Under the attention of Dr.  Hesham Arafat the minister of transport the first initiative workshop in "the modern attitude of logistics" held on Thursday 12/7/2018 at the ministry of transport seat about (logistic soft) under the attention of the European investment bank Dr. / Mohamed Ali Ibrahim the counselor of logistics and transport affairs Mr. / Bier Boushid and the local coordinator of the European investment bank Mr. / Khafir look the project logiest maid manager presented object related to the logistics indicators "Barcelona port Tryer"   which applied the best logistic works that friend of environment Mr. / Mark Lubreach presented objects about intelligent work units like 3D printers, electronic transportation of cargo, continuous in logistics works, intelligent platform, cargo and transport for warders using robots airplane without pilots to transfer shipment in logistics activities, hyper loop application, internet of things, also heprented logistics services inside logistics systems also lots of responsible and exports from ministry of transport and marine transport sector, port Said, Alexandria, and Damatta ports shored this events.
The second seminar will be on 2/10/2018 at the ministry hall to publish the logistic awareness and mention the importance of logistics of all activities.     12-7-2018