- Alexandria port Authority had a great activity this week in the ships traffic, trailers and receiving the strategy goods … where it is unloading the ship (Stoni Teshen) from Russia and it had 55000 tons of wheat. and the ship (High Shing) loaded with 36000 tons of wheat from Russia . and the ship (Shell AntoFetor) loaded with 20000 tons of sugar from Belgium. and unloading the ship (Red Orshed) loaded with 50000 tons of maize from Ukraine and the ship (Asfalt Star) loaded with 20000 tons of asphalt from Greece. And unloading the Ferry (Morning Lina) loaded with 577 private cars from Spain and ferry (Hog Zeman) loaded with 719 private cars from Spain. And the ferry (Feds) loaded with 238 private cars from Greece. And the ferry (Melton Okenes) loaded with 700 private cars from Greece. And the ship (Grand Bretegna) from Cyprus. Alex port unloading the ship (Hesteria Koral) loaded with 30000 tons of Gazoline from Bulgaria. And it is arrived a live stock cargo on the ship (Geroland Express) and it had 4603 livestock.      ElMessa Newspaper        6-11-2017


- Alexandria port a great activity in trailers and ships movement and receiving the strategy commodities where it is unloading the ship (shell Antofitor) which is loading 20.000 ton sugar that came from France ….and the ferry (sea Amzaon) that loading 53 private cars which came from Greece …the ship (Ronady) that loading 63000 ton wheat that came from Russia … the ship (Afticasa Gaz) that loading 9 thousand botagaz that came from Cyprus …the ship (Faleer Mosy) that loading 30000 ton Gasoline which came from Bulgaria …the (sparhses) which loaded 56000 ton of coal that came from south Africa.      El Messa newspaper 1-11-2017


- Mr./ Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the storage of the grains in the stores and silos of the port had reached a million three hundred and seventeen ton ,420 thousand ton from them of wheat ….and he added that the total exist ships in the port had reached 109 ship , 5 ships had departed and arrived 11 ships and 38 ships had moored … and the electronic system had registered in the enter and exit gates 11222 general trailers to and from the port during the last 24 hours … adding to that is exit of 125 wheat trailers with 3750 ton.     El Messa newspaper 1-11-2017


 - Alexandria port authority had a great activity in ships movement trailers and receiving strategy commodities ...where we are unloading a wheat cargo that weight 85000 ton which came from Ukraine on the ships (Wadi Safaga) and (Mardinik) and maize cargo which weight 63000 ton which came from Argentina on the ships (Seth seiz) and two cargoes of Soya oil which weights 20000 ton and Sunflowers oil which weights 11000 ton that came from Argentina on the ship (Torm Horizon) ..cars cargo 539 cars from different models which came from Greece on the ferry (Grand Detroit) and a coal cargo which weights 54000 ton which came from Ukraine and USA on the ships (Anna sweels) (Josco Dozo) and we are unloading a gasoline cargo which weights 9000 ton which came from Algeria on the ship (Navigator Eclipse).   Elmesa Newspaper  18-10-2017


- A noticeable activity of ships movement in Alexandria port:

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port had declared that the port had an activity in the ships movement, goods and trailers yesterday where there were 30ships had mooring in berths such as the ship (Flera Laguna) which came from Brazil and it had 33000 ton Maize and they are unloading another wheat cargo which weight 58000 ton that came from Romania on the ship (Wadi El Karnack) to reach the storage of grains two millions, two hundred and eighty thousand ton from them 49500 ton of wheat …El Gandour added that the total exit ships in the port is 106   Ell Akhbar Newspaper 16-10-2017

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