- Mr. / Reda Elghandour –the formal speaker of Alex. Port assure that the stored grains in the port is one million and one hundred forty four (1,144,000 ton) 273 thousand ton of them is wheat, the total of the ship is 132 ship departed , 13 arrived moored , 48 ships, 11657 truck enter the port , 13 truck departed the port to the silos of all governorate with total 3920 ton today.    El Mesa Newspaper 28-2-2018

- This week the port had a good activity in the ship movement, trucks and receiving the strategic good, where the ship [Oseenmenirva) with 63 thousand ton from Russia (Wadi Lybia) with 63 thousand ton from Ukraine , (Biters) with 63 ton thousand of wheat from Russia, (Atlantic Laila) with 31 thousand ton of Soya bean from Italy, Aqua Rospair with 42 thousand ton soya from Ukraine ,(Madrisa) with 25 thousand ton soya beans from Russia (Elyabi) with 57 thousand ton Soya bean from Ukraine , (Ojenyagaz) with a thousand ton of gas from Russia , (Esbehlet Sailer) with 7 thousand ton asphalt from Greece (DackaddelRarak) with 30 thousand ton Gasoline from Russia and the ship (Nevigatorika) with 44 thousand of coke coal from Greece.   El Mesa Newspaper 28-2-2018




- Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port authority had assured that the grains storage in the stores and silos of the port had reached to 852 ton …296ton from them is wheat… he clarified that the total! Number of exist ships in the port are 142 ships … and 15 ships had left … and arrival of 13 ships and mooring in berth 54 ship … and the electronic system had registered in the gates of enter and exit 9000 trailers to and from the port…131 trailers of wheat which are going towards the silos in different governorates with total 3930 ton of wheat …   El Mesa Newspaper   14-2-2018



- Alexandria Port Authority had a great activity this week in the movement of the ships, trailers and receiving the strategy goods. Where it is unloading wheat cargoes which reached to 261000 ton that came from Russia and Ukraine on the ships (Esena) , (Cecilia B) (Wadi El Arab) , (Horizon) and (Discovery), and maize cargoes that reached to 203000 ton which came from France , Ukraine and Russia on the ships (Ponti In) , (Yowan En Hay) , (Derebas) and (Emperor) … and two cargoes of Gaz that reached to 71000 ton from Algeria and Saudi Arabia on the ships (Wadi Seder) and (Energy Gaz) … and it is unloading also the ship (ElBaba) that loaded with 56000 ton soya Beans from Russia … the ship (Abghi Bluman) that loaded with 6000 ton of Asphalt from Greece.     El Mesa Newspaper     14-2-2018


- Mr. / Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria Port Authority assured that the storage of grains in the stores and silos of the port had reached one million and one hundred and forty four tons …273 thousand of wheat and he clarified that the total number of ships existed in the port 132 ships…twelve ships had departed port, 13 had reached… there were 38 ships which moored in berths … the port electronic system of the gates had registered 11000 general trailers to & from the port and there were 60 trailers of wheat had left with 1800 ton… and had left the port 50 train wagons with 3082ton of what that were going to governorates … and 50 river units had left the port that loaded with 1500 ton of cock and soya beans.   El Mesa Newspaper   31-1-2018

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