Economic News  

An activity in the ship activity, trucks and cargo handling at Alexandria port

Mr. / REDA ELGHANDOUR the formal spokesman said that on Wednesday 26-9-2018 the ship “Shelanivator” with 10 thousand tons of sugar comes from France, the ship “valy Disifigily” from Italy with 32 thousand of Gasoline, the ship “Atlantic Miracle” from Ukrain with 10 thousand tons of sunflower oil, the ship “Global Frontier” from Russia with 54 thousand tons of wheat the ship “Yosoor” with 7916 live stocks from Brazil.
He added that the storage of grains is 1,484,000 ton 516 thousand of them is wheat also 10,000 trucks entered & exited, to & from the port, 35 ship moored on the berths , 24 ships at the outer anchor, and 8 ships at the inner anchor.     26-9-2018

The ship and truck movement also cargo handling increased at Alex port:

Mr./ Reda El Ghandour - the formal spokesman of Alex.port declared that the ship "Montors" "Wadi El Arish" "Wadi El Karnak" are discharging 157 thousand ton of wheat from Ukraine ,Russia and Romania.
Also the ship "Lamb" from America with 61 thousand ton of coke, the ship "Agaris" from Romania with 23 thousand ton of coke "Aquaris Leader" "Fedis" "Grand Scandinavia" with 1298 cars different types from Turkey and Singapore.
The storage of wheat at the port is one million and 446.000 ton 592 of them is wheat , there are 10.000 trucks entered and exited the port 28 ships moored , 21 ships waited at the outer anchor , 9 ships at the inner anchored, 15 ships departed the port.    22-9-2018 


Failing to smuggle corrupt rotten liver into the country:

The General Administration of the Supply and Trade Authority in the Ministry of Interior continued its efforts and campaigns in coordination with its branches in the various security departments to follow up the movement of markets and control the manipulators at the prices of food commodities, where the issues of petroleum materials, cooking gas cylinders, 235 cases of bakeries, flour flour and flour, and 4 cases in the field of illegal delivery of goods
The General Directorate of the port of Alexandria has also foiled the smuggling of tons of meat from the village to the interior of the country, a term of liver, heart, and species that are forbidden to enter the country and have serious harm to the health of citizens for the purpose of smuggling illegally. Following the legalization of the procedures, a customs commission was formed with the participation of the sanitary inspection and quarantine of the inventory included

Activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the circulation of goods:

Reda El Ghandour – the official spokesman of Alexandria port said that the port is witnessing on Tuesday 28-8-2018 activity in the movement of ships and trucks and the handling of goods.
The two ships “Pacific Nalpent” and “Wadi El Arish” carrying 122.000 tons of wheat imported from Ukraine and Russia, the ship is being unloaded in Algeria from Algeria , carrying 12.000 metric tons of Gas . Two ferries are being unloaded with 1866 different brands coming from Japan and the Red Sea.
Ghandour said that the stock of grain at the port of one million and three hundred and forty five tons of which 541 tons of wheat and saw the movement of trucks entry and exit of 9000 trucks to and from the port as the ship on the sidewalk port 38 vessels and the presence of foreign planner 40 ships and the outside 12 ship.   28-8-2018


Local News 

- Alexandria port is participating in exibition and conference (Medcruise) in Lisbon city portugal:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker in A.P.A assured that the port will participate during these days in Meidcruise conference in 2018 whichis held in Libson in portugal,  more than 200 associations and more than 3000 participants from all over the world ,it will show the most modern means and used systems in manufacture the maritime journeys and the best balance for tourists  , it will take 3 days.
Mr./El Ghandour added that the conference will have a light of manufacture tourism journeys especially in the area of Mediterranean sea.
The participation of Alex. port in the conference according to the plan of ministry of transportation and its role to support and activate the tourism. Where Alexandria port will show a program to discuss the main challenges and supposed solutions and the works opportunities that connected with the manufacture the tourism journeys in the mediterranean sea and activate the tourism journeys to the Egyptian generally and Alex.port specially.
From another side Admiral/ Medhat Attia -  the chairman of A.P.A clarified that the exibition medcruise that held in Lisbon is helding the general association of the medcruise organization by attending the members of ports such as Alex.port , Mr./ attia added that this is the second participating of A.P.A and it is very important because this conference is participated by the biggest and specialize companies in manufacture the tourism journeys from all over the world and is a good opportunity to show the maritime tourism factors that exist in A.P.A , it can also held many meetings with the representatives of tourism lines all over the world and consulting with Arabians and Europeans ports which have a great benefit.    26-9-2018

Alexandria port wins with the best port to achieve the highest surplus in revenues:

Mr./ Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of A.P.A. declared that Alexandria port won the prize (the best port in Egypt) to achieve the biggest surplus in revenues, that is during the seventieth festival of the world maritime day in 2018 under motto(our heritage is maritime transport better future), Admiral / Medhat Attia has received the prize the chairman of A.P.A. Mr. / ElGhandour added that the port achieved during the current financial year 2017/2018 the revenue with LE 4.803.163.907, comparing with last year LE 2.458.975.000 so that we have increase in revenue and surplus and he added that the aimed surplus was LE1.617.235.000 but Alexandria port achieved actually LE3.640.320.715 so the increase is about 225% more than the goal, and crease about 182% more than the actual surplus in the last financial year that was 1.989.334.373 admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A declared that they doubled the revenue and the surplus for the second year directly, and he added that the reasons of increase in the surplus returned to use the electronic system, reducing the expenditures, rationalize the consumption leaving contracts that have no benefits and the employees in the port can do it its companies all these are using by A.P.A to increase the revenues and surplus which return completely safe. Admiral / Attia has assured that although the A.P.A. has obtained the first position among the Egyptian ports to achieve the highest revenue in the financial year 2018 but we are not satisfied for this revenue. We are working with our colleagues to double the revenue again during the next year, specially, the ministry of transportation is caring to develop the maritime transport as it is considered a main suspense of the national economy.


Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A speech in the festival:

 By the name of God
(Our God please open among us and our people with right and you are the best)

Mr.…, the generous people who are attended – peace upon you, pity of our God and his blessings with all love and respect, its honor to welcome you in Alexandria port, with the occasion of this festival I offer all greeting with love to express our happiness to attend these great leaders, colleagues, responsible, the people who are caring and the labors in maritime transport. the festival of the world maritime day this under the motto (our heritage is better maritime transport – future) is a proof that the world is caring about importance of maritime transport in the international trade exchange operation and it is connected with the foreign trade movement and what follow it from the import and export movement, re-export to different countries in the world, we are in Alexandria port agreeing with the world vision, we are caring about the maritime transport industry as a main element to continue the development that will be able to develop the future of the country, so that we are caring about the maritime transport as a backbone for the world trade as it is considered the least cost and effect. We are concentrating to reduce the waiting time of the ship in the port, accelerate the procedures and work circle, increasing the capacity, activate the multipurpose transport, condensing the logistic performance, constructing new companies, terminals and projects to attract the investments and create new jobs opportunities according to the political leadership as we want to re-plan the Egyptian ports that cope with the modern era demands and coping the progressed generations from the ships and modernize the equipment. All these according to country plan to raise the maritime transport. Celebrating today with the motto (our heritage is maritime transport – better future) this motto reflects our strategy that caring with maritime field in all development positions with the international strategy, we interested in investment in maritime field and maritime industry and Alexandria port is doing its best to benefit from the geographical and natural position and achieving the continuous development and having the quality and safety of transport services depending on strategies which have limited goals where the human element is considered essential and it considered also a death and life because it will be the responsible for the ships and the ports.
Your Excellency …with hearts full of love and words which brotherhood we offer greetings for every captain according to our political leaders that aim to develop maritime transport sector…
Greetings for all labors in the field of maritime transport ….
Greetings for all people who attended this festival….at last I ask our God to help all of us to have welfare for our country and the people, peace be upon you and the pity of our God and his blessings.

- Dr / Jasmine foad the minister of environment violators surveying to control the work and procedures at the niler with the control team.
The team get sample from arsenal ship main tenance and the sanitary of sugar factory in el mahmouadeya besides the sample from nile water next to the is sanitary .

Dr /Jasmine assured to take all the legal procedure towards all disobey the law no 48/198 related the nile river protection and the punishing with fine and dim prison .
She ordered about sudden controlling on all pollution resources and the compulsory Appling the measurement of environme
She thanked the General Directorate of the Environment and Water Authority for its close cooperation with the Ministry and the Environmental Affairs Agency in preserving the environment, wealth and natural resources. He also presented a shield honoring Major General Tariq al-Jabali, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of the General Directorate of Environment and Water Police. Environment and invited him to participate in the conference of instruments
Participating in the tour were Major General Tareq Al-Jibali, Dr. Mohammad Salah, Chief Executive of the Environmental Affairs Agency, Major General Yasser Al Akkad, Undersecretary of the Department, Brigadier General Hamdy Al-Deeb, Director of Environment and Industry Department Imtin Shatta, Head of Branches Sector, and the General Administration of Inspection and Crisis and Disaster Management Group.
In a related context, the Ministry of Environment announced the completion of the removal of oil pollution in the port of Alexandria, which was revealed last week where an urgent committee was sent from the regional branch of the Environmental Affairs Agency in Alexandria to inspect the pollution after a communication received by the ministry reported the presence of a spot on the dock 67 at the port of Alexandria and take the necessary procedures where It shows the preview of a thin layer of brilliant solar
The committee formed in coordination with the port administration to remove the pollution and was released minutes of reality and is taking legal action against the culprit.


Tourism News 

Activating research the touristic maritime project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt to activate the maritime tourism :

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the is receiving today Saturday 7 July 2018 the representative meeting of ministry of transportation, ministry of tourism, the economic zone and the working Egyptian companies in the field of maritime tourism. To activate the touristic maritime join project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting was attended by Admiral Engineer / Mostafa ElDeeb the transport minister counselor of river and maritime transport affairs, Dr. / Emad Hassan the counselor of minister of tourism, Admiral/ Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port Authority, Admiral / Reda Esmael the chairman of maritime transport sector, Captain / Hassan ElShazly the counselor of economic zone and port said ports, adding for all masters / the private sector companies representatives who are working in the field of touristic maritime journeys.

Admiral / Mustafa El Deeb said that the Suez Canal and Alexandria port are very important ports of maritime tourism in Arab republic of Egypt and both of them and the most Egyptian maritime ports are following the ministry of transportation and they are ready to receive the touristic maritime journeys. ElDeeb had assured that it is necessary and important to coordinate with the Egyptian touristic chambers and the other nominated departments to activate the touristic operation and he demanded to form marketing committee which will chosen carefully to activate all suggestions that will cooperate with all nominated departments to activate the maritime line among Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, the committee will have representative from each department to solve any problem which face the maritime tourism movement.
From another side the Admiral /Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria Port Said that the maritime passenger’s station and its berths in the port are ready to receive tourists and touristic ships and he assured that the specialists in the port are overcome any obstacles for touristic movement. And they offer all facilities for tourists and touristic ships that coming to the port when they arrive at once or when they depart.
Adm. / Attia added that the meeting that will host in Alexandria port is aiming to show the situation to have touristic maritime journeys among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. We will show the procedures about this and also the future. It aims also to show the ability to be receive the touristic maritime journeys and some obstacles, the meeting is aiming also to listen to the point of view for the private sector companies representatives which work in the field of touristic maritime journeys in order to overcome the obstacles, solve the problems and cooperate to activate the behave for all.     7-7-2018

Arrival of 360 tourists to Alexandria port on board of the cruise ship "Le Lyrial":

The formal speaker of the port - Reda El ghandour  declared that Alex port  received today Sunday 29 April the cruise ship ("Le Lyrial") with 218 tourists of different nationalities on board in addition of a  crew of 142  persons , El Ghandour added that the ship’s  depth is 6 meters and its width is 20 m and length of 165 m and it  moored on berth 24 in the maritime station, R.adm / Medhat Attia – A.P.A chairman ordered to coordinate with all  departments  to finish all the arrival procedures of the tourists safely and easily.  29-4-2018

1271 Tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on the ship "sunviking":

Mr. / Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex. Port Authority said that Alex. Port received today Saturday 21 April 2018 the ship sunviking with 786 tourists from different nationalities besides the serving crew 485 persons, the ship depth is 8 meters, length 215m. with 28m. It moored on berth no. 24 in the mooring station.

R.Adm. / Khaled Solyman - the vice chairman of the port present the ports shield for the ship captain who is pleased to enter the port for the first time. 
R.Adm. /Khaled Solyman Co. Coordinate with the concerned department to finish the Procedures safety and easily.   21-4-2018



807 tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on board of cruse ship (Black Watch):

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – The formal speaker of Alexandria Port that the port had received today Tuesday 10-4-2018 the Bahamas touristic ship (Black Watch) and 473 tourists on board from different nationalities in addition of service crew which consists of 334 persons the draught of the ship is 7 meters, length 205meters, width 25meters, the ship moored on berth No. 24 in the marine station. The Adm. / Medhat Attia the port chairman had issued the instruction to receive the ship and tourists and facilitate procedures The A.P.A. offer the facilities for the terminal. The ship step by step from anchorage to the terminal .the public relations department in the port did its best for the tourists until they depart the port.   10-4-2018