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- Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port Authority had clarified that the port registered cooperation protocol with one department Holland finances to prepare a grant to study how we develop 75 berth in the port … he pointed that we will obtain the grant soon to study how we develop the ports berth. El Mesa Newspaper    14-2-2018


- The general secretary of IMO Mr. / Kitak Lim had accompanied with high group from the organization and he had a pretending inside Alexandria port that is through his visiting to Egypt during the period from 25-27 January 2018… the Admeral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A. had received him with admiral / Reda Esmail – the chairman of maritime transport sector – and Admiral / Khaled Zahran the chairman of maritime safety organization … the admiral / khaled Soliman that representative the vice charman of port Authority …and Mr. / Kitak Lim expressed his happiness of the visiting and he assured the importance of the relations between Alexandria port and IMO and he greeted Doctor / Hesham Arafat the Minister of transportation …the vice chairman Mohab Mamish the chairman of Suez Canal organization and economic zone for their role to represent Egypt in the last conference that attended by the IMO in London and the result was that Egypt had won a member of executing the council the type C… the Admiral / Attia had offered a detailed show about the importance of Alexandria port and the develop storages and the most important system of the working that agreed with the IMO…and he had a spot about the current projects in the port and its importance to push the maritime trade movement… the Admiral / Medhat Attia had presented the port prize.  El Mesa Newspaper    31-1-2018


- Two ships (uss karny) and (usns karson city) had moored in the berths… in the first visit of the ships that follow the American marine to the port since 2009 … Mrs. Drthy Shia the vice chairman of the American diplomatic group had pointed that the visiting of the two ships to the Egyptian ports is an important event and it reflect the importance of the strategy cooperation between the two countries … and the American embassy in Cairo had mentioned that (the visiting of the two American ships are assuring the strategy relationships are assuring the strategy relationships between the USA and Egypt and he high level military cooperation on between the two countries).  El Messa Newspaper    24-1-2018


- The port in one week

* Alexandria port had in this week an activity in movement of ships , trailers and receiving the strategy goods where it is unloading the ship (Abd El Latif) (sefatory Beuter) and (Wadi El Areesh) which is loading 106000 ton wheat that came from Russia and Ukraine, the ship (Angilika Ann) which is loaded with 30000 ton Gasoline that came from Bulgaria and it is unloading the ferry (Grand Cicelia) and it had 411 Private car that came from Spain and the ship (Sarasina) that loaded with 18000 ton from Sunflower oil that came from Russia , the ship (Finas Bright) (Geknes ocean) and (Ana Bela) and they had 135000 ton coke which came from America and Ukraine it reached a cargo on the ship (Yozerchef H) and it had 1410 cattle which came from Ukraine.

* Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A gave his instructions to coordinate among the departments in the port to facilitate the enter and exit of these trailers to and from the port easily ,securely and would be sure that they are good and according to the specifications.

*  Mr / Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of the port had assured that the storage of the grains in stores and the silos of the port had reached to one million and one hundred forty tons, 326000 tons from them is wheat , he added that the total existed ships had reached in the port 111 ships. There are 13 ships had departed the port and 12 others arrived while 34 ships moored.The electronic system had registered in enter and exit gates 11000 general trails to and from the port and 60 trailes wheat had left with 1800 ton.

* The whale drawn from Azor beach and it was dead by great cranes on the berth in the port and the marine forces drew the whale in the sea water by using (Zodek) to Alexandria port became it was difficult to draw it in the land it was carried on (Trailer) and it was sent to water organisms tomb in El Max area in order to bury it with salt and the lime to obtain his skeleton and then it will put in the national seas science museum.

* The chairman of holding company for maritime and land transport had pointed that the year 2018 will have many great investments projects in Alexandria and El Dekhila port , Alexandria handling containers company such as support and deepen the berth 96 m in El Dekhila port and containers terminal in the berth 55 in  Alexandria port as a contributing in the company that will found with ratio 10 % to 40% .

*  General department of cars customs in Alexandria had released during last December for 7525 private cars in different models capacity and countries 610 lorry cars , microbus 610 lorry cars, microbus , motorbike  and tractors with value about 2 milliard , 647 million , 949 thousand and 788 pounds , the total customs dues that was obtained 272 million, 817 thousands and 903 pounds and the total taxes on the additional value is 409 million 86 thousand and 859 pounds and the total fines and dues is 67 million 304 thousand and 54 pounds , so the total customs dues the additional value tax ,  the grows dues and the additional value tax, the grows dues and the grows dues and the obtained fines in Alexandria cars customs during Last December is about 809 million ,468  thousand and 873 pounds , while the total customs dues which was exempt by the European Cooperative agreements , the Turkish Cooperative and Aghadeer agreement during the same month 440 million , 177 thousand and 707 pounds.


- R.adm/ Medhat Attya - Alexandria port authority chairman lead a committee to survey and control all assets and properties of the port which unused since ten years which concerned a treasure because of its areas and storage and he also assured to make a completion plane to give the benefit from it and neglect it.   El messa newspaper   10-1-2018


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