-  Navigation traffic ran in a normal way in Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports & didn’t affected by the bad weather strikes the governorate , Rear Admiral / Fathy Taha – officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman, declared that the port received 11 vessels loaded with shipments of different food commodities & fuel, 3 vessels from Ukraine & Russia loaded with 298 thousand tons of wheat & corn, in addition to the vessel “Road Lora” that is loaded with13 thousand tons of Butagaz coming from Algeria.   14/12/2015



- Alexandria port received equipments & devices:

Alexandria port received equipments & devices of Dabbah nuclear terminals projects, which includes 2 drilling equipments, 2 vehicles for geological scanning& 2 containers  loaded with research equipments for the projects & it is currently working on terminating its customs clearance. 9/12/2015


Arrival shipmet of butagaz , wheat and corn

- Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports witnessed a normal traffic at which 15 vessels arrived & 12 vessels departed with a total number of 127 vessels inside the port.
13 thousand tons of Butagaz discharged from the Panamanian vessel “Gaz Suez” coming from Algeria, in addition to the vessels “ Pictor “ & “Erisort” loaded with 98 thousand tons of corn coming from Ukraine. 7/12/2015


- Arrival of  63 thousand tons of wheat from Ukraine:

Alexandria port received the vessel “Elly” coming from Ukraine loaded with 63 thousand tons of wheat, Rear Admiral / Fathy Taha – officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman, declared that authorities with in concern discharged the shipment in silos to be checked for validation & consumption, he also added that the performance levels at the port administrations raised up.   6/12/2015






-  Alexandria port received yesterday the vessel “Wadi Arab” loading with 58 thousand tons of Russian wheat, Rear Adm. / Fathy Taha, officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman declared that the shipment discharged in silos to be checked & fumigated. 5/12/2015

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