Alexandria port is waiting to receive 3 new tugs (The European investment) is financing the planning studies of the logistic area …. Holland company is financing the designing of berths development:

Alexandria port authority is aiming to double its revenues during 18 months , and Alexandria port is waiting to receive the first new tugs that they contracted and they are 8 tugs with different companies which includes El Masria to construct the ships and Alexandria shipyard that follow the armed forces , El Temsah companies to construct the ships it is one of the companies of Suez canal Authority as admiral/ Medhat Attia – chairman of Alexandria port had declared and he added to (El Mal) that the first group from the tugs is 3 tugs, two from them has the force of 60 ton and it will receive next month from El Temsah company and he said that the two tugs will increase the ability of the port to deal with the modern ships in order to improve the maritime services in the port and another tug with 40 ton from Alexandria shipyard company during the next few days.
The berth of timber which is known with the no. 85/3 and it will operate in the activity of general cargoes with depth 15 m with 250 million pounds L.E with itself finance from the authority.
Admiral/ Attia added that they had finished taking 44 fadden which is known as El Togaria land for timber and they had obtained a resolution from customers department to take this land to Alexandria port