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The Commercial Mall of the Port in Public Auction:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that the commercial mall of the passengers maritime terminal will be in international tender on the beginning of next May, at which the area of the commercial mall reaches 15 thousands m2 & it includes 107 stores, 5 restaurants, 3 cafeterias & 2 zones for stevedoring with parking area can occupy 80 tourism busses & 350 vehicle.
Hamad added that the mall will increase the tourism to Alexandria & represent a new attracting hub for the inner & foreign tourism, at which it will be available for citizens of the city without passing through the customs zone or issuance of passage id, the commercial mall will be separated from the customs zone at which it is joined by gate 10 customs with a high bridge of 370 m length, on the other hand he said that the seamen & drivers of trucks will utilize from services of this mall, at which the port receives 6 thousands ships annually & 5 thousands truck daily.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper   27-4-2013



El Ghandour the spokesman:

Admiral/ Adel Yassin Hamad the chairman issued the decision no. 946 for 2013 to appoint Mr. Reda Ramadan El Ghandour as a spokesman , to present port activities .goals and declarations to reduce the rumors.  Al Gomhuria 21-4-2013.



"Ocean Express" Won for the exploitation to operate of 25000 m at Alex port for 3 years:
Tne Europe union agreed to join "MOS"

Ocean Express company won the bid to use 2500 m2 at the third zoon and for 3 years.

Admiral/ Adel yassin Hamad the chairman said that "Ocean Express" won the bid by 18.5 L.E / meter monthly, after a hard compotation with " F G  Egypt for navigational agencies and marine co."

He mentioned that the Port is working through many projects to increse berths and yards efficiency as well as increasing no. of tugs ,2tugs by 60 tons will be predicated to" EL Temsah co. for ships building and maintance" by 138 million ton's.

He Mentioned that the T.O.R of the trade center at Alex port will be ready on the 1st of May, that include 107 offices coffee , shops and restaurants for 10 years. TO serve the port visitors and employees , the port received 200 cruise vessels annually.

The chairman said that it was scheduled to lunch several projects to the private sector after development : one of the most important projects is the multipurpose terminal at El dekhila port 800 m and 360000 hinterlands.

The European Union agreed recently to offer technical support to implement work plan presented by Alex port and the navigational chamber to join A.P to the MOS .This connection will be between Alex. Teriest and ccoper port.

This line will help the Egyptian exports to the European union recived quickly and safely.The port authority aimed to sign many agreements with the international port via the international cooperation department at the ministry of transport to be existed at the internationsl port map as the cooperation with other realted organization as customs , and export and import control authority.

The chairman mentioned that the port looking forward to reduce the waiting period, develop services and establishing spacialized terminals.  Al mal 17-4-2013


Presidential Commission to Follow Up the Two Ports:

A presidential commission headed with Dr. / Yehia Hamad checked up yesterday the development & updating works  going in Alexandria port & El-Dekheila, the commission was accompanied by Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman & leaders of the port authority.
The commission liked the performance level done by the employees to complete & update the commercial center at passengers’ maritime terminal, which considered an item for increasing the national income.
The commission members showed the development project for the various berths, to increase it capability for cargos & containers, in addition to increase the depth of berths to receive the huge commercial ships, by which Alexandria port will occupy a rank between the most important ports on Mediterranean.  El-Mesaa Newspaper  4-4-2013


Assignment of Ragab as Minister Assistant:

Dr. / Hesham Kandil, prime minster approved on assigning Dr. / Ragab Mohamed Mousa, head of general work department & Prof. of roads, airports & traffic engineering of Cairo University, as an assistant for transport minister at the high degree for one year.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper  1-2-2013

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