Unloading the first cargo gas from the berth (Medtap) in ElDekheila:

It was unloaded the first cargo gas from the berth (Medtap) in El Dekheila port with load 12 thousand ton and it was transported to the storage warehouses petrogas in wadi ElKamar in Alexandria.
After Finished the executing of pipeline to transport the gas with length 14 km and connecting with pipeline Medour to receive the imported gas cargo. So that the engineer/ Tarek Elmola - the minister of petroleum and mineral wealth declared yesterday that this procedure is the program frame which executing in strategy frame of ministry of petroleum to provide the gas product to the people through different sources and increasing the number of ports to receive the cargoes of imported gas ships to achieve the best geography distribution to receive these cargoes specially in winter to face the weather changes. El mola pointed also to execute some projects to ensure the provide of gas in the local market. And increasing the capacity of storage warehouses in Alexandria area, El Ein Elsokhna and upper Egypt to save strategy store of gas and increasing the capacity of pipeline to transport the gas and increasing the local production from the gas.The Engineer/ Khaled Abd Elbadia - the chairman of (Medtap) company said that the berth of Medtap port became ready to receive the gas tanker with load 25 to 30000 ton with load ratio that reach to 350 ton/h and by oncluding Medtap berth to receiving ports pf gas, so have now 4 ports to receive the gas.   El watan Newspaper  7-12-2016