New Projects in Alexandria port with 10 milliard L.E. investments:

Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port Authority had assured that it will start some investment projects and they are about 10 milliard and in the first the handling terminal (Unclean Bulk) that will deal with unpacked cement, the scrap and other substances. And he said during his presidency of the committee to determine the assets and possessions of the port which are not used since tenths of years…the new projects include setting up new terminal for handling containers and cargoes in addition to a terminal to receive and store the privet cars which includes some floors to receive the biggest numbers from cars which are arriving to Egypt or to finish the customs procedures or transit.. The responsible said that they put comprehensive plan to maximize the use of assets, lands and the followed passions of port Authority and be careful about them. To maximize the revenue through constructing new projects that contributes to double the revenues.    ElMesa NewsPaper      31-12-2017