria. And it is arrived a live stock cargo on the ship (Geroland Express) and it had 4603 livestock.      ElMessa Newspaper        6-11-2017

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