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- The Environment: A committee to face the solar spot in A.P.A

The ministry of environment took its procedures to face the solar spot in berth 67 in Alex. port after the central operation department was informed about Mr./ Mohamed salah - the chairman of environment affairs department has assured that they sent a hurry committee from the territorial branch for the environment affairs department in Alex. to watch and take the necessary procedures where they foung a light bright layer  from solar and its area is 3 x 30 m as a result in solar tanks in a ship so the solar leaked to water surface , headed that the formed committee with coordinated by the port management to remove the poluution so they wrote a report and they are doing the law procedures towards the responsible.    16-9-2018




- The Chairman of Alex. Port to (El Gamhouria newspaper):

New companies to destroy the routine and finish the contracts. We achieved surplus 225% more than goal and it will double during the next years. Trade and transporting the containers is the main core of the international trade in the world and the capacity in Alex. Port is 3 million containers and the port achieved actively 1.8 million containers with ratio 90% from to total capacity.
Alex. Port is from the oldest ports in the Mediterranean sea and the world and it is the main port in Egypt where 60% from the trade size is passing through it. So that it is not strange to have develop plans and modernize which includes all Egypt from north, south, east and west. The port has construction revolution that didn't happen before during the last time which included developing the infrastructure and raising its compatibility with investment that reached more that L.E.2 milliard. That is reflecting the economic and trade activity size to the port.
(ElGomhouria newspaper) faced the Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of the port about the achievements that happened actually. And Admiral /Medaht Attia assured that the success which occurred in the port and doubled its revenues because of the efforts of all labors in AP.A. And their desire to participate actually to develop the port and raise its efficiency that assured the Egyptians ability to achieve the miracles which appeared in all giant national projects which execute in the time. And he added that it is founded two companies according to the political leader and occurs a real change in the port. The two companies are (Alex. For constructions and logistic company), it is owned completely to A.P.A. and it is started its work. The second company is (the Egyptian group for multi purposes terminals). It is S.E.E. it design, construct, operate and maintenance the multi purposes to terminal according to the new investment law No.72 in 2017 and its executing regulation, the sharing companies law No.159 in 1981 and its executing regulation. From its work is constructing, exploit and managing the multi purposes terminal of containers handling, general cargoes and bulk cargoes on berths from 55 to 62 in Alex. Port and the licensed company capital is L.E.500 million with ratio 34% to A.P.A. , 33% for Suez canal authority, 33% to the holding company for land and maritime transport, A.P.A. has right for management.

What are the goals and works of the new company?
The goal of foundation of this company is increasing the revenue of authority and achieving its purposes to be a good economic to finish the bureaucracy and not compete with private sector and it will participate with the private sector and it will participate with the private sector in most works of the company, now we are preparing the procedures of multipurpose terminal on berths from 55 to 62 in Alex. Port and the world consultations offices that have experience and preparing the descriptions and terms notebooks to choose the project counselor, executing contractor and the terminal operator. It is planned that the terminal will achieve from 2.5 to 3 years and it will be in a world level, in the same time with the procedures of foundation the company, ElCanal Company which follow Suez Canal to test the land of the project and the company achieved 10 tests from 32 tests.

Is activity of containers terminals as the activity of the second company?
Trading and transporting the containers is the main point in the international trade in the world now, the capacity of Alexandria port is 2 million containers and the port acheieved actually 1.8 million containers with ratio 90% from the total capacity so that we should think scientifically – or thinking out the box – to face the problem, so we decided to complete our steps and make the port able to receive more containers so that we thought about the private projects of containers and the multipurpose terminals.

The port suffering from accumulation so what are the solutions to face this matter and  How can you overcome this problem?
There is no accumulation in the port till today and it is the first time to have another 44 feddan to Alexandria port authority and it was owned to eltogareia lelakhshab they become inside the customs department and we are building now wall around it and we started the infrastructure and we started to study the best usage for this land.
We adding for that the logistic area which reaches 400 feddan (1.8Km) which means that it is bigger than Alexandria (1.7Km) and this area we are studying it through the world investment bank where it gave this study to a world company for this area and it will have a free zone to serve the investors and we will coordinate that between Mr. - Dr. / Hesham  Arafat the minister of transportation and Dr. / Sahar Nasr – the minister of investment and this area will Alexandria port to be logistic port to keep its position among the ports in the world.

What are the newest projects that started the services? And how they financed?
It is true that we have current projects and its cost is more than L.E.2 milliard and there are other projects we are studying and executing in the nearest time and its cost is also more than L.E.2 milliards and from it the project of support and improve the abilities of tugs fleet in our A.P.A. with 10 tugs and new 8 maritime launches, and this project is represented 8 maritime tugs in the national shipyard to Alexandria port with the highest world characteristics where the force of the tugs are from 40 to 60 tons and their aim is offering the best service to the ships and raising the efficiency of the maritime navy that owned to the authority, in addition that we contracted for 2 pilotage's launches with Holland company with high world characteristics where it can carry up to 85 tons and it will reach from 3 to 6 months to be the first time in the history of the port to serve the new terminals and the second project is constructing a free joint to connect gate 54 in Alex. Port with the coastal international road with total cost L.E. 503 million and we overcome all obstacles which objected the executing of project with 45% the third project is constructing a free joint to connect ElDekheila port with the coastal international road and supplement yards with cost L.E.610 million and the ratio of actual executing as whole is 95% and these joints are from the huge projects in the port and they have many benefits such as lighten the traffic in the zones of ElKabary, ElWardian, ElMax, ElDkheila and ElBetach and also accelerate the frequency circle of trailers and goods so it will raise the ratios of loading and unloading and reduce the waiting time of the ship in the port, from the benefits also is reducing the fuel which use by the trailers in long distances in the city to exit to the coastal international road the fourth project is the maritime Askara (the mechanical slipway) in Alex. Port with cost L.E. 4 million the fifth project is constructing the berth 3/85 or as called the timber berth and the study was modified to receive the berth ships from the two sides with cost L.E.450 million and the executing ratio is 20%.
The sixth project is constructing customs barriers around the land taken to A.P.A. (the land of the commercial for woods) with cost L.E.38 million and the project of increasing the height of the customs barriers with height that reaches 5m. According to the security instructions with cost of L.E.12 million to be the security systems in the port according to the world level.
The Seventh Project is supported and rehabilitation the project of water break in Alex. Port the second stage with cost of L.E.27million.
The eighth project is the multipurpose garage and it is considered from the most important investment projects in the port and its cost is L.E. 285 million and the executed part is occurred according to the general plan and it aims to increase the receiving ability and storage for cars which reach to the port in addition to complete the last stage from developing the first and sixth zone with cost L.E.90 million, the project of raising the efficiency of the lighthouse ElNagma with cost L.E. 50 million, the project of supplying fenders to the ports of Alex. And ElDekheila with cost LE 48 million, the project of liquid bulk in ElDekheila port

What are the finance sources of these projects?
The project is economic authority which spend for the projects and what is exceeded will turn to the country safe, all projects which executed and which are executing that planned are supplied itself, and the ministry of finance accepted lastly to specialize LE1.3 milliard from the achieved surplus to construct new projects to the port.

What about the revenues of the port this year and did you achieved the goal?
The port achieved during this financial year the revenue 4.803.163.907 but the latest financial year the authority achieved 2.458.975.000 that means increase in revenue the aimed by the country to A.P.A. was 1.617.235.000 but we achieved surplus actually 3.640.320.715 so the increase is about 225% more than the goal that means more than the actual surplus last financial year, we promise to double it the next year. El Gamhouria newspaper 15-9-2018


- It was held religious session in the great meeting in Alex. Port occasion of the  new Hijry year where one from ElAwkaf ministry gave a speech for this occasion where he assured the forgiveness of ElAslam and everyone should be careful to perfect the work , the session was attended by Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A his vice chairman and the labors in the port.
Admiral/Medhat Attia – The chairman of A.P.A declared the meeting with the labor that A.P.A is doing its best to double the revenue and achieving the highest ratios.
During the meeting Admiral/ Attia  encourage the labors to  concentrate and keep the passions of the authority and do best to achieve the authority goals


- Ministry of transportation declares to found an Egyptian shareholding company among Alexandria port Authority, Suez Canal Authority  and the holding company for maritime and land transportation to construct, use and administrate the multi purposes terminal.

The ministry of transportation declared that we founded an Egyptian shareholding Co. to design, construct, operate and maintenance the multi purposes terminals according to the new investment law judgment No. 72 in 2017 and its executing list regulation No, the law of shareholding companies No . 1981 and its executing list regulation.
Dr. /Hesham Arafat the minister of transportation said that we agreed to call the company (The Egyptian group for multi purposes terminals) and its location is investment building in Alexandria port and from its work is constructing, using and managing the multi purposes terminal for containers handling, general cargo and bulk cargo on berths from 55 to 62 in Alex. Port the hinterland, what will construct and adding to these yards with B.O.T. system for 30 years from date of foundation the company. Dr. / Hesham Arafat added also that the licensed company capital is 500 million LE with ratio 34% for Alex. Port authority, 33% for Suez Canal authority, 33% for the holding company land and maritime transport and Alex. Port has the right to manage. The foundation public association will attend the next days, the vice admiral / Mohab Memesh the chairman of Suez Canal and the public authority for developing the economic zone of Suez Canal and the Admiral / Medhat Attia – the Chairman of Alex. Port Admiral / Mohamed Yousef the Chairman of holding company for maritime and land transport and the members of the foundation association.
Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A. said that the company started actually the work where it is preparing to attend the foundation association. And now we are preparing for multi purposes terminal to the berths from 55 to 52 in Alex. Port by the world consulting offices that have . Experience to prepare the descriptions and terms notebook to choose the project counselor, executing contractor and the terminal operator.
Attia added that the multi purposes terminal its handing capacity is from 15 to 18 million ton, and the handling yards is 560000 m. the containers handling is one million and two hundred and fifty thousand containers TEU the length of berth is 2480 m with depth 17m. the terminal is able to receive 6 ships in one time it can receive from 6 to 8 battleships.     6-9-2018


- 40 million Turkish Cigarette (Cancered):

General finance police in Alexandria port by rear Admiral / Emad Farouk and by cooperated with customs men enabled to discovered 2 million cigarette packets unknowned the resource and imitated to world models and it may be cancered.
Admiral / Nader Kamal the security manager in the port had received information that there is a company had imported paper (A.M.) in Alexandria.
And the paper cargo came from turkey and this cargo has ban commodities …. After investigation by the general finance men which supervised by Admiral / Darwish Hussin the general manager of criminal research in the port that reached 4 containers for a company and after searching the containers we found 4000 cigarette cartoons that imitated world models and each one contains 50 (packets) and each one contains 10 packets. So they all 2 million packets which equal 40 million cigarettes unknown resource and cancered and it represent danger for public health….. they kept the cargo and the public prosecution started to investigate.   4-9-2018

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