-  New navigation line between Alexandria and Marsells to Increase the exports of fruits and vegetables to Europe:

The minister of transportation – Dr./Hesham Arafat had certified the sign of these agreements in the field of maritime transport , and these agreement include the training center of Marsells port which aim to offer a cooperative training program to develop the human abilities in maritime transport sector and the second agreement is supporting the cooperation between Alexandria port and Marsells authority to activate the navigation join between Egypt and France and from there to the rest of European countries to transport the vegetables and fruits and the third agreement between the organization of eco- sic  of the continue supply chains and the Arab Academy for science and technology which aim to prepare and habilitate the African and Arab ports to certify from Llyod organization in the field of the continued growth and the environment management.
That was happened in the international conference for Logistics and maritime transport (Marloh B) which organized with cooperation between the international labor organization and the association of Valencia port in Spain in addition to the Suez canal authority under the entitle ( The International Ports Cooperation – The Future Chance).  El Akbar Newspapers  20-3-2017