To activate the maritime tourism, Alexandria Port is receiving the general secretarial of Med Cruise organization
Mr. /Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria Port declared that the port has reciveed Mr. / Gordy Kabeli – where Admiral / Iman Saleh Ibrahim the Chairman of maritime sector, Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of A.P.A and the concerned has received & welcomed him, this visit is including a pretending by the general secretary of MEDCRUSE organization.
Admiral / Medhat Attia – The Chairman of A.P.A declared that the meeting Agenda including some points and the most important of them are showing the existed abilities in Egypt ports facilities and the secure stability, The Egyptian Ports needs to increase tourism ships calls and what can be offered by Med Cruise organization in these affairs.
The meeting included also how to support the Egyptian file to host the exhibition and conference of sea trade cruse med 2022 in Egypt, as well as marketing the maritime passengers' terminal at Alexandria Port to operate or to find an direct operator to the terminal and to promote the maritime tourism in the Mediterranean sea ports attract tourism shipping lines to call Alexandria Port.
Admiral / Medhat Attia added that role of organization to support the maritime tourism movement in Egypt had been studied to enhance the Egyptian existence the international maritime industry field & how the Med Cruse could offer to enhance the tourist ships to visit Alexandria Port & how to make Alexandria Port a home port for many touristic navigational lines at the Middle East we sand raise the Med Cruse representatives class in Africa.
The formal speaker of Alexandria port mentioned that the meeting included a presentation show defining the Med Cruse organization as a nonprofit aiming international organization working at promote the maritime tourism all over the world covering the following geographical regions as: (The Black Sea – The Mediterranean East - The Mediterranean west – The Adriatic Sea), It includes also the definition of sea trade organization and clarify the relation between the Med Cruse organization and the sea trade organization as well as showing an analytical study to some Trip /Cruses, and the passengers call of ports organization members and the expected number of maritime journeys / and tourism ships until 2027.
Mr. / ElGhandour declared that the Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of A.P.A showed the security procedures that follow in the Egyptian ports concerning the tourism ships and how to coordinate with the security departments, during the meeting Mr. / Gordy Kably – the general secretary of the Med Cruise organization mentioned that there is a cooperation agreement between the Med Cruise organization and (Med Port Association)and he assured the importance of being as the board of director in Med Cruise organization in order to be able to suggest the issues that serve the maritime tourism in the Mediterranean sea and to gain the benefits to Egypt by participating as member in Med Cruse organization (Arab Republic of Egypt is a member in Med Cruse organization under the name of Egyptian Ports)
He added also that the meeting had some recommendations and the most important is that Med Cruise organization will support the maritime tourism in Arab Republic of Egypt by marketing and promoting Alexandria Port and Egyptian Ports through its propaganda rule (Showing advertise Photographs of ports, facilities for receiving the touristic ships, security procedures to receive the touristic ships and other advertisements, supply the ports with the specific consultations company list that have experience in the field of operating the touristic passengers terminals, the list and communications data to the world shipping lines that called the Egyptian ports before 2011 to know the obstacles / reasons which reduce their calling the Egyptian ports, and also recommended to encourage the Arab Republic of Egypt to have elections of Med Cruise organization members in the geographic regions (Middle East) to participate in taking decisions and making the visions of maritime tourism in the geographic place that cope with the national behalf's, Alexandria Port Authority has held a meeting with the representatives / agents with cruise lines to solve the related obstacles.
The board of director in Med Cruse is formed from four geographic regions (The Black Sea – Mediterranean East – Mediterranean West – Adriatic Sea) The specific public association is held to take resolutions twice annually, the elections is held once every three years.16-7-2019