Alexandria port received 25 tons wheat:

The formal spokesperson of Alexandria port - Reda El Ghandour announced that the port had received the vessel (Avan Emyabary) carrying 25 tons wheat which arrived from Ukraine and the ferry (Nebton Ze Lesis) carrying 270 cars.The ferry (Glovis Komit) unloaded 424 cars arrived from the Red Sea. So the total of different imported cargos during the last 24 h was 140.000 tons.    Rose El Youssef Magzaine   21-8-2016


47 riverunites had left Alexandria port:

47 river units had left Alexandria port (El Houees region) and it loaded 1400 tons coke and these units are on their way to the factories in other governorates. the spokesperson of Alexandria port authority - Mr. Reda El Ghandour announced  that, the electronic system of the port gates had registered the entrance and exit of 10 thousands containers as they are carrying general cargo during the last 24 hours he added that the quantity of the imported cargo today to the port was 140.000 tons general cargo that were unloaded after finishing the cutoms procedures and examined. The chairman of Alexandria port authority - Medhat Atia has ordered different departments to finish quickly these procedures to the containers and Lorries examined and unloaded after sure of validity and according to the descriptions.   El Gamhouria Newspaper    20-8-2016


Alexandria port authority receives 230000  ton cargo:

Reda Elghandour assured - the formal speaker of Alexandria port that the port received yesterday the ship (Atela) and it had 23000 ton scrap that came from England ,in the same time it is loading 186000 ton that coming from Russia and Ukraine from the ship (Ning Fiitch) ,the ship (interbedar) the ship (Kiskunety) and the ship (Malkano) and he said that total different cargo that arrived to Alexandria and ElDekheila port during the last twenty four hours had reached 230000 ton.Headed that the total exist ships in the port is 135 ships and 11 ships had departed and 8 ships had received and there are 38 ships had moored in berths and they are working now. and the electronic system had registered in exit and enter gates 11000 public lorries to and from the port and there are 20 lorries that loaded wheat are going to the silos in different governorates with total 600 ton wheat and the total storage of grains in the port had reached 998000 ton and from it 385000 ton wheat.


60.000 ton Russian wheat had reached to Alexandria:

The ship (Milkend) has reached to Alexandria port which came from Russia and it had 60000 ton wheat. The speaker of port authority - Reda El Ghandour said that the cargo of the ship is unloaded in the silos of grains  to evaporate after finishing the customs procedures and be assured from using it for people and it had no insects to prepare it to other governorates.   El Gomhoria newspaper 14-8-2016


Four ships arrived Alexandria port carrying wheat:

Four ships arrived Alexandria port carrying wheat "Amirex" from Russia with 66 thousand ton of wheat, "Kingfisher" from Ocrania with 28 thousands ton of Wheat "Waylo" from Ocrania with 21 thousands ton of corn , "Froddim" from Ocrania with 21 thousands ton of Soyabean.
Mr/ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex port said that the ships capacity discharged in Silos of Wheat after customs procedures.
Finished and insured that it is cleaned from insects and valid prepared for retouring .
Mr/ Elghandour insured that the work system in all port departments is developed.      Rosa El yousef newspaper  9-8-2016

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