- Reda El-Ghandour Alexandria port spokesman declared that the port received yesterday the veseel “ Wadi Teyba” loaded with 64 thousands ton of wheat coming from Russia & it is currently working on discharging it, on the other hand the vessel “Gillard b” is discharged of a shipment of 6 thousands ton of sunflower oil coming from England, also the vessel “Simwa” that’s loaded with 33 thousands ton of diesel coming from Greece, while the ferry “Grand Spagata” loaded with 300 vehicles coming from Red sea & finally the ferry  “GRAN BRETAGNA” loaded with  vehicles coming from Greece. El-Ghandour added that the total number of ships at the port is 172 vessels, 11 vessels departed, 48 vessels docked on berths, while 8289 trucks entered & exited the port in an easy way as a result of the coordination between all authorities within concern.7-3-2016


- Alex port received the first shipment of fattening calf from Spain including 1100 livestock and 10.000 calfs, within the signed agreement between the hold company of industrial food and the national services of Armed forces projects, with one of the giant Spanish company working in the field of lives stock. Vet quarantine held  many committees, including representatives of the armed force and the vet services to select the best offspring and to examone the imported shipments to confirm its quality before distributed on the electronic butchery.  11-2-2016


-  Arrival of 18 Thousands Ton of Soya Bean

Alexandria port received yesterday the vessel “Cmety Fuel” coming from Cyprus loaded with 18 thousands ton of soya bean, Reda El-Ghandour the official spokesman of Alexandria port said that shipment was discharged in silos to be checked for its validity & insect free, on the other hand he added that the work runs in a normal way at the different departments of the port & raise in container handling volume.  11/1/2016


-  Raise in Container Handling Volume 

- Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the container handling traffic increased at Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports during the past days, at which 8 thousands containers handled on arrival & departure vessels containing general cargo during the past 24 hours. El-Ghandour added that cargo handling done using the most up to date methods of handling which leaded to finish all customs procedures in short time, also the port received the vessel “Bocean Oxmporg” coming from Hong Kong loaded with 3 thousand tons of mineral oil that was discharged to be checked for compliance with standards.   El-Akhbar newspaper 8-1-2016


- Alexandria port received yesterday the vessel “Hope A” coming from Greece carrying aboard 33 tons of Mazout, also the vessel “navigator Neptune” coming from Algeria loaded with 13 tons of Butagaz, Rear Admiral / Fathy Taha – officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman, declared that all authorities in concern worked on discharging the vessels shipments after finishing all customs procedures & preparing them for pumping & storing, he also added that 14 vessels departed, 13 vessels arrived through the past 24 hours carrying different country flags although the bad weather conditions. 18/12/2015

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