Well done pilots of Alexandria port Authority - they succeeded to develop El Borolos port:

The arrival foreign ships captains thanked El Borolos Port which working by Equipment of German Simens Co. Which constructing the giant electric generating terminal with the efforts which executed by the pilots of Alexandria  port Authority where they executed in a short time to develop small finishing port which receive only small finishing boats and changed to receive the big ships and they assured that unless their efforts and intelligence which proof that they have experience anf there were 22 big ships that carry equipment that belong to the electric terminal to receive and unload the cargo in the first trade ship (Hohi Bank) which came from Rotterdam port (Holland) and it had vapor turbine generator, Three control units and (Generator) with total cargo 1211 for the giant El Borolos electric terminal last January.
The Captain/ Amr Salah said that it was raised the efficiency of the port during the last period where it was supported the maritime berth with length 125 m  and the depth was 6 mand we also finished to prepare the stowage and waiting yard with area 6000 m. It was finished the interior roads which can bear loads till 600 ton and we expected the western water break with 125 m and it was cleaned and deepen the water way and he added that the port had received 22 ships and we are waiting the arrival of 25 other ships and it is loaded with sets and equipments and the port is ready now to receive any trade ships or carrying equipments after equipping and developing it.   El Gomhoria Newspaper 13-2-2017