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Day of Seafarer
Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet, Alexandria port chairman gave a speech on behalf of Minister of transport at Mirage hall on 7:00 pm, concerning the union that is going to be established & the need to make intensive study about this issue. Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet, displayed & discussed some articles of the union to match with the ministerial decrees, he also gifted some presents to group of martyrs families.


The port Authority Aims to Obtain ISO

In regards of the willingness of the port authority to obtain (ISO 9001:2008 /OHSAS 18001:2007) in the field of quality – safety & occupational health, a lecture was been held to discuss implementation methods of quality – safety & occupational health systems on 13/7/2011. In the attendance of Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet, Alexandria port chairman, heads of departments of the port, general managers & finally manager of the qualifying company for ISO. The lecture included an explanation for quality general procedures, quality specific procedures & at last safety & occupational health. Discussion & inquiries took place at the end of the lecture to clarify all sections of the lecture.


Cooperation between world bank & Alexandria port
Number of transportation experts of the world bank reviewed studies & cooperation projects with Alexandria port in field of maritime transport sector between Egypt, North Africa, Middle East& Mediterranean countries, that came during the visit of bank experts to Alexandria port yesterday.The delegate members discussed during their meeting with Alexandria port chairman , Rear Adm. /  El-Said Hamed Hedayet, the cooperation in marine projects between Egypt & Nile basin countries to ease the traffic of transporting cargo , container handling & stevedoring operations.  Al-Ahram El-Masaey    12-7-2011


Trucks owners’ strikes

Trucks owners stroked to increase the transportation fees due to the international circumstances which featured by decrease in the handled cargo. They expressed their willingness to load their trucks with excess weights, they have been told that law no. 66 will be executed by drawing license of the car which load more than 30% from the car load, in addition to prevention from entering the port for a period from 15-30 days, by which strike was been eliminated & conditions comes normally inside the port.


Adel Yasein Vice Chairman for Alexandria Port

Eng. Alla Fahmy has issued a decree by assigning R.ad/ Adel Yasein Hamad as vice chairman of Alexandria port authority, also assigning R.ad/ Emad Ewisha as head of central department of movement at the port.       9-1-2011



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