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An international group revises the ports compliance the secure and safety terms:

After Egypt became the white navigation list, The Egyptian Ports are ready to application the oblige control by IMO to insure the application of safety terms and rules Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the former speaker of Alexandria port said that there is a national workshop about application of plan revision by Egptian authority for marine safet and IMO chaired by R. Admiral/ Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman and R.Adm / Khalid Zahran - chairman of Egyptian Authority for Safet of narine navigation.   Al Ahram news 24-5-2016


- Belgium dredger for deeping Alexandria port fairways with cost 50 million pound:

The fair way of Alexandria port developing began many days where Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the former speaker of Alex port said that the Belgium the geatest dredger in the world begin to test the water surface of the port and begin to deep the fair way and safe the ship movement in the port the result sand will be 2 million m3 and will be used to build new berth.
R.adm / Medhat ateya - Alex port chairman insure that the project will be finished during 6 weeks in stead of 12 months according to the contract with the executive authority, the plan will not stop after deepening the fair way but will include developing "The port Star" the historical signal , also the marine assistants and buoys in all entrances of berth to achieve the highest range of safety and secure in this field.
The dreding works will reach to the designal deep which leads to ease and fast of ship movement in the port and allows the huge ships to enter and increase the trip number which lead to increase the handling good and container capacity with cost 50 million pounds.  El Ahram news 24-5-2016



The tug (Alexandria 6) will start the services during the following days:

Admiral/ Medhat Attea - The chairman of Alexandria port authority has declared that the tug  "Alexandria 6" considered the most modern maritime piece will start the services in the end of May.
He said that the tug can pill till 40 tons , and its cost is 55 million pound .It can work as floating putting out unit and it is supplied with fire extinguisher pump, from first class with ability 1400m3/h.We are doing the maritime safety procedures to it and we will obtain the clearances to it from the Egyptian Maritime Safety Authority.   El Gomhoria newspaper  8-5-2016


- The minister of transport with Singapore study a project of construct fast marine transport services

Dr/Galal Said met representatives of "sserpxe" the Singapore company which behaved by vinmar Co. in Egypt they assure that the target is the Co. Operation in ship field which submit services in transit & Coast transshipment over ports Singapore – Gabal Ali – Hamporg – Rotterdam the Co. has a ship with Egypt flag. The Co. try to serve the shipping line. And its suggested to construct a fast serving to transport the Egyptian products (agricultural & freeze) to direct link between port said – Domyeta – Alex. To Russia. Elgomhoreya 13-4-2016


- El-Agouza Storm Crawls to Alexandria:

El-Agouza Storm start to crawl to different districts of Alexandria which witnessed light raining on various zones of the governorate & on the corniche that will last for 6 days.
Reda El-Ghadnour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the total number of vessels at the port reached 150 vessels, 12 vessels departed, 41 vessels entered, entering & exiting of 9 thousands trucks loaded with general cargos. On the other hand all governorate authorities took all the possible procedures to maintain easiness in traffic especially in fog time.  Al-Ahram Newspaper 27-3-2016


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