Intensive activity in Alexandria port to unload cargoes of 120 ships:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker in Alexandria port said that the port was in intensive receiving 120 ships where it was unloaded a cargo wheat with 40000 ton that came from Ukraine on a ship (Wadi Teba) and we are unloading a Gas cargo with 9000 ton that came  from Cyprus on the ship (Ogina Gas) and the ship (Yem Pluto) that came from Greece and it had 4000 ton petroleum oils and Mr/ Elghandour said that we are unloading cars cargo 353 different models from the ferry (Grand Klonia) that came from Spain and ship (Hang Ziamen) that came from Greece, and we and we are unloading a coke cargo and its weight is 22000 ton that came from Greece on the ship (New Glory) and Gazoline cargo and its weight is 30000 ton that came from Bulgaria on the ship (Shogan) and he said that the total number of  the ships is 120 ship and there are 14 ship had departed and there are 11 ship had arrived and there are 36 ship on the berths and there are 34 ship in the outer anchor and 12 ship in the interior anchor and the storage of grains in the port had reached 1.5 million ton and half million from is wheat and the electronic system had registered for inter and exit 10.000 general lorry to and from the port at the gates and exit 116 lorry that loading wheat with total weight 3480ton and the system had registered the arrival of 150.000 ton general cargo during the last 24 hours and exit from the port during the saline canal 19 river units and they are loaded with 7000 ton coke towards the factories through the river transport.
From another side the admiral/ Medhat - the chairman of Alexandria port assured that the operations center is ready with the units of towage pilotage and saving to do their tasks efficiency and quickly and he coordinated with nominated departments to facilitate the enter and exit of lorries, ships, cargoes to and from the port and be sure that the goods and cargoes are according to the descriptions before unloading them to take care about the health of Egyptian citizen.     El Masry  Elyoum Newspaper 19-11-2016