Alexandria port is waiting to receive 3 new tugs (The European investment) is financing the planning studies of the logistic area …. Holland company is financing the designing of berths development:

Alexandria port authority is aiming to double its revenues during 18 months , and Alexandria port is waiting to receive the first new tugs that they contracted and they are 8 tugs with different companies which includes El Masria to construct the ships and Alexandria shipyard that follow the armed forces , El Temsah companies to construct the ships it is one of the companies of Suez canal Authority as admiral/ Medhat Attia – chairman of Alexandria port had declared and he added to (El Mal) that the first group from the tugs is 3 tugs, two from them has the force of 60 ton and it will receive next month from El Temsah company and he said that the two tugs will increase the ability of the port to deal with the modern ships in order to improve the maritime services in the port and another tug with 40 ton from Alexandria shipyard company during the next few days.
The berth of timber which is known with the no. 85/3 and it will operate in the activity of general cargoes with depth 15 m with 250 million pounds L.E with itself finance from the authority.
Admiral/ Attia added that they had finished taking 44 fadden which is known as El Togaria land for timber and they had obtained a resolution from customers department to take this land to Alexandria port.
And he clarified that about 100 companies had offered to the port with some suggestions to have different areas comparing with the first mentioned in the first.
Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port clarified that the port did not offer now yards because of the A.P.A  is waiting one of the consultant offices to design the new zone and he added that the new land will be one of the new methods to solve the problem of storing in the port…. and it will represent all types of cargoes and not only for the containers.
And he added that it is the first time to dredge Alexandria port with 2.3 million m2 from the sand to dredge the circle and he added that it must develop the great waterway in Alexandria port to be its width 220 m instead of 180 and its depth became 15.5  so the port will be able to receive the ships with load 80000 ton, then he said that next week we execute the lighthouse El Nagma with cost 50 million pounds L.E by Naval Forces and he clarified that the project has late because of the engineering designs.
Admiral /Medhat Attia has pointed that Alexandria port will execute the project of multi stories garage because the private companies refused to execute it and this project was sent to the ministers assembly and Alexandria port had obtained the acceptance so  the pubic Nile co. for roads that follow the ministry of transportation will execute this project with cost 285 million pounds L.E with self finance from the authority.
And he said that the project will take about one year and half and he said also that operating this project will be by public sector and in the case that there is no Co. can offer doing this project so the Alexandria port will do it.
He said also that the garage will save new storage yard to receive the cars that will imported from abroad there are about 4 or 5 big yards and it will dedicated to store the cargoes it is containerized or  the general cargo.
Admiral/ Attia has clarified  that it was executed 95% percent from the joined of El Dekheila with cost of 330 million pound L.E  where as there is late to finished the joint no. 54 with cost 370 million pounds L.E and the ratio of execution is about 30 percent only.
He Said that the second joint was late because of the infrastructure in front of the new passage that follow the ministry of petroleum and communication so we should transfer it and we will overcome it.
He said also that it was signed the contract with The Egyptian Co. to repair and construct the ships ( it is one of the Co. that follow the armed forces) to develop all the workshops of the Authority in addition to executed the first stage to develop the berths finders to stop the ships in order not to hit the walls and the first stage will cost 10 million pounds and the cost of the project will be about 70 million pounds , the chairman of the port said that they had signed the contract with the Co. to change the control system through new digital cameras with cost about 46 million pounds and putting cameras everywhere in the port from stores & berths to facilitate the operation with all working department in the port and he revealed that the authority had finished the unclean bulk contract in El Dekheila port with the co. Seascotrans for loading and unloading after 2 years from negotiation with the co. the cost of this project will be about 3 milliard pounds and the port authority will participate with ratio 20 % and he said that there are some modifications in the contract and it was sent to the state assembly and we are waiting the final contract by the assembly to deliver the land for the co. and start the project he added that the project is aiming to receive the unclean bulk cargoes such as clay, cement, clinker and coal in one berth in order to keep the land and maritime environment in the port . And he said that the size of investment that will pump in the first year of the project will reach 150 million pounds. This project is including a berth with length 320 m and the depth is 20 m and its area about 155 m2 and it is estimated the  total storage yard , stores and administrating buildings and more than 100 000 m2 and this contract will help the admiral/ Medhat Attia to receive the ships that carry the coal and clinker in the port.
Admiral/ Attia has clarified that the new project is considered a big addition because of the efficiency of Alexandria port and it will achieve the planning goal towards using ideal environment in handling operation and he said that it is a first step to develop the Egyptian ports towards develop generations and coping the best ports in the Mediterranean sea , he clarified that these projects will double the revenues size of the port and he pointed that  the authority had doubled its dues during one year and half only 300 %.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port said that the authority during the next period to have more 400 fadden on El Nobaria Canal that owned to the country and he said that the area of the land will contribute to solve the problem of storage to totally in the port and he said that European investment bank is ready to finance the study of the project and he added that now we are putting the terms, notebook and offer it to the specialized world consultant offices and choosing the best investment activities, he added that the last days we had a meeting with Netherlands company to finance developing studies of Alexandria port totally which includes suspend and Deeping the berths and clarified that it will cancel some unused berths, he added that the port authority had finished to execute the contract that belongs to the multipurpose terminal with the Chinese engineering company of limited ports (chain harbor) and the contract was sent to the ministers assembly but some departments had clarified that the price of the cost is high on behalf the company.
Some departments are doing the study of contracting finically and he said that the port authority had prepared some substitutes in the case of refusing the company the value of contracting by the Egyptian government and he said that the authority will not execute the contracting if the price is high specially the project a loan to the Egyptian government and it is not less than 700 million dollar, he said that during the next days we will sign the contract of the garage and the liquid bulk project with El Mohandse company with area 6000 m for 15 years in Alexandria port and the investment is about 50 million L.E and the authority is still waiting the company Medtab for petroleum ( that follow the minister of petroleum) to do the project of liquid with cost 300 million dollar. The authority will receive the visibility study from the company during the next days, he assured that the port is doing now a society dialog with the companies that took the terms notebook of grains and seeds terminal in EL Dekheila port until we study their demands and put them in the terms notebook.
The companies had demanded to put additional value to the project for cargo and not only handling the grains that will execute and offer the project another time.
Admiral/ Attia has expected to show the project during nearly a month beside the logistics project in the railway because there are some drawbacks in the terms note – books he pointed that the authority will renew the contract to integrated solution company that follow the minister of transportation, communications and the maritime academy to responsible for operating the machine system in the port instead of Ameral company which we finished the contract with them during before last week.
He clarified that the services follow the armed force will offer new study to execute the developing of maritime passenger terminal. We are studying the new project to execute it and he described the project is not easy from the security side.
The trade center is located in Alexandria port in the eastern direction of the western port and the area of the units, shops , restaurants and café for about 5000 m2 which is distributed for different units but the total area of the center is 8725 m2  and a part of it is investment areas is about 6370 m2  and opened area is 2400 m2  and it includes 107 shop 5 restaurants and 4 café and he assured that he get rid of any monopoly in Alexandria port in the activity of managing the storage land, and he said that since he managed to administrate the authority , the price of the lands became high ten times.
We used during last year a new system to rent the lands and in the case if a company won a piece of land it can not take another land to prevent monopoly the activity in the port.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia has assured that the services to the ship will offer from the authority after raising the prices of fuels and he added that we are using the resolution no. 800 in 2016 which we raise the prices and so we will not raise the prices again for the ships owners.  El Mal newspaper