- Sign the contract to construct a handling and receiving unclean bulk in ElDekhila port:

Dr./ Hesham Arafat – the minister of transportation had attended and witnessed the sign of contract to design construct , managing , operating , maintenance , redelivering the receiving and unclean bulk handling in ElDekhila port with the system of (B.O.T.) between Alexandria Port Authority and Siscotrans company for loading and unloading the contract and signed by Admiral / Medhat Attia – The Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority and Samir Affify the minister of transportation had declared that the investment cost of the project is (3 milliard L.E.)and he pointed that the company will construct and operate the project with Alexandria Port Authority with ratio that reach to 20% the period to finish the project is (24 months) and the right to use is extended to 30 years and the length of berth is 320m and the depth is 20m and the area is 155000m2 and the total storage yards, stores and the management buildings are more than 100.000m2 and this contract will allow  the company to receive the ships that carry coke and clinker in the port and what resemble from polluted cargoes to the environment Dr. Hesham Arafat added that the terminal is considered a great addition to the efficiency of Alexandria Port and achieve the planning aim to ideal environment use in handling operation.   ElAkhbar news paper   12-6-2017