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- Employees of Portsaid shipyard (following Suez Canal authority) succeeded by coordination with Navy forces & although the bad weather conditions to recover 7 drawn vessels at Alexandria ports & that come through the national project to recover the port from all drawn vessels & units since years & that comes under the command of General/ Mohab Mameesh who witnessed this achievement by the port employees. On the other hand Eng. / Gamal Khalid, shipyards manger declared that the crane “Rescue No.1” with a tonnage of 500 tons & the barge “Gulf Span” & the crew of 30 individual which includes expert technicians in marine rescue & diving activities, succeeded till now from recovering 7 drawn vessels at the port & refloating another vessel with a total tonnage of 3800 tons, & it is currently working on refloating 2 vessels from 17 drawn vessel at the port despite the drawn marine units. Mameesh added that the work in the project goes normally although the bad weather conditions & maintaining the performance rates which includes finishing up the project in 6 months as scheduled, on the other hand crew shifts exchange days off to maintain the performance rates. 23/1/2016



Launching of Giant Tug to Raise Alexandria Port Services Efficiency

Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman said that the port is working on raising the marine units at the port & also raising equipments efficiency at the port to offer the best services for vessels, that came during a giant tug lunch with a bollard pull of 40 tons at which the tug’s length is 29 m, draught of 4.95 m, beam of 9 m, 1863 HP motor & a speed of 12 knots, on the other hand it is equipped with a high efficiency fire fighting unit. The tug launching witnessed by the Eng. / Ibrahim El-Desoky, head of marine services & industries authority, Abd El-Hamid Esmat, Alexandria shipyard chairman, Tarek Ghanem head of maritime transport sector, Admiral/ Khaled Zahran head of Egyptian authority of maritime safety & a huge number of maritime transport leaders & port experts.    Al-Ahram newspaper 14-1-2016


Meteorology Authority: Improve In Weather Starts from Today with No Chance for Raining
Opening of closed ports for navigation

Dr. Wahid Soudy, Meteorology authority spokesman declared that the weather conditions showed some how good conditions starting from today, in addition to increase in daylight period , increase in temperature & no chance for raining also decrease in wind speed.
Alexandria port authorities opened Alexandria & El-Dekheila straights for navigation after closing period for 2 days, Reda El-Ghandour , Alexandria port spokesman declared that the authority closed the straights due to the bad weather conditions to maintain navigation security, he also added that it was decided to be opened after measuring the metrological standards, at which the wind speed reached 18 knots, waves height reached 1 meter, in addition to improve in vision & water pressure which allowed vessel exit & entering.
El-Watan newspaper 10-1-2016


Unstable Weather Condition Till Tomorrow Night …………… & Closing Of Alexandria & El-Dekheila Straights

The country witnessed yesterday a windy weather condition, which leaded to decrease in vision on high ways & disturbance in maritime navigation & also increase of clouds on north coasts, in the mean while Alexandria faced bad weather conditions accompanied with winds, storms & decrease in temperature without raining. Alexandria port authorities decided to close the straights for navigation due to bad weather conditions & increase of wind speed for more than 20 knots & increase of wave height. Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman declared that it was decided to close straights to prevent vessel collision with berths & also for navigation safety. El-Akhbar newspaper 8-1-2016

Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the container handling traffic increased at Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports during the past days, at which 8 thousands containers handled on arrival & departure vessels containing general cargo during the past 24 hours. El-Ghandour added that cargo handling done using the most up to date methods of handling which leaded to finish all customs procedures in short time, also the port received the vessel “Bocean Oxmporg” coming from Hong Kong loaded with 3 thousand tons of mineral oil that was discharged to be checked for compliance with standards.  El-Akhbar newspaper 8-1-2016


New Hiring at Head Positions of Maritime Sector

Dr. Saad El-Geioshy, minister of transport decided yesterday to depute Tarek Abd El-Motaal El-Seady head of Egyptian authority of maritime safety to work as head of maritime transport sector at general bureau of transport ministry, also depute Khaled Said Zahran, port affairs consultant at the general bureau of ministry at maritime transport sector to work as head of Egyptian authority of maritime safety for one year, also depute Medhat Mostafa Attia Portsaid port authority chairman to work as Alexandria port authority chairman, finally depute Fathy Taha, officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman to work as Portsaid port chairman. El-Gomhoria Newspaper 7-1-2016

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