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- IN  a Workshop about the Works activities with attending the Ministers of Transportation investment and international Cooperation and the governor of Cairo and Six Ministries
DR/Hesham Arafat Shows the Projects and the  investment chances in Transport  Sector
DR/Sahar Nasr-Egypt is looking forward  to achieve a great Progress in works activities next year after executing  many legislation reforms and Egypt progressed eight positions in this year report:

The Ministry of investment and international hosted a Workshop  about a report of Works activities that issued by the international bank ,It was attended by:
DR/Hesham Arafat theMinister of Transport
DR/Sahar Nasr the minister of investment  and international  co-operation
Admiral/Khaled  Abd El Aal- The governor of Cairo
Mrs/Samia  Mosadak who is  responsible for works of the Manager of international Bank office in Egypt
MR/Nagy Ben Hussen the executive Manager of the bank ,representatives of Ministries investment and international  co-operation housing ,electricity ,Finance ,Trade ,Industry Social   co-operation and international Finance association where DR/Hesham Arafat the minister of Transportation had showed the plan and Ministry projects during the next four years in the field of bridges and roads the Minister said  that we are executing the third stage from our National  Project of roads with total length 1280 km and Cost L.E 14 Milliard ,developing the exits roads net
Where we are completing the projects of Constructing ,double and raising the efficiency of the roads which exist in the investment Plan with Total length 2500km and Cost LE 16 Milliard , we are completing some Pivots  on the Nile with total cost L.E 10 Milliard Constructing and developing 20 Flyover bridges with total cost L.E 2.5 Milliard.
But in the field of railways the  Minister of Transportation has clarified that we are developing the Movable units fleet where we contracted to supply for Egypt 1300 Modern Wagon with cost  106 milliard dollar during the co-operation between Hungary/Russia to Supply 100  modern tractors (GE) and rehabilitate 81 tractors and buying 100 new Tractors with Finance from the development and reconstruction Bank Manufacturing  and supplying 140 goods Wagon in different Models during the Arab Authority for industrialization
There is also executing Projects of Signals electric with total length 1089km with cost L.E12.6 Milliard, renew and maintenance the railways  with totals 1000 km and cost L.E 5Milliard and completing the comprehensive  development for Traffic Lights through the railway Net with Cost L.E 2.4 Milliard and completing the  development Plan ,improving the railway Stations in the North and South of Egypt with Cost L.E1.1 Milliard in the Field  of underground
The Minister clarified that we will complete the third Stage from the third line and completing the two parts from A+4B4 from  the Fourth Stage from the third line of the metro and executing the electric train (EL Salam –EL Asher men Ramadan –The  New Managerial Capital)
In the field of Maritme Transport the Minister pointed that we have many Projects that are executing in the Ports of Alexandria, Damietta and the Red Sea such as constructing the multi purposes terminal on berths (55-62) in area 550000  meter square in Alexandria Port  and constructing new Containers Terminal in Damietta port and constructing multi purposes terminal in Maritime  Neweba Port and constructing
multi purposes terminal in Maritime  Safaga Port  and completing the developing Plans and increasing the efficiency of services in Red sea Ports (Hurghada –Nerweba-SharmELSheikh -Suez-Safaga)
In the field of river Transport the Minister pointed that we are constructing Modern river Ports in Upper Egypt (Assut- Sohag-Quna) and and completing the  development Projects Maritime Roads (ElRaiah El Bahary/El Nob aria- Cairo/Aswan –Cairo/ Damietta) to activate  the role of the river transport to transport the goods specially the important strategy goods such as Wheat
DR/Sahar Nasr –The Minister of investment and international co-operation assured that the government is careful to continue the co-operation  with the International Bank to obtain the necessary technical  support to develop the business  environment from another side we are connecting with the local growth and governorates to activate the economic reform program  to attract the foreign investment and have available the job opportunities to the Egyptian Youth.
The Minister pointed to continue the reform Programmed to improve the arrange of Egypt in the international indicators,she clarified that Cairo governorate always  the first in reforms in the local level
The Minister mentioned that the last report for works activities has the reforms procedures which were executed until April 2018 we also have many reforms procedures which executed and that are executing and they will have positive indicators during the next year.
The Minister clarified that Egypt is looking forward to achieve great progress in the works activities in the next year
Egypt  has progressed eight steps in the report this report this year after we executing many reforms in one  year during the last ten years  and the second biggest country in the middle East Zone and North Africa this year ,Egypt also was the biggest country in many reforms that comparing with other Arab countries .
Mrs/Samia  Mosadak-that is responsible for the works in International  Bank office manager in Egypt has assured about the reforms which were executed in the Egyptian  government ,she described  these  achievements are great ,she added that these great achievements in Egypt give us hope for growth .
She clarified that the Egyptian success is depending on   three points :The First is that there is a clear photo of the economic reform program in Egypt.
The Second is the first step of the economic reform was difficult but   succeeded for behalf of the future generations
The Third is the success to construct a new Social Necklace between the Citizens and the government  where there is a clear participation for Youth in the economic  operation, specially the number  economy.
She mentioned that the aim from the reforms is having Job opportunities for youth she added that the report is aiming to determine the position of Egypt between the world economics The International Bank said that Egypt has great reforms to improve the investment system and simplified the procedures in five fields:
Companies foundations getting the guarantee ,protecting  the small investors ,settle the Taxes ,finish the problems cases (getting out from the Market)to help of creating the jobs ,attracting the investment ,increasing the economic  compete Egypt has achieved  the highest position in guarantee to register the sixth position instead  of the ninth position in the report last year  with thirty position improvement.
Egypt has improved in its position 14 step to have the position 101 instead of 115
Egypt has progressed in the indicator of protecting the small investors where its position has raised 9 position to reach the position 72 instead of 81 in the report last year.
The position of Egypt of settling the Taxes to position  159 and comparing with the position 167 in the report last year so we advanced 8 position and the position of Egypt in Trade indicator has advanced with  one position to reach 170 after it was 171 in the report last year.    13-11-2018


- Minister of transportation has watched a memorandum between A.P.A and Netherlands company CDR to prepare a technical study to develop maritime berths through Netherlands government grant:

Dr. / Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation has watched a memorandum between A.P.A and Netherlands company CDR, it is one specialized company to offer the technical helping for maritime berths works, water surfaces and shipping water ways in the ministry of transportation place where Admiral /Medhat Attia signed for A.P.A and Mr./ Mark Defrees the executive manager of CDR company to develop the sector of maritime transport and raising the performance ratios in the Egyptian ports.
Dr. /Hesham Arafat declared that understanding memorandum including obtaining the company CDR a grand from the Netherlands company to prepare a technical study about the existing maritime berths in Alexandria port and he added that it will start in maritime works for the berths and the shipping waterways to study it and putting a technical shop to develop it and giving a technical consultations to deepen it and develop it according to the site of the berth and its jurisdictions on condition that the company will finish its works during eight months from the date of signing the memorandum.
The minister of transportation pointed the memorandum includes keeping the exchanging information secret between them that belong the details which obtain each side during the period of the works and study, he added that signed the memorandum he happened after getting A.P.A the procedures and necessaries acceptances that come through the signature he pointed that the strategy of the ministry is concentrated in the field of maritime transport and activate the maritime ports role, developing the investment chances, expanding in the logistic activities that connected with the ports and the industrial regions that surrounded it, developing and increasing the maritime ports efficiency and developing the system of maritime transport with a strategy that completed with the public strategy of the country to support the Egyptian economy and increasing the compatibility in our ports, attracting the investments, creating new job opportunities, raising the performance ratios in ports and then increasing the revenue of ports rehabilitation to receive the great ships and offering logistic services and achieving the integrated between the Egyptian ports to achieve a good system in maritime transport with high efficiency.     11-11-2018


Honoring the talents from the labours children in Alexandria port:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of A.P.A honored the talents for their studies in A.P.A in all educational stages, the labours who obtained masters and doctors in a great festival and attending the leaders in A.P.A and the labours of it.
It was delivered estimated certifiates and financial rewards to support the active connections with the labors and enhance them to do their best and increase its  revenues.
This festival was held under the labours caring department in occasion with the great prophet birth where the preventative of ministry of El Awkaf mode a speech for this occasion , Admiral/ Medhat Attia offered a sow to know the development projects, the future investment projects  and developing works in the port , he assured to do our best to raise the performance to achieve the highest revenues.


Open the straight of Alexandria and El Dekheila port after improving the water and air conditions:

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that the movement management in the port has decided at half past five in the evening on Friday 26 th october 2018 to open the strait after improving the water and air conditions and the speed of winds and the high waves had reached to the normal ratios that allow the ships to exit and enter to and from the port in secure method.
And so that the specialized department in the port had started to receive the mooring ships in the outer anchorage according to its position and they were 40 ships.
Admiral/ Medaht Attia - the chairman of A.P.A had directed all the departments to be aware and oblige the secure terms and occupational health to keep the souls and possissions , enter and exit the ships, trailers and cargoes to and from the port secure.     26-10-2018


Closing the straits of Alexandria and El Dekheila because of the bad water and air:

Mr./ Reda El Ghandour - the spoksman of A.P.A declared that the ships movement management decided to close the strait of Alexandria and El Dekheila ports because of the high waves and wind speed to the ratios which not allow of moving the launches and going up and down the piolt to and from the ship in a secure method.
Admiral / Medhat Attia - the chairman of A.P.A has directed the nominated departments to be aware and oblige with the rules and security terms to enter and exit the trailers and the cargoes in secure and keeping the souls and possisins. 25-10-2018

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