Egypt Receives 61 Tons of Ukrainian Wheat after Ensuring Quality Standards Compatibility:

Alexandria port received yesterday morning (Monday) the Ukrainian vessel loaded with 61 tons of wheat, which comes through the bilateral agreement between Egypt & Ukraine.
An official responsible of Alexandria port stated that all relevant authorities took all the necessary procedures for discharging the shipment in the silos to be fumigated & taking a samples to check its compatibility with quality standards. Ukraine press  31-1-2012



Arrival of 5 thousands Tons of Butagaz to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday the Panamanian vessel (GAZ VENTURE) coming from Italy, loaded with a 5 thousands  tons shipment of Butagaz. Port authorities in concern took all necessary procedures at once to discharge the shipment without any delay in order to be pumped & consumed.      25-1-2012


Arrival of 23 Thousand Tons of Wheat from Russia:

The Cyprus ship (IRINI F) arrived from Russia loaded with a shipment of 23 thousands ton, Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that all necessary procedures has been taken to discharge & fumigate the shipment in silos without any constraints, in addition for taking samples to check its validity, he also pointed out that performance & work levels, arrival & departure of vessels inside the port going in natural way.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper  2-1-2012


11 Thousands Ton of Russian Wheat Arrive Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday a shipment of 11 thousands ton loaded on the Panamanian ship (RUBICONE) coming from Russia, Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin, Alexandria port chairman declared samples was been taken from the shipment to check its validity.   El-Akhbar Newspaper   1-1-2012



16 Grain Vessels Arriving Alexandria Port

Alexandria port received 16 vessels, loaded with grains & cereals, 4 vessels loaded with 137,956 tons of wheat, 9 vessels loaded with 316,600 tons of corn & finally 3 vessels loaded with 134,679 tons of soya bean. Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad declared that the shipments came from various countries, all procedures concerning discharging process were been done & it was been stored in silos without any hindrances, authorities of control took a sample to check its validity for human consumption.   El Gomhoria Newspaper 5-12-2011


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