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Raining on Alexandria on the first day of "Esh shams Es saghira":

Alex Exposed to rain over most of the city, In the first day of "Esh shams Es saghira" blowing over the city now where rain fell in successively accompanied by a decrease in the temp.
Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish - the chairman annouced that the navigation at Alex port and El Dekhila harbor did not affect and that " the boghaz" was opened and 3 shipments of cars arrived yesterday, on the vessels "Tabouk" "Amsterdam" and "Two Paner" arrived from saudi Arabia and Italy carrying 25288 cars , at the same time 4 carriers departure "Grand Italy", "Grand Skndfia" and "medetro piano" arrived from Spain, Turkey, India and Cyprus after downloading  1060 cars on board.
The department of traffic - movement - recorded the entrance and exit of 10100 trucks carrying different types of cargoes.


The port Authority announce its need to fill some jobs announce no.5 for 2015

Alexandria and El Dekhila strains were opened after three days of the bad weather:

Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish - The chairman announced that the report of the metelogical department, detedcted the relative improvement of the weather as wind velocity decreased to 15 knots and the waves height was about two meters. That does not consider a risk to get out pilot boat to out side the harbor take ships from outer anchorage area to the berths and stop applying berthing ships by following the instructions of safety bad weather.


Closing the strain "Boghaz" of 8 ports including Alexandria and El Dekhila ports and stopping the fishing due to the bad weather:

Admiral/ Abd El Kader Darwish - The chairman announced that the port closed "Boghaz" because of the wind reached 45 knots per hpur and that to prevent the collision of ships and vessels to each parts and docks and the safety of maritime navigation.


- Alex. Port authority announced in 26/1/2015 about many jobs in the declaration No.4/2015.
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