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Achieving 40% from the deepest multipurpose berth in Alexandria port:

Admiral / Medhat Attya – the chairman of A.P.A. declared in ElMasry ElYoum news paper that we achieved 40% from the berth 85/3, where we made and put the concrete blocks and we dredged the first stage with length 120m, we put a layer from the clean sand is good for foundation with depth 7m, we are strengthen this sand with the mechanical shaking method to reach the demanded thick, we are dredging also to the second stage to complete the berth, we are strengthen the concrete blocks to the berth wall, this project will finish in June 2020, Mr. / Attya added that the berth 85/3 its length is 400m and its depth is 15m and it is considered the deepest berth in Alexandria Port now, its cost is LE441 million, it is specialized to handle the timbers, general cargo and it has back yard and its area is 40000m, Admiral / Attya added also that this berth will receive the giant ships because its depth is 15m, we will increase the depth is Alexandria port to reach to 17m. in the multipurpose terminal which will be built on berths 50 to 62.   30-12-2018

FInished of executing 98% from the pivot of ElDekheila port:

Dr. / Hesham Arafaat  - the minister of transport declared that we finished of executing 98% from constructing the pivot of ElDekheila port to join the international coastal road with cost LE492 million which executed by one company of the ministry of transportation on behalf A.P.A and he pointed that the project includes a free joint to join ElDekheila port in the coastal international road with length 2500 million, fly over bridge with length 1000m. Fly over the construction pivot with length 550m. He said that the project will achieve good traffic west of Alexandria added to join ElDekheila port with length 4.5km. In the international road, it is considered one of the most important projects to solve the problem of traffic in Alexandria, Arafaat added that the project aim to transfer the port movement and the industrial zone  to the international directly.    ElAhram newspaper   15-12-2018

Adm/ Medhat Attya - the chairman of A.P.A had directed the nominated department to be aware during the operations of loading and unloading , entrance & exit of trucks and equipment to and from the port to keep the souls possessions and he directed also to be ready the rescue units , tugs and launches to act at once in any case or accident , Mr/ Attya also to the operation center and management of the crises in the port to be ready to contact any time with the operation , the sector of maritime transport , the port radio act at once with any report an cooperate with the departments of maritime services and ships movement and other department.
Mr./ Reda ElGhandour -the formal spokesman of A.P.A siad that the department of movement had decided to close the strait for the second day because of the high waved more than 4 meters, increasing the wind speed to reach ti 26 knots , Mr./El Ghandour added that the number of ships in the outer anchor had reached to 40 ships as a result of closing the strait , he assured of continuing the operation of loading and unloading , entrance and exit of trucks and cargoes to and from the port in a natural figure.
Where there entrance and exit of nine thousand general trucks it's also occuring the operation of stevedoring four thirty one mooring ships on berths.
Mr./ ElGhandour mentioned that we are following and measuring the weather and water forecast all the hour , where the wind is calm amd the wave and improving the visibility will be opened the strait and start the ship movement according to first mooring.    5-12-2018

Alexandria (4-7) New Maritime Tugs are Starting the Service in Alexandria Port:

Admiral /Medhat  Attia the Chairman of A.P.A declared that the two Tugs (Alexandria 4),( Alexandria 7) are great  additional to Maritime Navy that Owned to A.P.A to Offer the Service of Tug and Pilot age to the Ships ,They Started the experimental operating on 6 November 2018 after preparing them with Specialized Crew and they were trained in high level ,It is the first Time  we Nominate three groups  of  engineers , Captains and Nauticals ,The group Consists of Seven Persons in  every  Shift.
Admiral /Medhat Attia  added that the two Tugs were Constructed  in three years with Cost L.E 133.5 Million by Egyptian Companies and their Model is (Tractors)Multi Purposes, the Strength Tug of (Alexandria 4) is 60 T, The Power of the Machine is 5000 kw, its Speed is 13.5 Knot ,But   (Alexandria 7)its Force Tug reached 40T and the Power of the Machine is  1370 kw , its Speed is 12 Knot ,The Two  Tugs have the System  to Combat Fire and they work with water ,Foam and Foam Liquid and they are equipped with the most Modern Shipping and electronic Systems.
MR/Attia Clarified that the A.P.A had decided Since Some years to Construct eight Tugs and we received  two from  them and  we will receive  another two Tugs he assured that that the goal of Constructing these Tugs are offering better Services and helping to Ships to reduce the Waiting time  of the Ship in the Port and raising the ratios of Loading and unloading to improve the performance Level.  19-11-2018