A cargo wheat arrived from Russia:

The ship Mishelak arrived to Alex. port from Russia and it had a wheat cargo its weight 33000 ton.
And the speaker from the port - Reda Elghandour has said that the cargo is unloaded in grains silos to evaporate. examin it to know its expiy to use by people and we should know that this cargo had insects and he added that the ship departure of ships and vessels and its arrival to berths are normal and organize in very good level.             Elgomhoreya newspaper 15-6-2016


Glal saod has attended the sign of contractiong contract the timber handling terminal in Alexandria port:

Dr Galal said - the minister of transport has attended the sign of contract the project of contracting the berth 3/85 (the timber handling terminal) between Alexandria port and El Nasr constructing and buildings company Egyco.
The minister has assured that the project length is 420 m and its depth is 15 m and its storage area is 20.000 m and it will be able to receive ships until 70.000 ton to increase the receiving ability from 3 to 5 million ton annually to be specialize to handle the general cargo.  El Massaa Newspaper  30-5-2016


- 1.19 million ton is the grains storage in Alexandria port:

The speaker of Alexandria port authority has assured - Reda El Ghandour that the store of grains in the port reached one million 190.000 ton and 543 from the grains is wheat.
The port received two ships (Wadi El Areesh) from Russia and it had 63000 ton wheat and (Crystal) from Ukraine and it had 48000 ton maize.
The load of two ships was unloaded in grains soils until evaporate and examine them.
The ship (Falnil Mina) is carrying 30.000 ton gasoline from Italy - The ship (Ashreia Crown) From Algeria and it had 30.000 ton Solar and the electronic system to the port registerd handling of 11.000 and 825 cargo trailers in the port.  El Gomhoria  27-5-2016


- Receiving 30.000 Tons Mazot to Alexandria Port:

The ship (Abo Nef) has arrived from Malta and it had mazyot cargo that weighted 30.000 tons to Alexandria port. The speaker of Alexandria port authority Mr Reda El Ghandour said that we unload the cargo of the ship after finishing the customs procedures until we examine it to know its characteristics according to the descriptions to pump and package it.


- 171.000  TONS iron ore arrived from Brazil to Alexandria:

The vessel “Jean Hay” arrived to Alex port carrying 171.000 tons of iron ore, spokesman Reda El Ghandor announced that, the fright arrived from Brazil and discharged on the berths without any obstacle ,after accomplished the customs procedures, as he confirmed  the increasing in containers handled as the modern electronic system was activated.Rosal  ALYoussef 3/5/2016

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