- Although the strait of Alexandria and El Dekheila was closed most days of the week because of bad weather but loading &unloading movements were regular where it is unloading 330000 ton of wheat that came from Russia, Ukraine aboard the ships (Ronaldo)-(Common Fentor)-(sea lady)-(Wadi ElAreash)-(Sevetor Betor)-(wadi Safaga)… and unloading a maze cargo weights 209000ton which came from Ukraine, Russia, France and America aboard of the ships (Anam)-(Ponti Ann)-(Araser)-(Akota) and  (Grand Pioneer)… and unloading the ship (Lilan) loaded with 24000ton of temper that came from Singapore, the ship (B.W.Kamoia) which is loaded with 68000ton of Soya Bean from Bulgaria.    El Mesa Newspaper    31-1-2018


 - Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port had assured that the storage of the grains in the port stores and silos head reached to 985 ton 301 thousand ton from it is wheat.
And he clarified that the total No. of ships in the port is 134 ship … twelve ships had departed the port and another 13 ships had arrived… and there 47 ships had moored in the berths… the electronic system had registered in the gate of enter & exit 11099 general trailers to and from the port and there are 169trailer of wheat had left the port and they had 570 ton and there are 50 carriage wagon had left the port with 3082 ton of wheat they were going towards the mill in the governorates … and there were 51 river units that loaded with 15000 ton Coke and Soya bean.  El Messa Newspaper   24-1-2018


- Alexandria Port Authority had a great activity this week in the movement of ships, trailers, and receiving the strategy goods…where it is unloading the ship (Wadi El Raian) that is loading 63000 ton of wheat that came from Russia …the two ships (Kandava) that loaded with 33000 ton of Solar that came from Tunisia … and the ship (D.N.K Abd ElRazik) that loaded with 31000 ton of Solar which came from Saudi Arabia … and it is unloading the ship (Abr Hard Arkatic) that loaded with 29000 ton of gasoline which came from Malta … and the ship (Rama Gaz) that loaded with 2900 ton of stove gas that came from Cyprus … And the ship (Kwartrik) which loaded with 23000 ton of gas …It is unloading the ship (V.F.Tankerg) that loaded with 6000 ton of oil of sunflower from Russia … and the ship (sababfob) that loaded with 55 thousand ton Cock from America …and the ferry (jelly crestala) which loaded with 612 private cars that came from Italy … El Messa Newspaper        24-1-2018


- The storage of wheat in Alexandria port increased to be one million and 140 thousand ton:

Alex port received the ship "Abd El Latif" and Safeyatoo biotro wadi El Arish" with 106 thousand ton of wheat from Russia and Ukraine discharged and storage in the port siloes the grains reached to one million 140 thousands,  326 thousand of them wheat.
The port also received the ship "Sarsina" from Russia with 18 thousand ton of Sunflower oil and Ship "Enjelika" from Bulgaria with 30 thousand ton gasoline , this ship reached the berth of petroleum zone and the ferry "Grand Cicilia" from Spain with 411  cars, it also had reached  coal cargo which weight 135 thousand ton from Ukraine and Bella where they berthing at the coal zone to unload the cargo.
The berth 86 received alive stock cargo with 1410 ton fom Ukraine on the ship "User ship" and there was medical quarantine on the berth to examine the cargo before releasing it and the management of movement of the port had reviled that there where 111 ship had arrived the port and 25 ships departed and there are on interior berth 34 ship under loading.
Unloading it was registered exit and entrance 11 thousands trucks which are loading in different cargoes through customs gates.    El Gomhuria  10-1-2018


- Alexandria port in this week end had an activity in the movement of ships , trucks and receiving strategy goods the ship ( Foregaleto) that loaded 36000t wheat that arrived  from Ukraine and the ship (Wadisafaga) it had 63000t wheat from Russia reached a gas cargo in the ship ( Gas Odisi)    13000t from Algeria , ship ( Paltic Wafa) which carried 31000t gasoline from Malta , ship ( Krim Allah) carried 12000 livestock from Croatia , the ship ( Geneva Queen) carried 5000t mazes well as  3  ferries Grand Oroba, Gawadina Leader and Asia King carried 1500 cars from Turkey and Singapore.     El mesa news papers   3-1-2018

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