Is there a possibility for the same agency to have more than one account (username and password)?
- Agencies are allowable to have more than user and  a privilege for each user providing that,each users should have separate delegation motive .
- Note: up till now there is no other reasons for delegation, as a motive for users to login. Except (Submission of berthing request) and vessels services .


-Agency can send berthing request by at least 48 hours from the date of expected arrival.
-Berthing request for(tourism/containers/ferries)vessel must be submitted by at least 24hours from the date of expected arrival.


What procedures must be taken if the vessel's  data was incorrect?
- First: vessel's data must be revised well whether identical (totally or partially) with Lloyd's List which loaded in our data base.
- If not, agency must send vessel's certificate of registration to the port.
- Agency must deliver it (vessel's certificate of registration) to any logistic center all over the port(Gate11,Gate27,Gate54).
- Same berthing request will be resent once again by the agency.


What are the steps that should be followed to upload Baplie file?
1. Login using your own password and user name that has been activated through your subscription.
2. Assigned menu to the user must be appeared.
3. Send( Baplie file).
4. Select categories (Baplie file 95B).
5. File extension must be EDI.
6. Submit (new).
7. Select categories.
8. Browse.
9. Upload File.
10. Select categories.
11. Save


What is time limited for berthing request to be cancelled?
- Berthing request will be considered cancelled, if 24 hours passed from the date of expected arrival reported in the   berthing request and vessel didn't arrive or the agency didn't ask to change the date of expected arrival.
- Agency is allowable to edit the date of expected arrival within the 24 hours from the former date of expected arrival.
- Berthing request will  be automatically cancelled from the system.

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