- The ship Genodia Gaz had reached Alexandria port from Algeria and it had gas cargo with weight 9000 tons and the formal Alexandria port authority Mr/Reda El ghandour had said that the cargo had unloaded from the ship after finishing the legal procedures, watching them and assured that the cargo is as he description in order to pack and pump it.    Al Akhbar Newspaper 26-9-2016


Receiving the first Russian shipment to Alex Port after the ergot crisis:

The vessel "Assia Rouby" arrived to Alex port from Russia carrying 59.000 tons as the first wheat Russian shipment arrived to the port after the agricultural minister decree to prevent  imported the ergot infected wheat. Reda El Ghandour -  The spokesman received 9.000 tons gas and 5.000 tons petroleum oil from Algeria and Greece on the vessels "Colidia Gaz" and "Lidy trid" as well as arriving 918 cars from Greece on the vessel "Neptune Hilaz" he added that the total vessels in the port is 129 vessels. He mentioned that the electronic system record the entrance and exit of 10.000 shipment at the port 24 Last hour.    El Akhbar 20-9-2016



The first shipment of baby milk at Alex port:
Armed forces "Just Pay 30 E.P", The minister of health: "Pharmacies will be supervised"

Alex port received yesterday the first shipment of baby milk that had been imported by the armed forces, emphasis its rule in service the civil society, the shipment had been discharged and loaded on truck with definite logo. to be sold by 30 E.P instead of 60 E.P by 50% discount.
The armed forces with the cooperation of the minister of health contracted on imported baby milk to faced the monopoly as well as offering many products as meat and chicken.
Dr. Ahmed Emad Eldin - the minister of health announced that the ministry role will begin by distributing the baby milk and fixes its price 30 EP as he announced that the department of pharmacy inspection will control the market not to exceed the price.


Arriving 119 thousand ton maize from Ukraine to Alexandria port:

Arrived to Alexandria port two ships from Ukraine. They are (Rio Tamara) (King Rogl) and they carrying 119 thousand tons maize.
The speaker of Alexandria port authority - Reda El Ghandour said that it is unloaded the cargo of the two ships in the grains silos after finishing the legal procedures and examining the cargo and assured from its expiry for using and it is empty from insects to evaporate it and send it to other governorates and he cleared that the electronic systems of gates registered the exit and enter about 10.000 containers which carry general cargo during the last 24 hours. The chairman of Alexandria port Authority - Admiral/ Medhat Attia directed different departments to facilitate the exit and enter the cargo and containers to and from the port in secure and easily and be assured from its expiry according to description before its loading.   Rose Elyoussef news 15-9-2016



The storage of grains in Alexandria exceeded million tons:

Reda Elghandour - the speaker of Alexandria port declared that the stoage of grains is million and 105 thousand and 468000 ton from it is wheat. He added that the using of one window and joined among the ports and finishing the procedures of customs papers for arriving the electronically messages due to increasing the movement of trucks and containers and quick of loading and unloading operations of different cargoes. He assured that the work inside the port department and arriving the ships and steamers and mooring them on berths during the Adha feasts working regularly and naturally and in high level and the systems of work in different administrations.   El Gomhoria newspaper 14-9-2016

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