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"National service" offers marine station by B.O.T national service administration is operating the marine station for 15 years:

The national services tendered the marine station to all companies of trade centers for 7 years. This step was taken after 3 years without working the station the administration put a condition of this project is to use it as completed units with area 8725m2 divided into halls and 107 shops.
Some sources in the port had mentioned that the project was finished since more than ten years – with cost more than 70 million L.E. and when we offered this project during last 3 years there were two companies which compete but the department wanted to operate and use it directly.
This contract was signed in January 2015 between Alexandria port authority and the national service administration that follow the armed forces to administrate and operate the marine station of the port. Since then there was not any activity in the project or operate the terminal. Some sources had pointed to (Elmal newspaper). But the national service administration had operated the trade center and not follow the private sector. Because the site of this project is sensitive. After operating by companies and not behalf the national community. The port authority had received two offers from the tourism projects Egypt Co. (Astia) that follow the business Mr. / Hussain Sabour and Kasr El Salam for tourism and construction investments in Alexandria.
The sources of port authority had obtained an opinion from state assembly that we can have bid for this project and the tourism projects Egyptian Co. had reached to the stimulated which increase more than 190million L.E. from another hand the sources in Alexandria port authority had assured that they agree with the national service department.
That in the case of delay more than exact time to operate the terminal they will be repaid specially the Co. which won the project would settle more than 200million L.E. to the port authority along the contract period that reach 15 years.
Inside the port authority in the western direction of the western port in Alexandria and the area is reached 5000m2 for shops restaurants and cafeterias which divided into different units while the total area of the center 8725m2 from it investment areas that reach about 6370m2 and opened areas that reached to 2400m2 and it includes about 107 shops.
Five restaurants and three cafeterias. The sources said that in the last offer of the project the terminal was disconnected from the customs area of the port in order to join El Manshia area and city centre in order to be available to the people in additional to they can enter the port which has more 4000 employees besides the terminal will benefit from the touristic shops which call the port.
According to the details from Alex. Port. The port is equipped and ready to receive 730 ship annually and the number of passengers can reach to 1.6 million passengers and it is supposed that the project of the marine station was established to serve the passengers of tourist ships.
In the same way the maritime services and industries departments had offered during last march the Nahda Port in Alex. Governorate to the investors to use it as a system of determined benefit and its area had reached to 33 feddan as a first offer after canceling the bid into 2010 and the department had obtained it directly by the ministry of transport and some sources (Elmal newspaper) said that the department of marine services and industries had obtained El Nahda port directly according to security conditions and the river transport authority had offered this project for investors and there were some companies that took the terms notebook and since then the port became from position of the industry department by republic resolution.
The sources had clarified the department no longer need to the port which offered in a bid. And it was expected to continue to receive the investors demands until 19 March but there was not any company introduce to the bid.
In the same point the doctor / Mostafa Saber – the chairman of rivertransport until in the transport research said that during the time of the Engineer / Mohamed Lotfy Mansour – the last transport minister had done a study from the ministry to determine the most important river ports that could be operate in an economic system and offer it with the system of the benefit system for the investors. and he added that it was determined five ports and they are kena, Asiot, Sohag, Meet Ghamr in El Dekheila and El Nahda in Alexandria and it was offered two ports(kena and ElNahda) and the bids didn't complete because the investors had left the bids because these projects need many documents and it would face many difficulties and might need about 15 departments and the period that could reach to 25 years only if we compare with sum of the investment capital to these ports that exceeded 350million L.E. for each port. And Mr. / Saber assured that the best port through its site according to the study is ElNahda port that was offered during the last period because it is near Alexandria port that control in about 70% from the foreign trade of Egypt and it is as a hinterland of Alexandria port Authority. And he expected to find difficult to take part in the bid that was offered last march by the investors and he pointed that any investor can buy a piece of land and goes to the competent departments to obtain the clearances to be his own port all the life without determine fix time specially the industries department did not determine the time where they can benefit from the project and available clearances to operate the port.    El mal Newspaper      16-10-2017


- El Nile for constructing the roads will finish executing El Dekhila pivot at the end of 2017:

Admiral / Roshdy Soliman – the chairman of holding company for bridges and roads, had assured that we will finish from current works at Alexandria and El Dekhila pivot completely at the end of 2017 and he added that El Nile for constructing the roads that follow the holding company had achieved extremely advanced executing ratios except the part located in front of El Dekhila police station because of the delay of security permits in order to pass in front of the police station.
The engineer / Aly Ayad – the chairman of El Nil For constructing The Roads had announced  in (El youm el sabea) newspaper that the company had executed the first stage from El Dekhila pivot that join El Dekhila port with the international coastal road and, we will finish executing the second stage and opening the new pivot completely at the end of 2017, he added that the pivot is extending with length 4.5 km and it consists of two bridges with length 2km and ground joint over the saline with length 2.5 km.
The chairman of El Nile for constructing the road has added that the new pivot will be over Alexandria - matrouh el malahat joined with om zeghao road and the international coastal road an he said that the company has achieved advanced executing ratios in this pivot although the difficulty that were faced to execute it, clearances and security acceptances that were demanded to complete the executing of the project and this pivot will participate to reduce the traffic crowd in Alexandria in order not to oblige the lorries to pass inside  Alexandria city to enter El Dekhila port . the engineer/ Aly Ayaad had clarified that the pivot of the new El Dekhila is executing by the ministry of transport and it is financed by Alexandria Port Authority to join El Dekhila port with the international coastal road where the lorries will go from El Dekhila port to the international coastal road directly without passing inside the city of Alexandria and it will participate to reduce the traffic crowdedness in Wadi El Kamar street Alexandria where it is very crowded daily because of the arrival lorries from El Dekhila port with international coastal road where the lorries will go from El Dekhila port to the international coastal road directly without passing inside the city of Alexandria and it will participate to reduce the traffic crowdedness in the street of wadi El Kamar in Alexandria where it is very crowded daily because of the arrival lorries from El Dekhila port.
The chairman of El Nile company announced that the executing El Dekhila port was a great challenge in front of the company because it pass over the saline with length 2.5 km and the company was oblige to remove 235000 m2 from the salt soil which is not good from the way which will go through the new pivot and also filled up the way which will go through the saline and great quantities from the news and that reached to 465 thousand which was transported from the stones factories and he pointed that this sector needs efforts and produced to execute the over fly bridges .
The Adm/ Medhat Ateya Alex port chairman had assured that the authority had obtained all security permits to complete executing this pivot , which pass in front of El Dekhila police station and the port paid 5 million pound as compensation to El Dekhila police station in  order to move the place of the police  station that face the new pivot where they will construct another place for the police station in the land factory Ezzel Dekhila which is beside the place of Eldekhila police station now.        El youm seabea news paper    13-9-2017


- Tomorrow…. it is going to construct the biggest multi floors garage in Alexandria port:

The ministry of transportation will start Sunday tomorrow executing the multi floors garage in Alex port with total cost 285 million L.E to serve the move of transporting the goods and storage and maritime passengers, it will execute by EL Nile Elamaa for constructing roads company and it will start  by testing the soil.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alex port had declared to (El Gamhoria) that  the project is aiming to receive the increased demand to import and storage the cars in the customs department and second to help for operating the touristic area to have enough waiting places to serve the terminal , the trade center and the tourist ships terminal (Marina) which will construct in the historic berths to El Gona 5.6.7 with depths 5.6 meter where they are not suitable for the shipping movement in Alex. Port.
Admiral/ Attia had pointed that the project will finance by itself and the engineering center in faculty of Engineering Alexandria University to use the total area 15000 m2 which located in the middle of the touristic area beside the cruise area in maritime passengers station and the future planned area … marina for yachts as integrated touristic trade centre to construct the project for both purposes and will have suitable solutions for movement the future and the current customs borders.   El Gamhoria newspapers 9-9-2017


- Alexandria Port is waiting to sign the contract of the biggest garage by the end of August:

The Admiral/ Medhat Ateya - Alexandria port chairman had announced the acceptance to construct the largest multipurpose garage in Alexandria port and the minister assembly had agreed for this project and its procedures and he had noticed that we will sign the contract with the company that will executed the project. Dr Hisham Arafat – the minister of transport had attended before the end of last August , the chairman of port authority had added to the newspaper – Alyoum Elsabe – that we will construct garage consists of four floors in Alexandria port to receive the customs storage cars that exists on three berths now inside the port , beside the mall cars in maritime terminal where we can use the port berth for customs storage cars to execute investment project on behave Alex. Port  authority.
Alexandria port chairman had said that the new garage capacity will be 2800 cars and highest two floors will be open with the maritime terminal to uses as waiting grad to the people who will visit maritime station and the mall. This project will be executed during one year and half with total cost 285 million pounds and we will save this money from the budget of port authority.
Alexandria port chairman had clarified that we are preparing soon a general bid to open the mall shops in marine station by the national service department that follow the armed forces who had the authority to administrate and operate the maritime station on the other hand he assured that we will redeveloped the railway net that exist in El Dekhila and Alexandria port to support our government to use the railway to transport the goods from our port.    El youm El sabea news


Dr./Arafat is searching construction the biggest river port in the med.sea:

Dr. Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation assured that the ministry  had a good plane to expand in transporting the cargos by river units and clarified that he has met some international group yesterday where they agreed to construct the biggest river port on the med-sea and joined it with Alex. port.
It is researched to construct a logistic zone its area is 2 million m2 and this area included petroleum zone and another area to packing and package the products and some factories to connect them with a net of means multipurpose transport where there is a river port an d there is a line of railway in El Dekheila port besides average 54 which connect the zone with the main roads.
Also all required procedures had studied to prepare the sea port from Alexandria to  Cairo as a first stage.
It is decided to construct river ports with Logistic hinter land in Bani sweef and Qana.
He pointed that the river a big role in transporting cargoes to relief the burden on roads that cost millions yearly maintenance the two parts agreed to prepare visibility study by this project which include all connected side to clarify the industries that will start in the logistic area and the important of the project to Alex.port and the executing stages the financing method and the partnership model which will execute. El Ahram News  8-8-2017 

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