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- Agreement between Alexandria port and Koper Port to Facilitate transporting of East ports to East Europe:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port had witnessed a sign of agreement with koper port in Slovenia with attending Admiral/ Tarek Ghanem – the president of maritime transport sector and the ambassador of Slovenia in Cairo to facilitate the trade movement and transporting the Egyptian exports from the fruits and vegetables to  East Europe.
Admiral/ Attia Declared that koper port is distinguish that is a main gate for many European countries where it could transport the containers from Alexandria port to Slovenia then directly through the land road to reach in the quickest way directly to the markets and the biggest distributions centers in these countries which will give competitive advantages to the Egyptian products. The admiral added that the agreement included also exchanging information and training experiences which contributes in supporting and helping the exporters to go through these markets and attracting the maritime lines between the two ports.  El Ahram Newspaper   3-4-2017



-  New navigation line between Alexandria and Marsells to Increase the exports of fruits and vegetables to Europe:

The minister of transportation – Dr./Hesham Arafat had certified the sign of these agreements in the field of maritime transport , and these agreement include the training center of Marsells port which aim to offer a cooperative training program to develop the human abilities in maritime transport sector and the second agreement is supporting the cooperation between Alexandria port and Marsells authority to activate the navigation join between Egypt and France and from there to the rest of European countries to transport the vegetables and fruits and the third agreement between the organization of eco- sic  of the continue supply chains and the Arab Academy for science and technology which aim to prepare and habilitate the African and Arab ports to certify from Llyod organization in the field of the continued growth and the environment management.
That was happened in the international conference for Logistics and maritime transport (Marloh B) which organized with cooperation between the international labor organization and the association of Valencia port in Spain in addition to the Suez canal authority under the entitle ( The International Ports Cooperation – The Future Chance).  El Akbar Newspapers  20-3-2017  


- Admiral / Medhat Attia - The Chairman of Alexandria and ElDekheila Port Authority for (Elsouk El Arabia) news paper. Said that we returned 44 feddan to Alexandria port from ElTagaria lelakshab to increase the storage capacity to the port and we made yards to store cars and silo to store grains. We constructing marine berth with length 420m and the depths that reach 15m to increase the capacity to receive more number of ships.

Alexandria and ElDekheila port is from the good ports to attract the investments for Egypt and it is the main gate and economic Egypt and increase the great national income to Egypt economic.
Alexandria port is living now a great start and giant renaissance in the port which achieved a big renaissance in many fields such as developing the berthas, water break and multi purposes terminal and there is wonderful project, it is a multi stories garage and there is investments movement by cooperate with the Chinese side and also the tourism started to return again.
The Admiral / Medhat Attia could train the laborers in the port and it contribute to raise their efficiency to increase the performance and the revenues had increased in the port and we achieved a good step that wanted by all and we have now a good position for Alexandria port.
The Admiral / Medhat Attia said to Elsouk ElArabia newspaper that he is careful to rationalizing the expenditures and reduce spending. And we are interested in projects and developing the performance of the port. And he said that the best thing to force the bad people is facing them every where and he said that the port is living now a good renaissance because the laborers have a big desire to achieve more and I am hopeful that Alexandria port will contribute in growth.

Q- Mr. Admiral / Medhat Atiia - the chairman of Alexandria and ElDekheila port what is the new?
The new is first: of all we have received the land of Eltagaria lilakshab company and we added 204000m to the land area foe trade port that meant 44 acre. And we are building customs barrier around the port and we have a resolution the minister of finance to add it to the customs department and we are paling now the are a and making the infrastructure to the area to have the best use and it will increase the storage capacity of the port and we will have yards to store the cars and a silo to store the grains because Alexandria port have not store for grains.
Second: we declared that we contracted to have 8tug launches and they will be a new strong additional and improving the tug services in Alexandria and El Dekheila port and we will receive the first launch through a month and the rest of launches we will receive them through this year.

What about developing the port berths?
Thirdly: is the third clause that we worked in a distinguish ratio in constructing maritime berth No.85/3 in Alexandria port with length 430m and the depth reach to 15m that will increase the capacity to receive more numbers from ships with bigger draught specially the timber ships so we will reduce the waiting time for ships in the outer anchor.
Fourth: we are preparing for final designs to change Alexandria star. It is the biggest marine symbol which guides the ships.
Fifth: - we are working in the sixth stage to increase the efficiency of water break in the port and we contracted for this purpose.
Sixth: - we are preparing visibility studies to offer the project of constructing dry bulk terminal in El Dekhila port.
Seventh: - we are preparing the descriptions and terms note book and preparing to build the multi stores garage in Alexandria port.
So that it will save many yards which are receiving now el zero cars to increase the storage capacity and we will work in a vertical direction.

What about the multipurpose terminal and the cooperation with the chine’s side?
The tenth clause: - we are working now to finish the negotiations for multipurpose terminal with the chine’s side and it will increase the capacity to million and 250 thousand containers in addition to the actual capacity now in the port.
Eleventh:- according to the constructions of ministers council to rationalize the expenders so the authority started to use the different workshops to do many works from maintenance , repairing and the electric and mechanical works in the authority workshops and by its workers instead of giving it to special companies so we noticed that our workers were very good and we saved much money and the workers loved their works and place and they have the ability and desire to do the work and continue the achievements to the port.
Twelfth: - we had developed the bigger part from the electronic system in the authority to join all the port society with the logistic centers in the authority to finish the clients’ demands effecy as quick as possible.

Did you have agreements with other ports to support the port work and continue the develop ratios?
We had signed some memorandum of understanding with some ports to cooperate with the foreign ports such as (a port in Spain- a port in Marseille)and it is currently to cooperate in training fields and doing the electronic system in all activities in the port

Did you do the best use to the land in El Dekhila port?
We offered two pieces of land in El Dekhila port to use it in liquid bulk activities and it was opened the envelop in the last stage in order to contract in the last stages in order to contract to do the liquid bulk.

Did you train the laborer in the authority to raise their experience and efficacy?
We prepared a team work from the port and we contacted with professors from universities to train them some intensive courses in purchasing operations to do visibility studies to raise the efficiency level for laborers in authority and we had contracted with some distinguish hospital to cover the health treatment and we added another services since a month to treat their families in the same hospitals.

What about the other services for the laborers?
We are preparing now to increase the laborers fund in the authority and the sum which will take when they retire through special study with nominated departments in the state and this fund will increase gradually in order to be suitable with the social life for the laborers

What about resorts?
We improved that laborers resorts in Marsa Matrouh so the laborers are spending a happy holiday for all laborers to improve the laborers level and develop their performance.

Take about the projects which are doing now?
We are dredging the exterior and the interior water way to the port lifting 2 millions and 200 thousands m2 from stand to be the depth of the interior water way 14.5 m and the exterior water way 15.5 m and that is the first dredged from 20 years then we will dredge beside the berths to reach the dredging depth which allow to receive the ships with big depth to and from Alexandria port
What about the file of tourism in the port?
We are receiving now a good number from the tourism ships and the passenger terminal are ready to receive any numbers from the touristic ships and the activity started to improve and the passengers terminal which become high level and it supplied with discover appliances and insure and guard the tourists to and from the port.

What about the spoil file and how do you reach to the bad people and get rid of them?
The best way to combat these people is to follow all levels and follow the details specially in signing the contracts, competitions and action.
Secondly changing a big number from the laborers in important positions and the people who work in revenues and the places that have special nature and follow them correctly.
Thirdly: achieving the self sufficiency for all labors in authority and raising their financial level, caring the laborers and solve their problems as possible to love their place and give all laborers their rights.

At last what is the dream that you hope to be in Alexandria and El Dekhila port?
I hope that Alexandria port will be the main source for our national income to Egypt and I hope to double the revenues of the port and that is by reducing the expenders in maximum and find the solutions to increase revenues and at last I say to my sons and my colleagues that we will do our best for our dear Egypt and in order to be in a good position and I hope good and welfare for all.   El souk el Arabia newspapers 27-2-2017


Well done pilots of Alexandria port Authority - they succeeded to develop El Borolos port:

The arrival foreign ships captains thanked El Borolos Port which working by Equipment of German Simens Co. Which constructing the giant electric generating terminal with the efforts which executed by the pilots of Alexandria  port Authority where they executed in a short time to develop small finishing port which receive only small finishing boats and changed to receive the big ships and they assured that unless their efforts and intelligence which proof that they have experience anf there were 22 big ships that carry equipment that belong to the electric terminal to receive and unload the cargo in the first trade ship (Hohi Bank) which came from Rotterdam port (Holland) and it had vapor turbine generator, Three control units and (Generator) with total cargo 1211 for the giant El Borolos electric terminal last January.
The Captain/ Amr Salah said that it was raised the efficiency of the port during the last period where it was supported the maritime berth with length 125 m  and the depth was 6 mand we also finished to prepare the stowage and waiting yard with area 6000 m. It was finished the interior roads which can bear loads till 600 ton and we expected the western water break with 125 m and it was cleaned and deepen the water way and he added that the port had received 22 ships and we are waiting the arrival of 25 other ships and it is loaded with sets and equipments and the port is ready now to receive any trade ships or carrying equipments after equipping and developing it.   El Gomhoria Newspaper 13-2-2017


Minister of transport 750 million LE to join the ports of Alexandria and El Dekheila port with international road:

Dr/Galal El said - the minister of transport declared that it is executing now bridges and flyover roads with coast 750 million LE with length 3 Km Joint in Alexandria port 4.5 km joint in El Dekheila port.
It was during the meeting of the minister and Engineer/ Roshdy Abd El rashid - the chairman of holding company for roads and bridges and land transport to follow the executing of joints the two ports with the coastal international road.
Dr/ El Said pointed that the project participate to transport more than 3500 trailers daily in El Dekheila to international road and he expected to  reach to 5000 trailers during three years in addition to transport 2400 trailers daily in Alexandria port and he expected to reach to 3600 trailers during 3 years to out the city directly avoiding the crowded of Alexandria east, El Mex area and El Dekheila and he clarified that the two ports are passing through them 60% from the trade movement of Egypt with foreign countries that equal 53 million ton annually.
And he clarify that it is decided to finish the road flyover bridges in El Dekheila port which executing by the public Nile company to construct the roads that follows to the holding company in the next 30 June where the ratio of executing now is 80 %.    El Gomhoria newspaper 9-2-2017

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