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Ministry of transportation is following the executing works to construct the multi stores garage in Alexandria port with total cost 285 million L.E and he directed to finish the works at the end of this year

During his pretend today in Alexandria port Dr / Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation accompanied by Admiral / Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port authority , Admiral / Mostafa ElDeeb - the ministry councilor of maritime transport, the leader of bridges and roads authority, the general constructing Nile company, they had watched the executing works of constructing the multi stores garage in Alexandria port and its total cost is 285 million L.E.
Dr. / Hesham Arafat Declared that the project is aiming to receive the increased demand of the activity of importing and storing the cars in the customs department in Alexandria port , helping to operate the touristic region that will construct in the future which must have enough for parking to serve the passengers terminal, trade center and maritime zone, during his pretending the minister directed to finish the works and decrease the executing period of the project that reached to 18months from location delivery to finish at the end of the year.
This project is helding on area 15000m2, it is considered an addition for the storage area n the port, it contains 4 floors, 3 from them for customs storage which cam receive 2700 cars and the fourth is using daily for clients, he added that the annual capacity of the garage is about 162000 cars.       10-5-2018


The Minister of transportation is following the constructing works of liquid bulk terminal in ElDekheila port

Dr / Hesham Arafat the Minister of transportation with admiral / Medhat the chairman of A.P.A. –Admiral / Mostafa Eldeeb the counselor the ministry of maritime and the leaders of maritime transport are following the constructing works of liquid bulk terminal in ElDekheila port where the minister declared that this terminal is helding on 6000m and it is 23 chemical tanks, water tank, administration building and a scale for cars, the capacity of the terminal is 28000 m2, this project is executing by a private Egyptian company with a system B.O.T. and he added that the constructing cost is 50 LE million and investment money is 150 million LE and the executing period of the project is 18 months that started in December 2017.     10-5-2018


The Minister of Transport follows the implementation of the new development transport axes west of Alexandria

During his visit to the Alexandria Governorate to follow up the projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Dr. Hisham Arafat accompanied by Major General Medhat Attia, Alexandria Port President, Major General Mustafa El Deeb, Advisor to the Ministry of Maritime Transport, RTA and Nile Road Construction Company.
The minister reviewed the project of developing and expanding the developmental axis of the city of Burj Al Arab, including the road and its bridges. The minister said during the tour that the project aims at developing the current road and establishing service roads in both directions for the first phase of the journey from Kafouri to Alhawari square with a length of 13.5 km. LE and the second stage until Sidi Kerir length of 5 km and cost 180 million pounds in addition to  Pointing out that it leads to linking the road between Cairo - Alexandria desert and the city of Burj Al Arab and even Sidi Kerir to serve the city of Burj Al Arab and linking it to the highway and traffic service to Borg Al Arab International Airport and Borg Al Arab stadium then the minister went to follow up the work of the implementation of the project and establish a free link to the port of Dakhilah And the Ajami area The project is implemented by the General Nile Company for Roads Construction under the Ministry of Transport at a cost of 492 million pounds. The project consists of a road surface of a length of 2.30 km and the port of Dakhilah with a length of 1,300 km bridge. The reconstruction bridge with length of 730 m is considered one of the giant projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport, pointing out that there is great importance for new axis which will reflect positively on the flow of traffic in Alexandria and the lack of integration of trucks in the port area. The Minister of Transport also continued the implementation of the construction project of the port of Port 54 Alexandria port at a cost of 503 million Pounds, which is the artery that extends to connect the door 54 and a port The minister stressed the speed of completion of this important project, which will contribute to the project after completion of its implementation in the liquidity of the movement of traffic and the transfer of goods from the port of Alexandria to the international coastal road to alleviate the traffic congestion and street Almks and eliminate the phenomenon of overcrowding Heavy transport vehicles.      10-5-2018


Minister of transport receives a group of SAP Company to research the cooperation in smart application of ports and railways management

Dr. / Hesham Arafat - minister of transport receives a group of SAP Co. to research the cooperation in smart application field of port said railways management the leaders of ministry of transport representatives of maritime ports attended the meeting the company presented the newest systems related the smart application of port management through smart room to follow the port indicator and comparing with the other ports indicators, also physical studies of projects in the country ports at an integration on the  level of all neighboring ports to follow the effects of some resolution like increasing or decreasing fees on the port income or the resolution of cooperate a unite, an equipment for its maintenance and its effects on delaying ships or increasing fees. It's showed the challenges which face the port management and container terminal and container terminal and haw we can use the information technology to face these challenges and the benefits of using the united invoice to facilitates the procedure clearly and control with all ports deal with the port.
The company had showed one smart model in Hamburg port Experience to manage the container terminal group by using the information technology and the number development to increase the capacity with ratio 56% using the same resources.
Dr. /Hisham Arafat during the meeting said that the port must by manage to measure the efficiency of the ports and raise its capacity, and he also pointed out to use simulation because it became necessary to take decisions and having visibility studies to any projects.
The minister of transport had clarified the challenges in this executing human which must have develop program and training to use the system and he assured about the necessary of using these applications in different fields of transport such as railways to use the best resources and increases its economic efficiency.    24-5-2018 


Ministry of transportation is raising the Egyptian flag on the most modern tugs were constructed in Alex. Port :

Dr. / Hesham Arafat – Minister of transportation accompanied by Admiral / Madhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port had raised the Egyptian Flag on the most modern tugs, one of them was constructed by the Egyptian company for repairing and constructing the ships, it's name is Alexandria 8 with tug force 50 ton from the model tractors multi purposes with total cost 76 million L.E. and the other was constructed by ElTemsah company for constructing the ships, it's name is Alexandria 4 with force tug 60 ton from model tractors, multi purposes with total cost 70 L.E million and now it is constructing another 6 tugs to improve the pilotage and tug service to sustain the maritime navy in Alexandria port.      10-5-2018


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