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Alexandria Port Expands in Issuing Licenses for Discharging on Anchorage:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that the port is prepared in the next period to terminate the decrease in berths by launching a new product at EL-Dekheila port. Its currently working on preparing a bid of general cargo project with an area of 800 m of berths & storage yards of 260 thousands ton to be operated by BOT.
The port authority expanded during the last period in issuing licenses for companies which work in discharging on outer anchorage like “El-Watnya River Transport Co. which follow El-Kalaa Investments Co.” & “Nile Stevedoring Co.”, on the other hand it was noted that the grains zone at El-Dekheila port was developed recently by establishing horizontal grain silos on an area of 100 thousands m2 which was been divided on the operating companies to increase the storability & productivity of the port & also stevedoring rates, in addition of establishing silos of storability of 260 thousands ton to be increased in the future to 390 thousands ton.
Hamad added that the last month witnessed reception of Alexandria port to a floating berth following to Nile Stevedoring Co. with discharging rates more than those on regular berths, at which the floating berth can discharging all kind of ships at the outer anchorage despite their depths.
Nile stevedoring co. announced about launching the entrance of its floating berth to Alexandria port that will operate at the outer anchorage of the port to increase the ability of the port by a ratio of 22 % annually with 2 million tons of 300 million L.E.
Hamad pointed out that the floating berth will discharge in barge that will discharge at the warehouses of the company at El-Noubaria which contains customs unit which terminate all customs procedures.  Horya Wel Adala Newspaper  30-5-2013


Taha Vice Chairman for Alexandria Port:

Dr. / Hattem Abd El-Latief, minister of transport issued a decree by assigning Adm. / Fathy Taha as vice chairman for Alexandria port.  Al-Ahram Newspaper  30-4-2013


Dear employers of Alexandria port:

Egypt is currently facing a power shortage & although there are several scientific solutions for those strikes, the best solution is to decrease loads in electricity at which the current usage of consumption in electricity will lead to a great strike will lead to shut down in electricity in the different facilities of the country, which we all work on avoiding that.


Employee of the Port,

My trust in your patriotism & love for the port, made me to launch enterprise of “participate in marketing your projects”, I will be glad to participate in marketing the commercial mall of passengers maritime terminal in the port.

Click here to view the bid


The Commercial Mall of the Port in Public Auction:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that the commercial mall of the passengers maritime terminal will be in international tender on the beginning of next May, at which the area of the commercial mall reaches 15 thousands m2 & it includes 107 stores, 5 restaurants, 3 cafeterias & 2 zones for stevedoring with parking area can occupy 80 tourism busses & 350 vehicle.
Hamad added that the mall will increase the tourism to Alexandria & represent a new attracting hub for the inner & foreign tourism, at which it will be available for citizens of the city without passing through the customs zone or issuance of passage id, the commercial mall will be separated from the customs zone at which it is joined by gate 10 customs with a high bridge of 370 m length, on the other hand he said that the seamen & drivers of trucks will utilize from services of this mall, at which the port receives 6 thousands ships annually & 5 thousands truck daily.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper   27-4-2013


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