Arrival of 300 Thousand Tons of Wheat & 64 Thousands Ton of Diesel at Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received 8 ships loaded with wheat & diesel, at which Rear Adm. / El-Saied Hedayet Alexandria port chairman gave his instructions to berth the ships on births of grains & petroleum right its arrival at anchorage area to discharge its shipments, the ships included 6 ships loaded with 300 thousands ton of wheat & 2 ships loaded with 64 thousands ton of diesel. Rear Adm. / Hedayet declared that there are 2 ships loaded with 33 thousands ton of gas coming from France, a ship loaded with 33 thousands ton of gasoline coming from Belgium & 2 ships loaded with 122 thousands ton will be berthed today to be discharged.
The port gates registered exiting & entering of 10291 general trucks, in addition to exiting of 724 truck loaded with 22 thousand tons of wheat for governorates & 3 river barges loaded with 480 tons of wheat, 3 trains loaded with 4345 tons of wheat for Shobra & Kafr El-Sheikh.   El-Gomhoria Newspaper    4-6-2012



Arrival of 73 Thousands Ton of Petroleum Materials to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday 4 ships carrying shipments of diesel & petroleum materials with a total weight of 72,749 tons, Rear Adm. / El-Saied Hamed Hedayet Declared about the arrival of; ship carrying 31 thousands ton of diesel, ship carrying 6 thousands ton of petroleum coke, in addition to a shipment of petroleum oils of 2749 tons.     El-Akhbar Newspaper 30-5-2012


Arrival of 195 Thousand Tons of Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday 6 ships loaded with strategic commodities, at which 4 ships loaded with 195 thousand tons of wheat to be berthed at grains berths right its arrival to discharge its shipment, by which the stock of wheat reached 1 million & 63 thousand tons. The 2 other vessels are one loaded with 31 thousands ton of diesel & other one loaded with 13 thousand ton of gas, at which they entered the petroleum berths to discharge their shipments, on the other hand a permission will be issued for 4 vessels, loaded with strategic commodities “wheat &diesel” to be discharge on its berths, the total number of vessels at port are 63 vessels under stevedoring, while 21 vessels were departed.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper   29-5-2012


Arrival of 265 Thousands Ton of Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday 6 wheat ships with a total load of 265 thousands ton, which were entered once it arrived to grains berths to discharge its shipment by which the wheat stock reached 1.1 million tons, Rear Adm. / Said Hedayet, Alexandria port chairman declared that the wheat stock supported always by additional quantities from abroad to displace the discharged quantities for governorates.   El-Gomhoria Newspaper  10-5-2012


Arrival of A 33 Thousands Ton Shipment of Diesel to Alexandria Port:

The Liberian ship “Moscow Sea” arrived yesterday to Alexandria port coming from Tunisia, carrying a 33 thousands ton shipment of diesel, Rear Adm. / Said Hamed Hedayet Alexandria port authority chairman, declared that all necessary procedures were been taken to discharge the shipment without any constraints, pointing out to the increase in performance of work status & container handling at the port.    Al-Ahram Newspaper 1/5/2012

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