- 171.000  TONS iron ore arrived from Brazil to Alexandria:

The vessel “Jean Hay” arrived to Alex port carrying 171.000 tons of iron ore, spokesman Reda El Ghandor announced that, the fright arrived from Brazil and discharged on the berths without any obstacle ,after accomplished the customs procedures, as he confirmed  the increasing in containers handled as the modern electronic system was activated.Rosal  ALYoussef 3/5/2016


The stevedoring movement at Alex. Port is completed in an organized form:

Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria Port Authority assures that the stevedoring movement at Alex. Port is completed in an organized form .and the range of truck, river Barger and railway transport is in a natural ratio, The Alex. Port chairman R.Adm/Medhat Atya was existed in the port since yesterday morning also he controlled the work in Alex. & ElDekheila port, the security work, berth & areas and the surface water.  Elahram News 26/4/2016



- Charged arrived Alex. Port

Charged arrived Alex. Port from administration of secure the gates and surveying the parcels by ray. Included in the fourth stage of investigation by ray system to install them in the airports where the system can survey two trucks at the same time or 25 trucks during an hour.ElAkhbar News 24-4-2016


- Arrival of 63 Thousands Ton of Russian Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday 63 thousands ton of wheat from Russia on two vessels “Vego Rose” & “Western Mable”, Reda El-Ghandour the official spokesman of Alexandria port that the two vessels were docked on grains berths, by which Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman gave his instructions to discharge & store the two shipment in silos after checking by control & surveillance authorities for its validity to be fumigated after that. El-Ghandour declared that Rear Adm. /Medhat Attia approved the grain stock report which showed increase to 1 million & 425 thousands ton of wheat, corn & soya bean to occupy 71% of the storing capacity of silos with a total of 2 million tons, at which the wheat took a share of 463 thousands ton.



Arrival of 223 Thousands Ton of Corn & Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the port received day before yesterday the vessel “ Geneva Queen” loaded with 50 thousands ton of corn coming from Ukraine, in the same time it is currently working on discharging the vessel “Captain Demantis” loaded with 63 thousands ton of wheat coming from Russia, the vessel “Lams Pluto” loaded with 52 thousands ton of wheat coming from Romania, the vessel “Lady Demeth” loaded with 28 thousands ton of soya bean coming from Greece & the vessel “Riviera” loaded with 30 thousands ton of gasoline coming from Greece, Rear Adm./ Medhat Attia Alexandria port chairman assured on terminating all procedures of checking the shipments by designated authorities to make sure of its validity. Al-Ahram Newspaper 26/3/2016

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