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Alexandria Port : specification 400 feddan to construct Logistic area
Medhat Attia : Project studies are supplied from the European Bank

Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port authority said that the minister's assembly accepted to specify 400 feddan which located on ElNobaria canal to constructing first logistic area in Egypt – Alexandria port .Admiral / Medhat Attia added in his declares in (Alyoum ElSabeh) newspaper that we had our studies to choose a world counselor to do a general plan, designs and studies for this projects and it will finance by the European investment bank and the study had belonged to a Holland office. And he added that this project will participate to raise the classify of Alexandria port specially the area that will have the logistic area will increase the area of Alexandria port more than double.
The chairman of Alexandria port authority pointed that the logistic area which planned to construct in the port will reach to 1.8 km. where its area now is 1.7 km. and this plan will finish during 8 months from contract date. and he pointed that there are many businessmen who wanted to participate in projects which will execute in the logistic area that will connected with containers and ships industries. and he pointed also that these projects are distinguished with low cost of transport for industries and projects that will export or import through Alexandria port.
Admiral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A said that we are preparing to finish founding the company among Alexandria port authority, Suez Canal Authority, and the holding company for land and maritime transport to construct multi purposes terminal on berth 55 in Alexandria port to activate the agreement that signed among the three directions after leaving the Chinese company demand (china Harbour) because the company had estimated high value of the project cost. El youm Elsabee             6-6-2018 

Sign the contract to execute the all planning study for the trade Egyptian ports 2030 between the ministry of transportation and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime transport minister of transport:

The study is aiming to raise the capacity of the Egyptian ports to face the future demand of foreign trade or transit trade.
Dr. / Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation and Dr. / Esmail Abd ElGhafar - the chairman of the Arab Acadmy for science, technology and maritime transport had signed a contract to execute the total plan study for the Egyptian maritime ports till 2030, Admiral / Mohab Mamesh the chairman of Suez canal Authority, chairman of general authority of economic zone and the chairman of (maritime transport sector, the red sea ports authority) and the maritime councilor of ministry of transport had attended after signing Dr. / Hesham Arafat had declared that the Egyptian ports during the last period had executed many developing projects in many fields, constructing many terminals, developing services and raising the handling capacity in ports and he added that the great importance of maritime transport sector, the big cost to construct and execute the developing projects in the Egyptian maritime ports, the ministry of transportation has coordinate with the economic authority of Suez canal, the general authority of planning the transport projects and cooperating with the consultations and researches centre of maritime transport system to prepare this study according to the signed protocol between the authority and the researches center, specially that the consultations and researches center of maritime transport sector (MRCC) is considered an important research center that had many studies, the centre had offered the financial and technical offer with the consultation office (H.B.C.) in Hamburg port in Germany and cooperate with different ports and raise the completion for every port to prepare the general plan to the trade maritime ports until 2030. the minister of transportation added that the goals of the all plans for the Egyptian ports are depending on the benefit of the geographical site for the Egyptian ports, maximize the completion distinguish for the Egyptian ports to serve the world trade and increase its part from the transit trade, maximize benefits from the facilities in ports, be sure from the best usage for assets, increase the productivity and efficiency of operation in ports, expanding in the market part and attract the investment, be sure of offering transport net of multipurpose with high efficiency and have good infrastructure to join the ports inside outside and putting limited plans and clear in the short and medium time, concentrate to design details plans for investment and preparing the future developing strategy for port activity and take in the considerations until 2030, the demand, the demanded capacity in the ports according to these expectations.
Dr. / Hesham Arafat had pointed that we will concentrate on main four tasks for studies and they are (Analyze the situation now in the Egyptian ports about the capacity, the best usage of available possibilities in the national level and in every port to put integrated strategy to raise its ability develop the multipurpose transport services and analyze the competition situation for trade of the Egyptian ports and make expected demand scenarios in the middle east and short time until 2030 and making develop strategy to develop the utilities and the infrastructures that follow it.(the comprehensive national plan for ports) (master plan)and put the execute plan and concentrate to put complete details to the plans which we want to execute it in the medium and short time and determine the important projects.  3-6-2018

A conference to the ministry of transport to sign the contract to execute the comprehensive plan to the Egyptian ports:

Dr. /Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation will watch tomorrow Sunday 3-6-2018 at 9.45 AM in the morning in the ministry in Cairo 151 ElNasr St. Nasr City after railway Club and before the general authority for bridges and roads to sign executing contract to study the comprehensive plan to the Egyptian ports, the conference will attended by Admiral/ Mohab Memish - the chairman of Suez canal Authority and the board of director the economic zone, Dr./ Esmail Abd ElGafar - the chairman of Arab Academy for science and technology and maritime transport chairman of maritime transport, the chairman of port said, Damietta, Alexandria and red sea ports, the maritime counselor of ministry of transport and the leaders of maritime transport and economic zone.   2-6-2018

The minister of transport is receiving a group from EIB to research the cooperation in different transport field:

Dr. / Hesham Arafat held a meeting with a group from EIB to research the cooperation in different transport fields, the meeting had attended by the leaders of ministry of transport, the national authority of tunnels and Alex. Port in the first of the meeting the minister of transport had assured the importance of the ministry now in the field of the metro and he concentrated on developing the first line which transport now 1.5 million persons daily  and he pointed out that the rehabilitation will be done in two stages the first will be the infrastructure, systems, signals and the second stage will be the mobile units and the E.T.B. is ready to finance with 380 million Euro to renew this line, and also participate to rehabilitates the second line of the metro  through doing the necessary studies to determine what will be needed to rehabilitates the line.
The two studies had discuss the executing situation in the serve stage form the 3rd line of the metro, the bank will contribute with 600 million Euro, the prime minister had ordered yesterday to start digging for third stage with length of 17.7 Km. which included 15 terminals.
About the Alex. Tram the Bank assured that it will finance the project with 180 million (the French development agency had offered 100 million Euro to this project)
The minister had cleared that will choose the consultant for the project among three international consultant offices. During one month and he pointed out of the importance of this project because it is the most important projects for collective transport in Alexandria Dr. /Hesham Arafat had watched different sides of cooperation in the field of railways where the minister invited the responsible of EIB to finance doubling the line of ElMansoura – Damietta and developing the signals systems to the line of Tanta – ElMansoura – Damietta and doubling the line of Itay ElBaroud – ElManashi in addition to the loin of Elmanashi – 6 of October in the field of port the minister had showed the cooperative works with EIB about doing visibility studies to construct logistic hinter land in Alex. Port during the meeting the two sides had reached the technical support plan to the investment unit in the ministry of transport through agent from the Bank with 400 thousand dollars to raise the efficiency of the labors and constructing mechanism to evaluate the investment projects.     26-5-2018