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Navigation Returns Alive to ports of Alexandria, Suez & Damiett:

Alexandria port authority decided yesterday to reopen Alexandria & El-Dekheila Straights after the remarkable improvement in weather conditions after closing for 48 hours due to bad weather conditions, port authorities permitted 41 vessels to embark & disembark to load & unload its shipments. El-Gomhoria Newspaper 24/2/2016


Egyptian metrological authority assured that the weather will be improved today & it will moderate on the northern coasts tend to warm in Cairo & northern governorates during day hours. Alexandria port authorities decided to remain both Alexandria & El-Dekheila straights closed for navigation due to the bad weather conditions, high wind speed reaching 30 knots per hour & high sea waves. Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the decision of the port authority to remain both straight closed to take precaution of vessel collision on berths & to maintain safety of navigation. Alexandria witness nowadays the blow of “El-Shams El-Saghira” storm, which considered a rainy storm & lasts for 3 days accompanied by western winds, bad weather conditions, high sea waves that strikes the corniche to reach the public street. 23/2/2016


Medhat El Kady - The head of international transport sector, announced that the members discussed with , the slovenian ambassador at Cairo:  the special procedures to operate navigational lines and services between Alex port and Cooper Slovenian confirmed that operating a regular voyage between the two ports will activate the Egyptian trade and exports specially vegetables and fruits that will arrive fresh and fast to the markets.    20-2-2016


-  Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia , Alexandria port chairman declared that the port authority laid down all procedures of establishing the biggest & the most modern terminal of (dirty bulk) at El-Dekheila port with an investments exceeds 1 billion L.E, including establishing international modern equipment for environment contaminating cargo, especially coal, cement, iron scrap, wheat & grains. He added that the project will be established by one of national companies which applied in an international bid & chosen after fulfilling all conditions & offered the best offers which achieve the national benefits & that come through a special committee includes all legal, administrative & financial experts which concerned with settling down the contract procedures signed with the port. Attia added that the contract was send for state council to review all articles & ensuring that it comply totally with the law to be signed down in clarity conditions & start directly in delivering yards & berths designated for establishing the project. At which this project considered a public demand for the neighborhood residents who suffered for a long time from the cargo pollution. 31/1/2016


- Alexandria port authority decided to continue opening Alexandria & El-Dekheila straights although the heavy rains by which vessels traffic will not be influenced on berths. He also said that arrival, departure & docking of vessels on berths & cargo handling went in a normal way.31//1/2016

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