Economic News  

Transportation: Having regular trips weekly to transport the containers through the railways from the ports El Dekhila and Alexandria to Aswan

Through the plan from of the ministry of transport to maximize the role to transport the cargoes through the railways.
Mr. /Mohamed Ezz - the media speaker of ministry of transport declared that the National Authority of Egypt railways had succeeded to agree with one specialize companies to transport the containers and having regular trips weekly from El Dekheila and Alexandria ports to Aswan where yesterday had launched the first trip by a train which consists of 20 wagons that transport 20 containers from Alexandria port to Aswan. This contract is for completing of ministry of transport plan to transport the containers from the Egyptian ports to the industrial zones in Helwan and 6 of October.
Mr. /Ezz added that this contract will contribute to attract more from the working company in this field and cooperate with the railways to transport the containers to and from upper Egypt and pointed that the minister of transport had put in the working plan in the ministry of transport to maximize transporting the cargoes through the railways and river Nile to light the burden on roads and reduce the crowdedness which cost much money to maintain because of the crowdedness traffic of the cars to transport the heavy cargoes. And contributing to reduce the cost of transporting and saving the fuel. In addition to the good environmental effect when we reduce the size of pollutants.   6-8-2018

Great activity in trailers and ships movement and handling 200.000 ton strategy goods in Alexandria  port:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the port today Tuesday 26 June 2018 has a great activity in trailers and ships movement and receiving strategy goods where it is including the ship (Energy Gas) that loaded with 12000 ton Gas that came from Algery.
The ship (Balk sky one) and it has 28000 ton Mazout that came from Spain , the ship (Kimal Key) that loaded with 11000 ton Sunflower oil that came from Okrane and it is including the ships (Anglika Key) that loaded with 31000 ton Solar that came from Greece , the ship (Alexandrisao) that loaded with 30000 ton Solar that came from Russia, The ship (Sea star tredition) and it had 23000 ton coke that came from Romania , the ship (Foog defenety) and it had 30000 ton Maize that came fom Greece and it is including the ferry (Morning composer) that loaded with 1114 cars in different models that came from Italy.
Mr/ Reda Elghandour had added that the total existed ships in the port are 143 ship and 11 ship had departed the  port and 12 ship had arrived , 31 ship had moored on berths , the electronic system had registered in Gates exit and enter 10000 general trailers to and from the port during the last 24 hours exit , 100 trailers wheat that loaded with 30000 ton , the grains storage in the port is one million and three hundred and thirty one thousand ton , 481 ton from them is wheat.
From another side , the admiral / Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port had coordinated with the nominated departments to facilitate enter and exit the goods , trailers and the ships to and from the port easily and securely and they will be sure that the foods are according to the modifications and are good use for people.  26-6-2018

250 thousand ton of grains , coke and petroleum to Alex port :

123 thousand ton of grains arrived from Russia and Okrain on three ships "Disert taliner" with 42 thousand ton Maize.
"Edfo" with 63 thousand of wheat Febrela with 18 ton of wheat , two ships also were discharged with 63 thousand ton of coke from Brazil "Jedbo and Falkon" , 30 thousand ton Solar from Greece, 30 thousand ton of Gazoline from france , "Tamara" with 4 thousand ton Gaz.
R.adm/ Medhat ateya - chariman of Alex port assure to Co- ordinate to facilitate exit & entrance cars tracks and ships from and to the port easily and safety.    20-6-2018

Great Activity in trailers and ships movement and receiving the strategy goods in Alex port:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port had declared that the port has today Tuesday 19 June 2018 an activity in the trailers and ships movement, receiving strategy goods where it is unloading the ship (Palerk Gas) that loaded with 13000 ton of gas which came from Romania, the ship (Aftekas Gas) and it had 13000 ton which came from Algeria, the ship (Link Aran) that loaded with 6000 ton of Sunflower oil which came from Russia, it is unloading the ship (Andromeda) that loaded with 23000 ton of Diesel Fuel which came from Russia, the ship (Grabt Tainet) that loaded with 55000 ton of wheat that came from Russia, the ship (Edarz) and it had 50000 ton of wheat that came from Ukraine, the ship (Sakeray Mercle) and it had 50000 ton of Maize that came from Russia, it is unloading the ship (New Swham) that loaded with 30000 ton of Maize that came from Ukraine, the ship (Keen Sea) that loaded with 51000 ton of Cock coal that came from Liberia , Mr. / ElGhandour added that the total e port is 141 ship, 11 ship had departed, 12 ship had arrived, mooring on berths 8 ship, the electronic system had registered in gates exit and entrance 4000 general trailers to and from the port during the last 24 hours, exit 80 of wheat trailers that loaded with 24000 ton, the grains store in the port had reached one million three hundred and four thousand ton, from them 527000 ton wheat, from another side the Admiral/ Medhat Attiia - the chairman of A.P.A. ordered to Coordinate with nominated departments to facilitate the exit and entrance of cargoes, trailers and the ships to and from the port easily and securely and be sure of the food goods according to the modifications and the human usage.


Local News 

Honoring the winner for pilgrimage in Alexandria port:

The competition result has appeared in Alexandria port and the winners were Mustafa Husain sultan, Azza Fathi Karim, Huda Anwar Bassiuni for  Pilgrimage.
R. Adm. /Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman decided to choose 4 persons from Alex.Port for pilgrimage R.Adm. /Ateya gave the pilgrimage visas to the winners Adm. Eng./Mostafa Edib - the counselor of the minister of transportation for transport of maritime and river has attended.     8-8-2018 


The completion of 35% of the multi-storey garage... and the opening in May next
Admiral/ Medhat Atiea  -  Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority said that the implementation of the multi-storey garage at the port cost 285 million Egyptian pounds and accommodate 1800 cars per day.

He added that this project accommodates the growing demand for the import and storage of cars within the Customs Department, and serves the tourist area planned in the future, Where the establishment of 2 traffic lane and a bridge linking the pedestrian to the users of the garage and the terminal of the passenger terminal and the marina and the area includes elevator elevators for passengers and the disabled and mobile safety and escape stairs and garage and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and self-extinguishing systems and lighting systems and electronic control in cars and accounting and surveillance cameras high quality according to the latest systems in addition to the signs and instruction , He pointed out that the work has been intensified to complete the project and finish it before the specified period of 18 months to be ready for the opening in May 2019.
The official spokesman of the port, Reda Ghandour, said that the project will be built on an area of 15 thousand square meters and is a large addition to the experimental areas inside the port and consists of 4 floors, three of them for storage and accommodate about 2700 cars and the fourth for daily use.   Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper    31-7- 2018

Alexandria port had received a group from port Sudan:

Alexandria port had received Today Tuesday 31-7-2018 a group from port Sudan that follows the Sudan Country. Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexndria port said that the group consists of 8 specialized leaders in the system of movement and ships fasten in port Sudan, this visit through a training course in Electronic Maps and operating planning for ports. And they met port training institute in Alexandria port. The group had visited the photographed port museum , the Electronic management to watch the most modern operating in the (VTS) and the electronic system.    31-7-2018

At the board of director of Alexandria port authority agreed to start the procedures of tender of an area with 55 thousand m2 for liquid bulk operations in attendance of dr./ Hesham Arafat minister of transport.

The meeting of Alexandria port Board of director was held at ministry of transport seat in attendance of dr. /Hesham Arafat minister of transport and r.adm/Medhat Ateya Alex port chairman where the meeting started with presentation the most important planning for the port until 2035 included the most important projects like dredging on the outer seaport 8 in there seaport to reach the depth to be 15 m to receive the huge ship, also the execute project multi floors garage,
Completing the high way of Eldekheila Bridge which connects Alex port with the coastal international way.
The presentation included the logistic zone of Alex port on Elnobareya canal with all procedures completed until new to prepare the related studies for this projects after that the handling range general cargo containerized dry bulk and liquid bulk which the port performed at the current year compared with the last year where the increasing ratio reached to 14% also the performed revenue in the physical year 2017 /2018 reached to be l.e 4 milliard the asmebly accepted to start the procedures of the 55 thousand m2 devided into two parts for the liquid bulk with assuring to compel the investor to prepare the feasibility study for these projects.   20-7-2018


Tourism News 

Activating research the touristic maritime project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt to activate the maritime tourism :

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the is receiving today Saturday 7 July 2018 the representative meeting of ministry of transportation, ministry of tourism, the economic zone and the working Egyptian companies in the field of maritime tourism. To activate the touristic maritime join project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting was attended by Admiral Engineer / Mostafa ElDeeb the transport minister counselor of river and maritime transport affairs, Dr. / Emad Hassan the counselor of minister of tourism, Admiral/ Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port Authority, Admiral / Reda Esmael the chairman of maritime transport sector, Captain / Hassan ElShazly the counselor of economic zone and port said ports, adding for all masters / the private sector companies representatives who are working in the field of touristic maritime journeys.

Admiral / Mustafa El Deeb said that the Suez Canal and Alexandria port are very important ports of maritime tourism in Arab republic of Egypt and both of them and the most Egyptian maritime ports are following the ministry of transportation and they are ready to receive the touristic maritime journeys. ElDeeb had assured that it is necessary and important to coordinate with the Egyptian touristic chambers and the other nominated departments to activate the touristic operation and he demanded to form marketing committee which will chosen carefully to activate all suggestions that will cooperate with all nominated departments to activate the maritime line among Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, the committee will have representative from each department to solve any problem which face the maritime tourism movement.
From another side the Admiral /Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria Port Said that the maritime passenger’s station and its berths in the port are ready to receive tourists and touristic ships and he assured that the specialists in the port are overcome any obstacles for touristic movement. And they offer all facilities for tourists and touristic ships that coming to the port when they arrive at once or when they depart.
Adm. / Attia added that the meeting that will host in Alexandria port is aiming to show the situation to have touristic maritime journeys among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. We will show the procedures about this and also the future. It aims also to show the ability to be receive the touristic maritime journeys and some obstacles, the meeting is aiming also to listen to the point of view for the private sector companies representatives which work in the field of touristic maritime journeys in order to overcome the obstacles, solve the problems and cooperate to activate the behave for all.     7-7-2018

Arrival of 360 tourists to Alexandria port on board of the cruise ship "Le Lyrial":

The formal speaker of the port - Reda El ghandour  declared that Alex port  received today Sunday 29 April the cruise ship ("Le Lyrial") with 218 tourists of different nationalities on board in addition of a  crew of 142  persons , El Ghandour added that the ship’s  depth is 6 meters and its width is 20 m and length of 165 m and it  moored on berth 24 in the maritime station, R.adm / Medhat Attia – A.P.A chairman ordered to coordinate with all  departments  to finish all the arrival procedures of the tourists safely and easily.  29-4-2018

1271 Tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on the ship "sunviking":

Mr. / Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex. Port Authority said that Alex. Port received today Saturday 21 April 2018 the ship sunviking with 786 tourists from different nationalities besides the serving crew 485 persons, the ship depth is 8 meters, length 215m. with 28m. It moored on berth no. 24 in the mooring station.

R.Adm. / Khaled Solyman - the vice chairman of the port present the ports shield for the ship captain who is pleased to enter the port for the first time. 
R.Adm. /Khaled Solyman Co. Coordinate with the concerned department to finish the Procedures safety and easily.   21-4-2018



807 tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on board of cruse ship (Black Watch):

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – The formal speaker of Alexandria Port that the port had received today Tuesday 10-4-2018 the Bahamas touristic ship (Black Watch) and 473 tourists on board from different nationalities in addition of service crew which consists of 334 persons the draught of the ship is 7 meters, length 205meters, width 25meters, the ship moored on berth No. 24 in the marine station. The Adm. / Medhat Attia the port chairman had issued the instruction to receive the ship and tourists and facilitate procedures The A.P.A. offer the facilities for the terminal. The ship step by step from anchorage to the terminal .the public relations department in the port did its best for the tourists until they depart the port.   10-4-2018