- Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port authority has assured that the storage of grains in stores and silos in the port has risen to reach a million and 41000 ton ....340000 ton from it is wheat.     El Messa Newspaper 24-5-2017
- The port had received many of strategy commodities where the cargo of wheat was unloaded with 132 thousand ton on three ships which are arrived from Russia, Romania and Ukraine ....  and it is unloaded a maize cargo which weight 66000 ton that came from America and cars cargo with 163 cars different kinds that came from Italy and we are unloading livestock cargo and its number is 2383 cattle that came from Spain.   El Messa Newspaper 24-5-2017

- To be avalailable the food commodities during Ramadan month,  Alexandria port had received 8 ships which had food oil for the publc authority of food supplies and their load is 97 thousand ton.seven ships from them are from Russia and one ship is arriving from Argentina.   El messa Newspaper 24-5-2017


Suez and Alexandria are receiving 25.2 thousand ton gas:

The engineer/ Adel El shewekh - the chairman of petroleum gas company said that the ports of Alexandria and Suez are receiving now a group of cargoes of gas 25.2 thousand ton, he added in his declarations to (El Mal Newspaper) that the balance and the strategy of store from the gas now is enough for 18-20 days and he clarified that Alexandria port has received a cargo with 8600 ton from Algerian Company (Sontark) and the suez three cargoes from Saudi - Yanboh port and the first quantity is 6400 ton and two quantities with load 5100 each one . El Mal Newspaper 24-5-2017



6 ships with Petroleum materials weight 83 thousand ton of Solar and minerals oils arrived yesterday from Cyprus, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria.
Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of the port announced that the total of storage weight in Alexandria port silos is about 1.2 million Tons.   El Gomhuria news  23-1-2017

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