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Alexandria Port is contributing with 34% in a company to supervise the multi purpose terminal:

Alexandria Port Authority is cooperating with Suez Canal Authority and the holding company for land and maritime transport to construct the shareholding company with capital LE 500 Million t supervise the project executing the multi purposes terminal as the Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria said
-Mr. / Attia said to (Money and works - ElShrouk) that A.P.A. will contribute with 34% from the new company capital and Suez canal Authority will contribute with about 33%and the same ratio the holding company will contribute for land and maritime transport.
And he added that the minister's assembly accepted last week to construct the new holding company to supervise, constructing, and operating and maintenance the project of multipurpose terminal in Alexandria port and he said that after constructing the company we will have a bid to the contractors companies to choose the company that will execute the terminal.
He added that will choose a world company to operate the multipurpose terminal with investments 450 million dollars.
The negotiations with the Chinese company (China Harbor) was failed to execute the multipurpose terminal because of some problems about the cost of construction.  El Shrouk News Paper   22-4-2018


The prime minister had witnessed the sign an agreement to found an Egyptian shareholding company to construct, use and managing the multipurpose terminal in Alexandria Port:

Engineer / sheriff Esamil the Prime minister had witnessed the signing of an agreement to found an Egyptian shareholding company among the ministry of transportation that represented in Alexandria Port Authority Suez Canal Authority, the Holding Company for maritime and land transport to construct, use and managing the multipurpose terminal in Alexandria port that is by attending the Dr. / Hisham Arafaat the minister of transportation – Mr. / Khalid Badawy the minister of public work sector where the agreement was signed by the Admiral / Medhat Attia – the Chairman of A.P.A., Vice Admiral / Mohab Mameesh – the Chairman of Suez Canal Authority and Admiral / Medhat Yousef the Chairman of Holding Company for Maritime and Land transportation the agreement is aiming to invest in constructing, using and managing the multipurpose terminal in Alexandria port and founding the Egyptian shareholding Company according to the law judgment No.72 in 2017 (The new investment law and its executing list) and the law of shareholding Company No. 159 in 1981 and its executing list to follow the works of designing, constructing, operating and maintenance the Multipurpose terminal on berth from 55 to 62 in Alexandria port for handling the containers, general cargo and bulk cargo. The licensed capital of the company is 500 million L.E. it will sign the contract between the company and A.P.A. so the company will have the right to use the land of the project which includes the berths from 55 to 62 and the hinter land and what will construct and added to these areas and the berths in this project for 30 years from the foundation day of the company from the foundation day of the company (it may renew by accepting all parts and accepting the A.P.A.) the company will have the right to use the land for the purpose of the project that reach its estimated investment cost 450 million dollars.
The world and Egyptian company will rehabilitate in experience to de the instruction and will elect the operator through world competition to start the project at once on.      11-4-2018


50% of high way which connect Alexandria port with the coastal international way has been achieved:

R. Adm. /Medhat Attya Alex. Port chairman said that 50% of high way which connect Alex. Port with the international coastal way has been achieved he added that this high way connect Alex. Port from gate No. 54 to the international coastal way length 2500 m. most of this distance is a closed bridge, the width is 17m. R. Adm. / Medhat Atya also said that the authority specialized amount of 330 million L.E. is a prime cost and it will be increased with 170 million L.E. the total reach to be 500 million L.E. Mr. / Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria Port said that it'll decrease the traffic jam in ElDekheila, ElWardian and Elmax where ease the traffic in the west zone of Alexandria which will save fuel as a result of shorter distance of trailer which exit from 54 to the high way in 5 minutes Mr. / Reda ElGhandour said that Alexandria port is characteristic by applying the multipurpose transport where the railway, river transport and direct high ways inside the port help in transportation from and to the port regulatory.  11-4-2018


The working movement and activity are regular in cargoes and ships movements in A.P.A. which are going with sham ElNessem Feast:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of  A.P.A said that the port today Monday 9th of April 2018 has a good activity in the movement of ships. Trailers and cargoes, where the ship (EnFenety M) is unloading now with 28000 ton of wheat that came from Russia and the ship (Torm Carenty) that loaded with 30000 ton of Gasoline which came from Bulgaria. In the same time it is unloaded with 25000 ton that loaded with 56000 ton of cock that came from Russia. And the ship (Fatolmen) that loaded with 25000 ton of timber that came from Uruguay.
Mr. / Reda Elghandour added that the total number of existed ships in the port is 135 ships and 12 ships had departed the port and 11 ships had arrived and there are 41 ship are mooring in the berths the electronic system had registered that there are 10000 general trailer to and from the gates of the port. there were 100 trailer loaded with wheat 3000 ton. The storage of grains in the port had reached to one million, thirty eight thousand ton, 380000 ton from them is wheat from another side the admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port ordered to coordinate with the nominated department to facilitate the enter and exit of these trailers to and from the port easily and securely and must be sure from its validity according to the descriptions.    9-4-2018


During his pretending in Alexandria - The minister of transportation is following the works of executing the construction of multi-Stories garage in Alexandria port with cost of 285 million pounds:

During his pretending today in Alexandria to follow the projects which are executing the minister Dr. / Hesham Arafat the minister of transportation who accompanied by the admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria and the presidents of bridges and roads organization, the holding company of bridges and roads and the public Nile company for constructing the roads and executing the constructions of the multi – stories garage in Alexandria port with cost of 285 million ponds.
Dr. /Hesham Arafat instructed to reduce executing time for the project from 18 months to finish in the end of 2018. He pointed that this project is aiming to help the increasing demand for the activity of importing and storing the cars in the customs department in Alexandria port. and it also helps to operate the touristic area that will be constructed in the future which needs waiting places to serve the passenger terminal. The trading centre and marina area and he added that the project is holding in 15000m2 that considered addition to the storage area in the port which consists of 4 floors, 3 from them are using for customs storage which can take about 2700 cars and the fourth floor is used for the daily usage to the clients and he added that it is expected to reach the annual capacity to the garage is about 162000 cars. The project is executed by the public Nile Company for construction of the road, it is one company that follow the ministry of transportation after accepting the ministers assembly in its session No.82 in 2018 for this purpose.    4-4-2018

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