Dr./Arafat is searching construction the biggest river port in the med.sea:

Dr. Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation assured that the ministry  had a good plane to expand in transporting the cargos by river units and clarified that he has met some international group yesterday where they agreed to construct the biggest river port on the med-sea and joined it with Alex. port.
It is researched to construct a logistic zone its area is 2 million m2 and this area included petroleum zone and another area to packing and package the products and some factories to connect them with a net of means multipurpose transport where there is a river port an d there is a line of railway in El Dekheila port besides average 54 which connect the zone with the main roads.
Also all required procedures had studied to prepare the sea port from Alexandria to  Cairo as a first stage.
It is decided to construct river ports with Logistic hinter land in Bani sweef and Qana.
He pointed that the river a big role in transporting cargoes to relief the burden on roads that cost millions yearly maintenance the two parts agreed to prepare visibility study by this project which include all connected side to clarify the industries that will start in the logistic area and the important of the project to Alex.port and the executing stages the financing method and the partnership model which will execute. El Ahram News  8-8-2017