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- It is put light pillars which light by solar energy in the pivot project of El Dekhila port with the coastal international road , the ministry of transportation will finance the  execution through Alexandria port that is the country plan frame to construct road net.   El mesa news paper    3-1-2018


New Projects in Alexandria port with 10 milliard L.E. investments:

Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port Authority had assured that it will start some investment projects and they are about 10 milliard and in the first the handling terminal (Unclean Bulk) that will deal with unpacked cement, the scrap and other substances. And he said during his presidency of the committee to determine the assets and possessions of the port which are not used since tenths of years…the new projects include setting up new terminal for handling containers and cargoes in addition to a terminal to receive and store the privet cars which includes some floors to receive the biggest numbers from cars which are arriving to Egypt or to finish the customs procedures or transit.. The responsible said that they put comprehensive plan to maximize the use of assets, lands and the followed passions of port Authority and be careful about them. To maximize the revenue through constructing new projects that contributes to double the revenues.    ElMesa NewsPaper      31-12-2017


- The chairman of A.P.A. had issued another resolution to transfer the receiving management from the general department of passengers traffic to the public relation department and changing its name to be (Receiving department) and he decided to nominate Mr./Hosam Mohamed Gharib to be the manager.    ElMesa NewsPaper     27-12-2017  


- Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority had issued a resolution to have new management of media that follow the management of public relation … and he decide to nominate Mr./ Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of the authority to be the manager of the management.   ElMesa NewsPaper    27-12-2017


- Cold weather (El Feda ElSoghra) closed Alexandria and ElDekheila straits :

The temperature will decrease today and tomorrow and the raining clouds will increase in the north coasts and they will reach to the delta governorates, in the middle and south Sinai and the Red Sea Mountains Dr/ Ahmed Abd ElAal the chairman of weather forecast Authority had declared that. And he said that the reason is the coming wind from Europe. And he pointed that there will be noticeable activity for wind which increase the dust and sand in the south of the country, so we will feel colder of the weather. He added that the maximum temperature in Cairo today is 18 degree. So Alexandria port authority had decided yesterday to close Alexandria and Eldekheila straits for shipping movement because of the bad weather. And it is not allowed to move the ships, launches and marine tugs. It was decided to be ready in the governorate to receive Elfeda ElSoghra gale and Ead Elmilad. An Mr./Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port had assured that the weather forecast had assured that the wind speed had reached to 20 knots and the waves height  up to 3 meters high and half. And the vision level is between 3 to 4 mile and the road (Ras Ghareb – Hurgada) in the north of the red sea governorate had a light rains yesterday. And the management of systems and troubles in an international Hurgada Air port had declared by sending Air Alarm about the weather from yesterday and for 72 hours. Where the governorate of the red sea will have instability of weather the governor / Ahmed Abd Allah issued his instructions to the chairman of the cities specially Hurgada and Ras Ghareb to be ready to face any contingencies. And in Kafr El Sheikh the fishing movement had stopped in ElBorolos lake and in the Mediterranean sea in the north of the governorate because of the high waves and the wind was strong. And Mr. / Malak yousef. The media speaker of the Red Sea ports authority that they closed Noueba port yesterday because of the bad weather, the strong winds and the high waves.  ElAkhbar Newspaper    24-12-2017

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