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Three ministers design new system to repress cargo accumultation at ports:

The Eng.Hani Dahy - The minister of transport held a meeting with Dr.hani kdery - the minister of finance, and "Mouner Fakhery Abd El Nour " - The minister of industries and trade at Alex port to achive intergration and coordination between miniters and authorities to develop the export and import process. Dahi added that implementing the new system will repress cargos accumulation at ports, he added that the current investugation system lead to accumulation at ports as it take long time to investigate the products; the new system will work first at Alex port as it was the greatest and received nearly 60% of the total trade.   El Watan 17-8-2015


 A plan to develop Alexandria port:

During his visit to Alex port Eng. Hany Dahy - The minister of transport discusses a plan to develop Alex port And establish new berths. As alex port is going to sign agreement with chinees company for engineering work to establish multipurpose terminal at Alex port by investment 700  million dollars. The port plan tp salvage 20 vessels by coordinating with the navel force at the next 6 months   Al Ahram 16-8-2015


-Alexandria port authority announcement:

on the exist of number of units and ships sunken at the internal anchorage - El ramla Elbeda - that threat the security and hamper the movement of ships which lead to reducing the productivity at the enter anchorage are at Alex port. To provision of law of maritime disasters and maritime debria no.79 for 1961 and the decree no.525 for 2001. In case of not submitting a request to lift and bring out those units withi a week of its date. It will be pick up and selling by the commission on the owner count and deposit the rest in the port authority bank account.    4-8-2015



-Dahi observed Alex port development plan
Procedures to build cargo handling terminal on berth 55
Multi stories car parking for 3000 cars , to support tourism

Eng. Hani Dahi - The minister of transport toured the port of Alex, Accompanied by Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish , to inspect and follow up the work of salvage sunken ships and then went to the area 55 and scheduled the construction of multipurpose terminal and asked to accomplish the work quickly.
Then they went to the timber area watching the spaces that will be added to the port, the chairman explained the procedures taken to implement the short plan that include the construction of multi-stories parking and construct berth 84 for timber handling by 500 m long.
He present plan including 60.00 m of rail way to construct containers handling terminal at the rail way stations as well as the last situation of dry bulk terminal at El Dekhila port, and present the international coopertion between Egypt and Cyprus, France, Solvene after the approval of agreement to support the Egyptian agricultural exports to the European market.
The minister observe the construction of multi stores parking that had been contracted with Alex port authority by 126 million L.E  for 3000 cars and had been established in just one year, this parking will increase the cargo handling value, as the cars yards will be free for storage and handling cargoes, the Egyptian navy is the contractor.   Ahram 23-7-2015


-The book fair which held by the department of library at Information Center department at Alex port and Al Ahram Publishing from 11-6-2015 to 30-6-2015

The chairman Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish agreed on holding an annual book fair to serve the employees as he does all his best to offer the best services and applying it to the employees.
From this point comes the idea of organizing a book fair from 11-6-2015 to 30-6-2015 at the entrance of sailors club at Alex port.  Details

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