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Seven New Shipping Lines with Turkey Serve the Egyptian Exports Traffic to Africa:

Alaa Ezz, general secretariat of European Egyptian chambers declared in a statement for “El-Mal” newspaper about the agreement of both sides the Turkish & Egyptian on operating 7 new shipping lines between Egypt & Turkey ports, which arrive to the African markets, he also added that the aim of these new shipping lines to develop the commercial exchange with the African countries especially the states of COMESA.  El-Mal Newspaper  11-9-2012


Establishment of a New Shipping Line between Alexandria & Casablanca:

The Egyptian chamber of commerce is running a study about the possibility of establishing a new shipping line between Alexandria & Casablanca with an aim to increase the trade volume between the two countries to reach 1 billion $ annually.
It was reported that the Moroccan side welcomed the establishment of the new line, which will encourage the investment between Egypt & Morocco  & work on increasing the trade volume, at which there are a common projects between the two countries costs tens of millions $ under search & study to be executed through the common Egyptian Moroccan commerce chamber.   El masaeia newspaper   5-8-2012


The European Agrees the Join of Alexandria Port to Motorways of the Sea:

The European agreed to introduce a technical support for execution the introduced plan by Alexandria port & shipping chamber to join the port with Motorway of Sea project, that came through the common meeting held by Mr. Eswaran Paramasivam, European delegate & representatives from; Alexandria port, shipping chamber & officials from General Organization of Import & Export Control.
Mrs. Hoda Attia, project coordinator at Alexandria port, declared that the European commission agreed the joining of Alexandria port to Motorway of Sea project, introduced by the European , she added also that the approval came according the technical needs within the introduced study by the Egyptian ministry of transport at 2009.
Attia added that the primary linkage will be between ports of Alexandria, Trieste (Italy) & Kober (Slovenia), pointing out that Egypt introduced a proposal to operate a direct shipping line between the three ports as a Ro-Ro line to transport the fast perishable of vegetables, fruits & agriculture products.
On the other hand, Mr. Eswaran Paramasivam, the shipping expert declared his pleasure with the project to put out the final scheme for the project through few days, pointing out the project aims to increase the integral financial & economic volume at the euro area, also trade development at Mediterranean area through an integrated operating system also facilitating Door to Door cargo transport between the Mediterranean zones. Finally he added that the project aims to review & improve the organizing guidance for marine transport, ports & logistic services, in addition easing trade & focusing on developing both of the environment management system & sector at ports.    El-Mal Newspaper   26-7-2012


26 Million L.E for Completion of Wave Breaker at Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port is working now on executing the final seventh stage of wave breaker project, which costs 26 million L.E, the port authority finished up its sixth stage with a total cost of 24 million L.E.
The port authority announced last year about establishing the wave breaker at Alexandria port with a total cost of 57 million $ with a length of 3.5 km, that will be executed on 7 stages to raise up the efficiency of stevedoring & securing ships while anchoring on berths.
The projects comes through several projects to execute the “Alexandria Big Port” project, which aim to raise up the port capacity by; increasing the berths length to 11.3 km, addition of 2.9 million meter for land area & a wave breaker with a length of 3.5 km, the project will includes 10 international terminals, two for containers while the rest for various types of cargo.  El borsa newspaper  24-7-2012


Assignment of Adel Yassin as Alexandria Port Chairman:

Dr. / Galal Mostafa, minister of transport issued a decree with assigning Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin as Alexandria port authority & assigning Rear Adm. / El-Saied Hamed Hedayet as head for maritime transport sector, at which Hedayet was a supervisor on Alexandria port authority.  Al Ahram newspaper 17-7-2012


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