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Party in Honor of Rear Adm. / Said Hedayet in Damietta

Rear Adm. / Ibrahim Fleifel, chairman of Damietta port has established a party last week in honoring the former chairman of Damietta port Rear Adm. / said Hedayet who assigned recently as a chairman for Alexandria port, the party attended by several heads of maritime transport. The party in honor praised the efforts done by Hedayet in developing the port during his presidency period, also he was gifted the port shield appreciation to his generous efforts which qualified him to take the chairmanship of Alexandria port one of the largest Egyptian ports.   26-3-2011



Arrival of 1310 Sudanese from Libya to Alexandria Port

Alexandria port received on Wednesday the vessel Azzurra raising flag of Saint Vincent coming from Tripoli carrying aboard 1310 Sudanese living in Libya.
Rear Adm./ said Hedayet Alexandria port chairman & armed forces were  in their reception also the ambassador of Sudan“Abd El-Rahman Ser El-Khetm”, all
 procedures of their arrival was been donequickly to facilitate their travel to their country, several buses was in their reception to move them by land till Abu Simbel then to Sudan by river transport.  17-3-2011  

News source: Alexandria Port Authority


Launching of 2 vessels for supporting commercial exchange traffic & linking Egypt with Nile basin countries

2 vessels (Watanya 203, Watanya 204) were launched yesterday, which were built in Alexandria shipyard co. which follows marine industries & services authority of ministry of defense, that comes through the efforts of armed forces to contribute in country comprehensive redevelopment & supporting the commercial exchange across Nile. Maged Farag head of the holding company for river & land transport facilities, said that the 2 vessels (Watanya 203, Watanya 204) are the third & fourth vessels joining a huge fleet composing of 30 vessels operating in river transportation, he also added that this step comes to activate river navigation.   14-3-2011


Arrival of 2088 Egyptian passengers to Alexandria port
Alexandria port received the Greece vessel “El Venizelos” coming from Misurata port carrying aboard 2088 Egyptian passengers, escaping from the current events of Libya, the reception operation done under the supervision of armed forces also there were free 50 buses waiting to transport them to their governorates.   13-3-2011


Arrival of 2 vessels carrying Egyptians & foreigners to Alexandria port

The vessel Samsun & the frigate Gelibolu which follow the Turkish navy coming from Libya carrying 1053 egyptian & 1 Australian (on samsun)& 81 Egyptian(on Gelibolu), the Turkish general consul Samih Torgt & chairman of Alexandria port Rear.adm/ said Hedayet were in the reception of Egyptians.
Armed forces & passport officers facilitated all procedures for the entry of Egyptian passengers, in addition providing buses to carry them for their governorates.   9-3-2011

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