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Alexandria port received the second air condition carriage of the metro:

Alex port received 32 vessels, in addition to 23 others waiting.The vessel "Gas Suzie" carrying 13.000 tons gas from Algeria and the vessel "GOrcedon" from south Korea carrying the second carriage of metro. The chairman issued strict instructions for each department to facilitate the unloading procedures on berth 40 to be transferred to Cairo.   20-5-2015




Dahi and El Msery inspect bridge 27 development :

Eng. Hany Dahy - The minister of transport and the governor of Alexandria - Hany El Msery inspect in a surprise visit to Alex port the development work at bridge "27" and "Kabbari axis" that will facilitate the transportation from the port to the international coastal road.    19-5-2015



New Electronic system:

To face the administrative corruprion and to facilitate the work, Alex port implements new electronic system to receive and organize the vessels entrance without waiting or delay.
Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish - the chairman, announced that the new system match the modern develoment in the international ports, according to IMO conditions considering vessels entrance and exit ignoring these criteria wil have a negatively affect on the port. In the new system customers will deal with the port through the web site and the electronic applications, the chairman asked the employees in the electronic department to set phones numbers on the electronic site to receive any complain and solve any problem at once.     9-5-2015


Alex port received delegate of the faculty of international transport of the Arab Academy for science and technology and maritime engineer

Alex port received a delegate of 100 students and stuff member from the faculty of international transport and logistic that is branch of the Arab Academy for science and technology.This comes with in the social role of the port through receiving students from maritime transport and Egyptian iniversities, the visit program include a presentation of Alex port, visit of the port museum, passenger terminal, yards, contrainers terminals as well as the new development projects and the port operating system which depend on the electronic system from vessel entrance till cargo and container exit from the port.  Details



Projects in Alexandria port by L.E:

Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish - the chairman announced that the investment projects at ports and the transport sector own the greatest chance of investments that will be presented in Sharm El Shik economic conference, the port will participate by two major projects.
The projects are establishing two multi purpose terminals at Alex and El Dekhila ports by 2000.000.000 L.E , the first project include establishing of multi purpose terminal at berths 55-60 by 1630 m long , d storage area and yards 290.000  m and berths depth 14m, the second project at El Dekhila port at the berths 91 & 92 area by 800 m long 14 m depth , a storage area and yards 263.000 m.
The port discuss with the slovenian ministry of transport to establish navigational line connect Alex port with the slovenian port to export fruits, vegetables to the east and middle Europe countries, he mentioned to the authority success to amendment the agreement with the coke co. that offer additional income by 40.000 L.E.


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