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Closing the straits of Alexandria and El Dekhila because of the weather:

Yesterday Alexandria had a bad weather and it had strong winds and storms so that it was closed the straits of Alexandria and El Dekhila and the fishing is stopped because of the speed of winds that reached to 20 knots and the waves were 3 meters.
The Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of the port said that we are ready to face these changeable weather and we equipped the rescue units, pilotages launches and maritime tugs to avoid any contingents conditions. El Akhbar newspaper   8-1-2017


Days of bad weather:

The Alex. port authorities decided to continue opening Alexandria & El Dekheila port for navigation.
Mr./ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of the port said that report of the weather department till the wind speed and wave length allow to pilotage boats to exit out the port to help the arrival ship and more on berths safety.
He added that the port received a shipment of gas with 9 thousand metric ton from Algeria on the ship "Aftiyakasa" which entered petrol zone to be discharged , a shipment of wheat with 63 housand ton from Russia on the ship "Wady Sedr",maize with 33 thousand on the ship "Saint demtrios".
These to ships entered the grain berths to discharge and storage in silos the wheat is to be million and 432 thousand ton 529 ton of wheat, the port also a shipment of sugar from Russia with 30 thousand ton on the ship "Salvinaka" the ship "Joly diamany" from Italy with 1224 cars.    El Gomhoreya news 23-12-2016


The minister of transport and the chinese ambassador 800 million dollar to supply Alexandria port terminal:

Yesterday Dr/ Galal Said - the minister of transport invested with the chinese ambassador "Songlkwa" the further cooperation in the transport filed where insure that some of projects reached to the final terms in negotiation such as the cooperation of Alex. port and the chinese Co. of ports "Chinese Harbour" to construct multipurpose terminal or area 500 thousand m2 with length 1800 m and depth 16 m With cost 800 million dollar through easy from the export chinese bank which have been  executed. And will be owned to the port authorities and managed by the charter between each other. Also will construct the electric train for the management capital where the chinese company will save the supply thechnology and operating units.  El Gomhoreya news  23-12-2016


Milliard  and 450 million le to build hubs in El Dekhila and Borg el Arab:

Ministry of transport executing three great projects to serve traffic movement around El Dekhila and Borg El Arab to transfer the traffic movement around the port which suffer from traffic jam into building zore where building fast traffic connecting from international way to Eldekhila port with length 0.5km and coast 400 million L.E and El Kafoury hub with coast increased to be 700 million L.E also general co. for reads 450 million l. e. rear admiral  Roshdy Abd El Rashid the chairman of hold co. for roads and bridges insure that this project connect the port with Borg Elarab airport and the industrial zone in Borg El Arab which join Alex. Transport systems to serve the trade and industry. El gomhuria news   24-11-2016


Sign a constructing contract multipurpose terminal before the end of the year with 800 million dollar and revenues will be milliard annually:

The admiral/ Medhat attia - the chairman of Alexandria port authority assured that negotiations with the china harbor company to construct a multipurpose terminal with area 500 m2,, the length is 1800 m and the depth is 16 m in the last stage and they are in the final expender and he said that the terminal will be the first which will execute and it will be owned to port authority and it will administrate through management company and it will exist with the chinese company.
The Admiral/ Khaled Soliman - the manager of movement in Alexandria port added to the newspaper (El Youm El Sabeh) that the participation with the chinese company next month and the cost of construction will reach to 800 million dollar to the terminal, the time of construction will be from two years to two years and half and the bank (Chinese Akzeem) will finance 70% from the cost of constructs an easy loan and its interest will reach 20 % and the chinese company will pay 30% to construct the new terminal and it is expect to construct in the first of the next year.
Mr/ Soliman said that according to the negotiations that agreed with the chinese company, it will construct a management company after finishing of constructing this terminal with participation between Alexandria port authority an chinese harbor and the chinese company is having 15% from its shares and port authority 85% where the company will manage this terminal and their depths are between 15 to 16 m and Soliman clarified that it will determine about 75% from this terminal and he said that Alexandria port authority had received an offer from Singapore to be participator to administratite the new terminal after finishing the construction and all these will support the abilities of the new terminal because this company is considered the biggest second company to containers in the world and this will conflict in shipping lines that will attract and admiral/ Soliman said that the expected revenues for this terminal for the activities of handling the containers after finishing the construction will be about milliard L.E annually and the chinese loan to finance this project will be 70 % from the cost of this terminal and this loan will settle after working the terminal in the berth 55 in Alexandria port.   El youm El Sabeh 16-11-2016

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