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- Developing the lighthoue ElNegma ElMelahia in Alex. Port:

The marine forces started the project to increase the efficiency and developing the lighthouse (ElNegma) in Alexandria port with cost of 50 million L.E. to save it from collapse after its bad case because of the weather factors and absence of maintenance since it was build in fortieth, the Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port authority had clarified that the maritime sign or the lighthouse is located in the entrance of the port strait. and it is considered an important maritime symbol to guide the arrival of ships to Alexandria and ElDekheila ports.   ElAkhbar Newspaper  24-12-2017


 - The Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria Port Authority had assured that Dr. / Hesham Arafat the minister of transportation had clarified the projects and the plans of developing the system of transport in Egypt in front of the British / Egyptian business assembly and attending the representatives of 70 investing companies in London. the minister had assured the importance of maritime transport which considers the growth tug and we had put a plan to complete the developing plans of the ports of Alexandria, ElDekheila, Damitta, Nwebaa, Hurgada, Safaga, Suzie, and sharm Elsheik. And also executing great investment projects in maritime ports with the most modern investment systems (EPC+F.PPP0BOT) which have direct positive for the Egyptian economy. And from the most important of it is constructing the general cargo and containers terminal in Alexandria port in the berths from 55 to 62 with area 560000 m2 and constructing the handling petroleum products terminal in ElDekheila port with area 155000 m2 with investment 150 million Dollars.      ElMessa Newspaper     6-12-2017


-  R.adm / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alex port received Mr./Hendrik Jakobas – the vice of south Africa ambassador he did data show about the developing of the port the investment chance and the cooperation between Alex port and the port of south Africa.   El Messa newspaper 8-11-2017


- Alex port chairman hold a meeting with Eng./ Mostafa Eldib – the councilor of ministry of transport and Mr. Mohamed Moselhy- chairman of Alex marine chamber and representatives of marine agent an import & export control customs police and all concerned authority to search all disadvantages of removing neglected . R.adm assured that the port authority is interested in finishing any obstacles in front of the port society and copying with the law and achieved the public behave the port offering the exist problem in the most important obstacles which they face and how can we solve and overcome them.   El Messa newspaper 8-11-2017


- Dr./ Abdel Azim Mohamed Ali – the chairman of public authority for river transport had declared that the authority had raised the efficiency the great and small Saline's water gates which located in Alex. port … where he is doing a great role to traffic the ships which are loading the strategic commodities and also the goods which preparing to export to and from the maritime port…. and he added that they had finished the small Saline's water gates and operated it in front of the shipping movements they are repairing and maintain the big lock and it will open and operate it in front of the shipping movement soon with total coast that reach to 5 million L.E.    El Messa newspaper 8-11-2017

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