- Agreement between Alexandria port and Koper Port to Facilitate transporting of East ports to East Europe:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port had witnessed a sign of agreement with koper port in Slovenia with attending Admiral/ Tarek Ghanem – the president of maritime transport sector and the ambassador of Slovenia in Cairo to facilitate the trade movement and transporting the Egyptian exports from the fruits and vegetables to  East Europe.
Admiral/ Attia Declared that koper port is distinguish that is a main gate for many European countries where it could transport the containers from Alexandria port to Slovenia then directly through the land road to reach in the quickest way directly to the markets and the biggest distributions centers in these countries which will give competitive advantages to the Egyptian products. The admiral added that the agreement included also exchanging information and training experiences which contributes in supporting and helping the exporters to go through these markets and attracting the maritime lines between the two ports.  El Ahram Newspaper   3-4-2017