Alexandria Port Authority had a great activity this week in the movement of the ships, trailers and receiving the strategy goods. Where it is unloading wheat cargoes which reached to 261000 ton that came from Russia and Ukraine on the ships (Esena) , (Cecilia B) (Wadi El Arab) , (Horizon) and (Discovery), and maize cargoes that reached to 203000 ton which came from France , Ukraine and Russia on the ships (Ponti In) , (Yowan En Hay) , (Derebas) and (Emperor) … and two cargoes of Gaz that reached to 71000 ton from Algeria and Saudi Arabia on the ships (Wadi Seder) and (Energy Gaz) … and it is unloading also the ship (ElBaba) that loaded with 56000 ton soya Beans from Russia … the ship (Abghi Bluman) that loaded with 6000 ton of Asphalt from Greece.     El Mesa Newspaper     14-2-2018