The storage of grains in Alexandria exceeded million tons:

Reda Elghandour - the speaker of Alexandria port declared that the stoage of grains is million and 105 thousand and 468000 ton from it is wheat. He added that the using of one window and joined among the ports and finishing the procedures of customs papers for arriving the electronically messages due to increasing the movement of trucks and containers and quick of loading and unloading operations of different cargoes. He assured that the work inside the port department and arriving the ships and steamers and mooring them on berths during the Adha feasts working regularly and naturally and in high level and the systems of work in different administrations.   El Gomhoria newspaper 14-9-2016


Alexandria Port Received 291000 ton different cargoes:

Mr.Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port Declared that the port had received yesterday the ships (Asteres) that had on its deck 52000 ton wheat which came from Ukraine and the ship (Hugh Princess) and it had 32000 ton Gaza which came from Turkey and it is unloading the ship (Yem Mercury) and it had the ship (Young Harmony) that had 54000 ton coke which came from Russia and the total different cargo which arrived to Alexandria and ElDekheila port during the last 24 hours 291000 ton.
ElGhandour added that the total exit ships in the port is 132 ships and 8 ships had left and had arrived 6 ships had moored on berths and the electronic system had registered in the gates enter and exit 10,000 general trailer to and from the port .and the total storage of grains in the port is 963000 ton . 4000 ton from it is wheat. ElHawees ElMaleh had left 12 River Units were carrying coke and Maize with total 3520 ton. From another side the Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of the port had coordinated with other departments to facilitate the enter and exit of those cargoes to and from the port easily and securely and be from its validity according to its descriptions before unloading it .Rose ElYousef Newspaper 23-8-2016



Alexandria port receives strategic commodities:

There was activity movement yesterday at Alexandria port of ships, Trailers and receiving the strategy commodities where there was unloading maize shipment weighted 82 thousand tons which arrived from Ukraine on the vessels (Nord Vergo - Alloy) and it is unloading a wheat cargo and its weight is 152.000 tons. That came from Romania and Russia on the deck of the ships (Sea Power- Nord Vergo- Atlanta).
Mr Reda El Ghandour - The spkesperson pointed that  it was unloading gas cargo weighted 19000 m3 tons which arrived from Algeria on the vessels (Gas Adeson - Gasunited- Yohnia gas) and a solar cargo its weight 33 m3 ton which arrived from Greece on the ship (Persince) and iron cargo which weight is 50.000 tons which came from Hong Kong on the vessel (king Pan Shan) and a scrap iron that weight 33000 ton which came from Malta on the ship (Atelic) and a coke cargo that weight 6000 tons that came from Malta on the ship (Fiona).
El Ghandour added that the existed ships in the port 146 ships and 8 ships had left the port and 6 ships had arrived and moored on the berths 41 ships and the electronic system had registered in the gates of enter and exit 11000 a floating cargo to and from the port during the last 24 hours.
On the other hand the Admiral / Medhat Attia - The chairman of Alexandria port authority coordinating with different departments to facilitate enter and exit these cargoes.      El Gomhoria newspaper   21-8-2016


Alexandria port received 25 tons wheat:

The formal spokesperson of Alexandria port - Reda El Ghandour announced that the port had received the vessel (Avan Emyabary) carrying 25 tons wheat which arrived from Ukraine and the ferry (Nebton Ze Lesis) carrying 270 cars.The ferry (Glovis Komit) unloaded 424 cars arrived from the Red Sea. So the total of different imported cargos during the last 24 h was 140.000 tons.    Rose El Youssef Magzaine   21-8-2016


47 riverunites had left Alexandria port:

47 river units had left Alexandria port (El Houees region) and it loaded 1400 tons coke and these units are on their way to the factories in other governorates. the spokesperson of Alexandria port authority - Mr. Reda El Ghandour announced  that, the electronic system of the port gates had registered the entrance and exit of 10 thousands containers as they are carrying general cargo during the last 24 hours he added that the quantity of the imported cargo today to the port was 140.000 tons general cargo that were unloaded after finishing the cutoms procedures and examined. The chairman of Alexandria port authority - Medhat Atia has ordered different departments to finish quickly these procedures to the containers and Lorries examined and unloaded after sure of validity and according to the descriptions.   El Gamhouria Newspaper    20-8-2016

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