Alexandria port has received cargoes strategy from commodities:

Mr/ Reda Ek Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port has assured that the work movement in the port is normal and the port is active now in the movement of ship, Lorries and receiving the strategy cargoes. Where it is unloaded a wheat cargo and its weight is 33000 ton which came from Russia and it is unloading Sunflower oil cargo and its weight is 54000 ton which came fromGreece and it is unloading 6000 tons gas which came from Cyprus and 50000 ton coke which came from Spain and 33000 tons scrap which came from  Belgium and 33000 tons gasoline which came from Bulgaria and Mr/ El Ghanour added that the total number of existed ships in the port is 124 ships and the total store of grains in the port has reached to 2 millions and two hundred forty eight thousand tons and 320 tons from them is wheat.   El Gomhoria newspaper  6-11-2016


50.000 ton of coke had arrived to Alexandria port:

The ship (Geney pioneer) had arrived to Alexandria port coming from Panama carrying 50.000 ton coke, Mr.Reda El gahndour - The formal speaker said that the cargp had been unloaded on dedicated berths after finishing the customs and inspection procedures in order to send it to the factories in other governorates and he assured that there is increasing in handling movement and containers and he pointed that the operation of departutr then ship and arriving on berths is in normal way and in high level  and working system in all deptments. Rose El youssef Neswspaper 25-10-2016


Alexandria port received 100.000 tons petroluem substances:

The speaker of Alexandria port authority declared that the port had received 100.000 ton petroleum cargo, Solar, Petrol and gas yesterday from Greece, Algeria and Russia where a ship had arrived from Greece carrying 33000 tons petrol crude , 7000 tons Solar from Algeria.
The port received 161.000 ton Maize from Brasil, Ukraine and Romain.   El Gomhoria Newspaper  21-10-2016


Alexandria port received 30 thousand ton Solar & 63 thousand ton of wheat from Russia:

Mr/ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port assured that the port is discharging shipment of Solar about 30 thousand ton of Solar from Russia the ship (Mersek Adriatic) and 12 thousand metric ton of Gas from Cyprus & Spain on the ships gasodison & carekapa, Also the ship (Nipton Hileas) from Greece with 240 cars, the ship (Landaus birth) with 49 thousand ton of coke from Russia (Skyerous) with 63 thousand ton of wheat, (sea buisicuts) from Ukraine with 66 thousand ton of maize.
The total of ships is 135 ship where ship departure of 7 ship, arrival of 12 ship on berth no. 3,43 ship on the outer anchor, 13 ship on the inner anchor , 45 exited from the port through the sea port in additional arrived unit with 13 thousand of coke and 8 units with 2400 ton.
Mr/ El ghandour said that the stored grain is million and 134 ton 440 thousand of them is wheat.The electronic system in the gates registered 10 thousand trucks in/out the port, 96 trucks with 2880 ton, 223 thousand ton of cargo during last 24 hours.
R.adm/ Medhat Attia - the port chairman assured that the coordination with the authorities facile the trucks in/out easy and safety after insure the validity of the cargo before its discharging.     El masry El youm News 13-10-2016



After military forces contracted to import baby milk  the second shipment of milk arrived Eldekhila port:

The second shipment of baby milk arrived Eldekhila port after military forces contracted with international co. for milk to distribute it and offer it in pharmacists and markets belong to ministry of health in all the country with price 30 LE /one. the first shipment arrived on 19 September which ensure the good effort to save the milk and control the local price fastly the military forces interested in help the citizen and share the country administration to prevent monopoly and attack the price dearness there were good efforts in Eldekhila port shipment consignment and discharged with coordination between military forces, concerned administration in ministry  of health and import and export control authority to survey the consignee in the port to ensure its validity to transfer it by save way and method.    El ahram  10-10-2016

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