Alexandria Port Authority had a great activity this week in the movement of ships, trailers, and receiving the strategy goods…where it is unloading the ship (Wadi El Raian) that is loading 63000 ton of wheat that came from Russia …the two ships (Kandava) that loaded with 33000 ton of Solar that came from Tunisia … and the ship (D.N.K Abd ElRazik) that loaded with 31000 ton of Solar which came from Saudi Arabia … and it is unloading the ship (Abr Hard Arkatic) that loaded with 29000 ton of gasoline which came from Malta … and the ship (Rama Gaz) that loaded with 2900 ton of stove gas that came from Cyprus … And the ship (Kwartrik) which loaded with 23000 ton of gas …It is unloading the ship (V.F.Tankerg) that loaded with 6000 ton of oil of sunflower from Russia … and the ship (sababfob) that loaded with 55thousand ton Cock from America …and the ferry (jelly crestala) which loaded with 612 private cars that came from Italy … El Messa Newspaper        24-1-2018