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Workshop At Alexandria Port Authority

Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet, Alexandria port chairman, attended the workshop held in the period between Tuesday 27/9/2011 to Thursday 29/9/2011 which included the following:
1- Opening speech for the workshop presented by Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet , Alexandria port chairman at which he welcomed the Arab visitors.
2-  Speech of north Africa ports union, presented by Mr./ Mohamed El-kodawy executive secretariat of north Africa ports union.
3-   Introducing integrated solutions for ports company.
4- Introduction about the workshop, aims & the international approaches to facilitate commercial exchange & data electronic exchange.
5-  Brief description about data exchange & management system in port community & international recommendations to be achieved, & its advantages.
6- Practicing & implementing electronic management system & data exchange system at Alexandria in Egypt.
7- Practicing & implementing electronic management system & data exchange system in Sudan.
8- Practicing & implementing electronic management system & data exchange system in Tunis.
9- Practicing & implementing electronic management system & data exchange system in Morocco.
10- Field tour for mechanization project, electronic department & logistics center at Alexandria port.
11-  Visiting operations & crisis management center at Alexandria port to determine with the center installations & its procedures in case of emergency.
12- Practical presentation for data electronic exchange at Alexandria port.
13- Discussion for the workshop recommendations about advantages of implementing data electronic exchange & mechanization system in different Arab ports.

The workshop ended by presentation of Rear Adm. / El-Said Hamed Hedayet , Alexandria port chairman, the greetings to the attendants, also hoping that the workshop achieved its goals, & they are always welcomed in Egypt.


Egyptian – Turkish Negotiations to Operate Shipping Line between Alexandria & Mersin

Mostafa Mekawy, the delegated minister at the commercial Egyptian office in Istanbul, declared that there are negotiations between Egypt & turkey to operate a new shipping line between Alexandria & Mersin. He said in a private report for “El-Masry El-Youm” that this line will facilitate & accelerate flowage of handled cargo between the two countries, in addition it will serve cargo traffic for the Baltic sea countries, east Europe, also the Turkish trade traffic.   El-Masry El-Youm newspaper  25-9-2011


General Company for Silos Urges Alexandria Port to Approve Constructional Works for Developing Berth No.84

The general company for silos & storage urged Alexandria port last week to approve the start of constructional works to develop berth 84 at the port through buying 2 suction hoses  with discharging power not less than 300 tons per hour, also replacing & renewing of handling equipment from the berth till the silo with investing cost about 10 million L.E. an official spokesman at the company declared that he predicts international bidding for supplying berth equipments once approval obtained, he also predicts the announcement for bid during 2 months at which the company finished the designs & bidding note recently.




End Services Remuneration Reaches 18 Months at Alexandria Port

Ali Zein El-Abdein, minister of transport approved on payment of 18 months as remuneration for whom reached retiring age  from the port employees starting from the current month. Ahmed El-Badan, member of union committee at Alexandria port said that the remuneration comes after great efforts with officials, started by the former minister of transport Eng. / Alaa Fahmy who approved paying 25 months however at the end it reached 18 months which paid at all the Egyptian ports.    Al-Ahram  newspaper   14-8-2011


Alexandria port offers 17.3 thousands meter for stevedoring companies with bidding system

Alexandria port authority offered recently 2 land pieces with an area of 17.3 thousands m2 with bidding system, which came to activate the decree of transport ministry, which included the transaction on its stocks with bidding system instead of dedication system which was dominant in the past.
An official person at the port declared that the areas will be distributed as 12.3 thousands m2 at El-Mafroza district & 5 thousands m2 at the second zone at Alexandria port.
Rear Adm. / Tawfik Abu Gendya, consultant of transport minister, pointed that the ministry took the course at the past period of bidding system concerning dealing on all the lands of the port to eliminate monopolization of lands of Egyptian ports by some companies.
He also added that there are some instructions has been issued by ministry of transport for all Egyptian ports to activate the bidding system on the lands which has been expired its exploitation period by companies standing on.  
Al-Mal newspaper   28-7-2011

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